Thursday, December 22, 2022

life still has to live on


What we eat will decide what we will be

The diseases and viruses picking us every time

We have to eat right to stay tune in life

Life is the folders to keep us to remember

The young and old should learn

The food intake always plays a role

Proper exercises and nutrition will help

To lift ourselves out of the dark water

Life has many strokes

In the wrong strike we will suffer

The driveways of the bad growth

The twisting lines the hell to cry

The natural disasters hit

It is caused by human greed

Batang Kali tragedy

The valley of death waiting to happen

Carved the hill hurt Nature growth

The streams of falling rain for years and months

Nature hurt the foundation tumble

The tragedy of lives lost unnecessary

But life still has to live on

Get away from the bad vibrations

Seek the right path earn the good points

It's just changing the perception

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