Tuesday, December 20, 2022

the dogs on the streets


The dogs on the streets

Lazing around sleeping freely

Some old some young some disease

Yet these dogs stay and roam

In new housing schemes

Looking at the new homes to laze

These pack of dogs look tame

Waiting for food or scavenging it

Some are fed by kind hearted souls

They bring food on their bikes to feed

The dogs will recognize these women

They will wag their tails to say “hello”

The restaurant owners will not chase

They let them roam then go away

Mostly at the corridors waiting

The dogs on the streets

The previous dog owners

They shouldn't rear if they can't feed

Throwing the dogs away to fend themselves

They think they can escape their misdeeds

What goes around will come around

Think about it how the cycle works

Many may not believe in it

Karma will seek punishment if we forget to be kind

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