Monday, December 19, 2022

light up the darkness


The marching of the saints

They carry the torch to begin

Light up the darkness for all to see

The blooming days may rise

Though it isn't perfect

The road will have pot-holes to fill

The previous government slept on it

Leaving the gaping holes of shame

They are people who can't see

They still support the back door ways

Now even a group demand for release

M01 serving in prison for his corruption

What are these people thinking?

Stealing millions for self interest is alright?

They should examine themselves in the mirrors

Unless they are hungry for the free benefits

Now they protest

Without justification

Maybe they receive cash to do

Make some noises earn their worth

But the marching of saints

They will clean up the bad systems

They will make all accountable

The country needs to have good vibrations

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