Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Anwar sailed through


Anwar gets his confidence vote

Through the voices echo in Parliament

This should be the way

Let Parliament do its business

Because Anwar party didn't secure simple majority

He had to cobble parties to join his administration

In this way he had to show his credibility in Parliament

Though His Majesty consented to appoint him as Prime Minister

He was willing to subject it in Parliament

It showed he had the confidence to sail it through

Now he had his credibility intact

Time to tackle the nation's cost of living and economy

The moos and crocodiles stayed quiet

Outside of Parliament they will say their displeasure

Time they too play their roles in opposition

Better don't plan a back door again!

Now Anwar sailed through

The days ahead will be challenges

The nation debts of $1 trillion

He will have his plate full

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