Tuesday, October 31, 2023

shouting and protesting don't make the cut


If Renaissance man so supportive of Palestine

Until he gets pressured by Western countries

He should bring all of them here

Let them enjoy the peace and harmony

No need to shout and protest

Let the Palestine people stay here

We have so many empty homes nation wide

In one stroke of a decision our population rises

Action requires to be implemented

Shouting and protesting don't make the cut

It is just thumb chesting to feel the goodness

But will he dare to get it done?

The Old Man vision of 70 million people

It may happen if the displaced Muslims are here

It will make the Muslims feeling the joy

It will make the Old Man smile

Or establish diplomatic relation with Israel

With the objective to find peace for Palestine

It has to start somewhere to find solution

Shouting and protesting don't make the cut

don't move on the wrong targets


Life is a journey to death

In between we better play our best games

Live the life to the best we can

Don't move at the wrong targets

Our politicians don't get it

They play a game of divide and rule

Once elected the walls are put up

We don't see them to solve our issues

They think they can stay forever

It will be a dead end come election

The voters will not welcome them

They will face the sack

Our politicians must weigh it correctly

The wrong move the bad vibration

It isn't good for the life of the nation

A journey to the downfall and pain

It is in between of life and death

We have to make the full use of our times

Don't move on the wrong targets

It will make our times a misery and pain

the running dogs


The running dogs

Don't bark at a loss cause

Let it find its own way

Living in this world

The world of winners and losers

They shouldn't be any shame

Play it like a game

We still get our names

The running dogs

Smell of meat want to make name

There is nothing to get

Only the wrong way of focus

The potholes at the backyard

The running dogs don't see

They think the rain can fill it up

Smell of meat want to make name

Anwar hasn't played his cards right


The economy needs to rise

The full focus should be on its issue

The people can't be told to hang on

The hungry stomachs and worrying faces

The Renaissance man shouldn't play on religion

He should pay strict focus on the economy

Running on the Palestine issue

The nation paint a bad name

Tomorrow the chicken and egg issues

The subsidiary cut floating the market strategy

Understand the government can't afford it

The debts of $1.5 trillion poking eyes at us

The living costs will hit the chart

The Renaissance man shouldn't close one eye

Don't play the game on Palestine

Back home our people need help

When the economy rises

Chances are his credit will jump

As it stands today on issues

He hasn't played his cards right

look at our own backyard


The Palestine issue

Don't go overboard with it

It has nothing to do with us

They aren't the citizens of this nation

The Muslim politicians will jump high

Running out to offer help by words and donations

They will feel they have contributed something

Showing the divide and rule as usual

They don't blame Hamas

Causing the pain, misery and destruction

They only see it is with Israel

The culprit causing the Palestine misery

The Arab nations step back

They don't want to say so much

They are thinking of trade and wealth

Palestine causing her own troubles

Our Muslim politicians

They don't run to help our own

The homeless, vagabond, beggars, stateless

They pretend to be blind to it all

It is best they turn around

Help our own people suffering in pain

Hunger in their eyes

Yet where are our heroes for them?

Monday, October 30, 2023

once old age catches us


An old man

Old age sinks him down

Not even gold can help him

Too much sins hitting him hard

Will he realize now?

Power and wealth is for a while

Once old age catches us

It will not help in the end

It will become a burden

The sins too heavy to carry

It will put us down

An old man will cry

The glitter of gold

It will shine for a while

Like power will stay

When a person can carry it

An old man

A sad story to tell

Too many sins

No wealth or power can help

life is


Life is

A journey to death

Nobody can deny it

Though we dream

Of a few hundred years

Once we could

Living a few hundred years

In Genesis record

A narration of the ancient people

Surviving through generations

Now we can't survive that long

We have to play our living to our best

The fixed time in our statistics

Many will not reach 100 years

Our modern living causing us our lives

Life is

Live with it to the full

Don't let bad control our lives

We should celebrate it

Before statistics put a note on us

the nation's wealth can't afford it


The cost of living

It will not going down

As the years shown to us

Once it goes up unlikely to fall

It's the profit of any enterprise

The consumers have to pay

Though we may complaint a lot

Who want to listen to us?

