Wednesday, December 07, 2022

the tortoise


The tortoise will walk

On his own paces to record

The time of his track in pursuit

The changes he needs to introduce

He isn't racing with the Hare

He is walking on his own pace

Painting his tracks with his ace

The opponents feeling the ache

Some peanuts will throw down

Challenging the tortoise to hurry on

But he is his own boss walking on his own

Like the Alpha male every one watches and hope

Pee Anne leaders will be worried

The case of $620 billion spent on Emergency

The financial statement should be shown

Where and how it was allocated and spent

EPF would have its records

How they disburse the monies to members

It would be the other billions from taxpayers funds

That needed to be checked and tabulated

The tortoise isn't in a hurry

He needs his plan to tackle the issues

He started in Ministry of Finance

Where the bulk of funds are approved

Now he has 6 months to make it happen

The way he wants his administration to run and remember

He has no luxury of time on his hand

The tortoise needs to work harder and smarter

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