Saturday, December 24, 2022

the police must monitor the religious fanatics


The Bawang crocodile

Pushing the law to his like

He dares the police to round him up

On his sedition statements the past and now

Because he thinks he is untouchable

The religious condemnation on other faith

He was sued and yet the court found no wrong

That let him to sing to his masses

Though Federal Court will hear it again

The Bawang crocodile mustn't get free

He is barred in Middle East countries

For involving in a terrorist group organization

Bawang crocodile doesn't dispute it

Now Anwar and his government should peruse his involvement

Because Bawang mind is always the way of the Taliban

Anwar better nips it in the bud

Malaysia is a secular nation

Islam the religion of the Federation

Other faith allow to practise freely

But Bawang thinks his race is a majority

The police must monitor his activities

Bawang and his ilk mustn't be allowed to go free

Because his eyes are narrow and his mind is one way

Better put a tag on him save the nation the blushes

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