Thursday, December 15, 2022

Malaysia is a secular nation


Malaysia is a Secular nation

She will stay this way as her foundation

Crafted in the early years to show the way

A multi-racial with their own religions to stay

The Federal Constitution stands her foundation

No party should try to pull eyes of her living status

One political party seems to forget about it

Its leader can be charged for sedition

The police should monitor the political speeches

On the Islamic preachers and Islamic politicians

They are dividing the nation as they like

Without realizing the danger of their words

Religion should stay in private

Between God and the people

It shouldn't be used as a political tool

It will never bring good vibrations

Look in the Middle East Countries

Look in some parts of African continent

One religion has caused so much misery and pain

It isn't the way of a true religion fostering good values

Malaysia is a Secular nation

She has to stay this way as her foundation

Let no party try to break her good intention

The police should haul up irresponsible persons

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