Friday, December 30, 2022

a very high hope on Anwar Ibrahim


A very high hope on Anwar Ibrahim

The transformation the nation needs

He has a lot on his plate to digest

He mustn't forget he doesn't have the luxury of time

The bad wolves are still lurking

Finding ways to erode his base of solid wall

No doubt Anwar will stay to fight it all

He mustn't forget the time wait for no man

Outside the wall of fence

The moos and crocodiles will ply their toxic venom

It is still harping on religion and race

Nothing new but traction needs to be stopped

Anwar should light up the bulbs

Spread the light to chase off the darkness

With it the transformation will be done

The bad politicians can't run or hide

The high hope the people place

The transformation needs to take pace

The neighbouring countries riding high

We mustn't running in circles in our backyards

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