Friday, December 30, 2022

the world of corruption


The world of corruption

It has buried deep in the back doors

It can't be easily wiped out

It takes good people to sweep it clean

We can hear the whispers

In the quiet back alleys or out of towns

There the juicy tales will be told

How the big boys will do their ways

There are schemes to deflect it

Looking innocent by the look

Donations to political fundings

Reimbursements of monies drawn

In the poorer nations

The people suffer hunger and health issues

The big time warlords will live in posh homes

Living the world of their paradise

Some bad leaders use religious corruption

Telling the masses to suffer so they can go to paradise

All the while they live in palatial homes and expensive tastes

While the people suffer they turn blind to their cries

The world of corruption

The bad leaders and their entourage

The runners and hired assassins

They want to live in paradise

When the people turn blind

Living in fear living in division

The bad leaders will win

Until good leaders sweep in

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