Friday, December 23, 2022

pejuang's engine breaks down


Pejuang end of the road

The recent GE15 the candidates lost it all

Even they lost their deposits as well

The party will not rise from the defeat

The Malay centric party

Fighting for a share in the crowded market

The wolves, the moos, the crocodiles

How could they survive as a new entrant?

The Old Man saw it

He resigned last week as its Chairman

He knew the couldn't help the party

Now it is up to his son to charge forward

The president has no clues to push it ahead

Pejuang will not make any headway now

It is best the members look for a new home

Maybe join the Blue Eye to gain a foothole

Pejuang as a Malay party

It can't win in the battle of the Malays

In time the Malays will realize as well

They are living in land of many colours

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