Monday, December 12, 2022

the game of deception


Pee Anne role

Is to bring the wolves down

They could use any means to do

In GE15 they had the right choice

Pee Anne won 74 seats

They shouted as if they formed the government

They still think they got 115 SD but they forgot the U-turn

They lost the game of inducements

The wolves lost the rural heartlands

Swayed by the corruption cases and make up tales

Pee Anne used Tik Tok to stream their lies

The rural folks got hooked in the sting

Afraid going to hell

They shifted their allegiance

Believing hell could be bought

They forgot nobody has gone to hell or heaven

Nobody returns to tell his tales

The voters got hit by Pee Anne sting

They cast their votes the cloudy sky ruled

Now they should realize their roles

The wolves will survive

In the unity government now

Pee Anne is left fending their own lies

Until the breakaway will happen next

Sabah case had happened

The anti-hopping law can't apply

The 4 MP contested under GRS

Article 49A doesn't apply

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