It is a monopoly in business

With a stroke of policy changes

The consumers have to pay

We have no say but to agree

Coughing out more

The pockets will get lighter

The consumers have to prepare

We can't be living on subsidies

A time has come

The nation's wealth can't afford it

The cost of living

We have to pay though we can complain

the walls can be seen


Can't help

The poor or vagabond

The homeless or stateless

The politicians play of game

On the road of campaigns

The politicians will shout out loud

The gardening of votes in their minds

Letting the voters know they can be trusted

In the power grid

The politicians will forget

They will frog to other issues

Jumping quickly on Palestine issue

But back home

They can' help

The poor or vagabond

The homeless or stateless

Then the little napoleons

Will rub salt into the open wounds

Giving all kind of administrative issues

Taking a long time to reply or investigate

The politicians game of play

The running on issues

When in the grid of power

The walls can be seen

Sunday, October 29, 2023

the displaced people


The stateless people

The homeless ones

Living in the country

Thinking of better times

The Renaissance man

Ignoring their plight

He doesn't find ways

Stop their disappointment

If it is with Palestine

He runs up to offer support

Giving the wrong signal

To the Western world

In his own back-yard

He totally can't see

The displaced people

Hoping for help

the heart of sympathy


The heart of sympathy

It isn't on the way

Getting hit with bad arrows

Shooting out of target

The impact will be known

The target will realize

The changes will stay quiet

Falling into the deep sleep

The voters may feel angry

The leaders forget to carry on

The promises to end the bad

No heart of sympathy the voters will say

Many arrows shoot in the air

The Renaissance man still talking

Doesn't he realize it is not helping?

Our poor he should walk to see

Our back-yard he should concentrate

The poor, vagabond, homeless, sick

No need to shout on others problem

Back home he should pay his full time

time to live in peace


Hey Palestine

Don't you ever learn?

Through the same family tree

Still want to fight

The decades Palestine

What land you claim?

It is taken by others

Leaving you fighting a loss cause

Hey Palestine

Look at your Muslim neighbours

You don't get their help

They value peace and harmony

Hey Palestine

Cut your losses

Negotiate for peace

Stay alive to live another

You can't win with Israel

Your efforts will be blowing to the wind

Leaving you to suffer pain and misery

The politicians want to bathe in limelight

Hey Palestine

Stay on with peace

Stay humble and maybe

A chance to find a way

the good ones stay quiet


The silence

The good ones stay quiet

Listening to the wind

Crying of falling tears

Religion can't feed the souls

How many have been fools?

Let the bad vibration ring out loud?

The moderate ones stay silence

The economy needs to rise

The bad ones don't have clues

They can only sing of religion

The good ones stay quiet

The chances many will stay silence

It will let Lucifer and gang ring out loud

Let the bad vibration ring in the air

The good ones stay quiet

Saturday, October 28, 2023

the madness of lucifer


The end of the world

It is by ourselves

We should recognize

Our handiworks

A 150 years ago

A prophecy of WW111

The smoke of air

We all fall asleep

In today's context

It sound like our times

The H-bombs and its effects

When leaders lose power and control

We have incurable viruses

Taking us down the dark valley

The mad scientists playing gods

The humans will suffer the consequences

There is still hope

The Good Lord will come in time

Stop the madness of Lucifer

Save planet Earth

the renaissance man frogs to palestine


The Renaissance Man frogs to Palestine

A way nothing to do with the nation

The Muslim countries ignore their plight

The Palestinians should change their game

The Renaissance Man

Help your constituents

Crying for assistance

Farming with sweat, heat, sun, rain

Yet they aren't recognise

The Renaissance Man should help

Go back to his voters and listen

Don't approach the wrong way

Provide land for farming

It will save the nation import food bills

The Renaissance Man should listen to the ground

The anger is building he should listen well

the tokong


The Tokong and his dislikes

Causing ripples in his strikes

The Rocket in Penang feels the heat

The cooling heads should prevail

Though he will not return as CM

Because of the 2 terms limit

Yet the under-current of internal bickering

The top level leaders should stop

The Tokong and his displeasures

He should let the current CM carries on

He has his terms so let the other fight it

Bringing developments to Penang

The Tokong as Chairman of Rocket

Paint the way for a better run in Penang

Play the role in the unity government

Let economy not religion bring wealth to all

mahsuri cure still on?


Langkawi Islands

The heydays may have gone

Maybe the curse of Mahsuri

The ending falsely claim?

Now under the crocodiles

The impact has caused the uneasiness

The locals and tourists may forgo

Holidaying in Langkawi

The voters voted for the crocodiles

They think religion will save them to heaven

They should look in the mirrors

Will they survive with poor economy?

The crocodiles have poor grasped on economy

Even on religion skewed towards their own benefits

Telling that corruption is okay in their own way

Is this the way to heaven?

Langkawi Islands

The changes will go backwards

Mahsuri curse still drawing on?

The tourists may skip the holidays

Friday, October 27, 2023

the wrong focus


The wrong focus

The misleading way

Once it sinks in

The outlook is tainted

MOE action

The wrong approach

The sinking of a bad smell

Within our walls we have it too

Teach our school children

About our Constitution

It is better than teaching taking sides

It doesn't help in the tomorrow

Even farmers are evicted

They farm the land saving us food bills

Yet the government taking it all away

Leaving them angry in the polls

The Renaissance man

Look in your own back yard

Your voters need your help

Don't talk loud for Palestine

The wrong focus

The nation will feel the bad

The never ending anger

Building on false pretenses

the crocodiles infighting


The crocodiles infighting

Spinning out from minnow Perlis

A small state in its control

Thanks to the voters

Now they have the power

Thinking to get it all

Leaving their own partners

Crying in the wash room

The green wave is gone

The comet blew hot and down

Split into parts hitting ground

God isn't kind to liars and bad

The crocodiles infighting

Choosing the war of spoils

The greed and hungry of power

The voters shouldn't cry

renaissance man is NATO


Anwar Ibrahim

What legacy he will imprint?

