Saturday, December 17, 2022

the voc on the menu


The VOC on the menu*

By Monday December 19

The result will be known

An honest leader will dare to do

The MOU crafted and signed

By all the unity government leaders

Endorsing the candidate

He enjoys the majority

Though the moos and crocodiles

They will cry it is unconditional or what not

They should look into their mirrors

What they did before were bad

The nation has enough bad vibrations

PM 10 wants to steer the nation on the right compass

By Monday he will get his simple majority

It will be enough for him to enjoy his push for reforms

The Trojan horse in the wolves

They will be flashed out in the VOC

The 10 who signed SD supporting the moos

Until the last minute U-turn they did

The hope for a new dawn

It will happen by Monday for sure

The nation is smiling and the hope is there

The moos and crocodiles can make their own splashes

*voc-vote of confidence

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