A man of action?

A man of talking?

He has to watch his constituency

The farmers are evicted from farming

Though the land belong to the State

There must a way to settle it

Our import food bills run into billions

Yet in our own back-yards farmers are kicked out

There must be something else happening

By the state should encourage farming

Anwar Ibrahim

No doubt your plate is full

Yet you can spend time on Palestine

Your constituency you forget to see

The farmers must be helped

Find them alternative land to farm

These farmers are willing to plough the land

Why kick them out for saving our food bill?

Anwar Ibrahim

Don't across the border

Go back to your back yard

Listen to the farmers grouses

moe stop the Palestine issue



Palestine issue

A political case

Stop it in schools

Don't use it

It looks like a political agenda

Causing uneasiness with the parents

What's the motive behind it?

The Education Minister

What is she thinking?

There are important issues

Yet she takes in Palestine

The Renaissance man

Where are the changes?

Stop causing your own dilemma

It may cause your own downfall

Maybe should do a charity week

Talk on how to help our poor

The vagabond and homeless

Teach the students the reality in life

Thursday, October 26, 2023

don't believe the crocodiles


Don't believe the crocodiles

Knowing they are going downhill

With losses in the by elections

Now they want to fool the Nons

They can't rule in Putrajaya

They know it in their minds

The moderate Muslims will not follow

The way to hardship on the wrong

The Middle Eastern countries

The leaders have changed their outlook

They realize it to stay relevant

Only Iran and Taliban can't see

The crocodiles living in the past

Embracing the new they are afraid

Though they can show their gadgets

In their minds they feel the sins

The Nons will not accept blindly

The crocodiles will spin their tales

Always for their own benefits

They aren't sincere at all

humble isn't losing


Anwar Ibrahim

Aim going out of focus

Focus on back home

Home float to Palestine

Palestine should learn

Learn to accept defeat

Defeat to be humble

Humble isn't losing

Losing to fight

Fight without winning

Winning isn't Anwar Ibrahim

Aim to understand defeat

Defeat to be humble

Humble to find solution

Solution to live within

Within a time to negotiate

Negotiate in harmony

Harmony to realize a dream

Dream not in fighting

Fighting on the wrong

bawang's mind running amok in dream


Bawang in amok mood

In his mind he talks sedition

He doesn't realize it

Though he may remember

The police should haul him in

Why the slow action to put him in lock up?

If it is Rocket or Blue eye leaders

The police will fly in so quickly

Because of it

Bawang seems above the law

It allows him to spin his tales

Like running amok in Mat Jenin

Building castles in the air

Sweeping it clean in his distorted mind

Bawang hasn't learned in his age

God gives him extra time to repent

He was nearly biting the dust

Yet God wants him to realize his mistakes

Repent it when he has the given time

But Bawang's mind running amok in dream

the greedy leaders never learn


The world

Finding peace

A long way to go

The greedy leaders

Never learn

When power in the hand

Think of nothing

How to control

Putting fear in the people

As such peace

A long way to realize

Look around us

Using religion to fool many

Behind the back door

The bad vibrations echo

The walls of shelter

The world has seen

It's just a shelter for a while

As the greedy leaders

Plot and twist to their advantage

Leaving peace

A pipe dream for generations

Will it happen?

No chance yet

The conflicts still brewing

The greedy leaders never learn

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

the losers


The losers

Don't try to be the winners

It is better to talk peace

Live in harmony think of a better way

Going all out to justify a win

The losers never learn at all

The decades of conflict

The generations feed on false hope

Losing lives to stay on the game

It isn't good; it isn't fame

The losers

Learn to live in peace

Stay alive to see

Live in harmony dignity can return

But the Palestinians

They never learn

The aggression of the losers

They will suffer more in defeat

Anwar Ibrahim takes stock of our back yard

You need to see how our farmers suffered

It's best he pays attention in our needs

No need to talk so much on Palestine

The losers

Stay humble live for peace

In time negotiation can begin

Without the mistrust and deceit

ashes of yesterday look like today


Climb the winding up stairs

Every step looking forward to see

Something good for everyone

By the time reaching the top

Along the way

The debris and dirt to see

The ashes of yesterday

Look like today

Each step will show

How we lose our concentration

How our leaders forget to focus

The economy and rising costs of living

Each step they focus

On Palestine issues

It has nothing to do with us

These people make their own choice

Yet our leaders fail to see

They see only oppression on one side

But who keep on attacking everyday?

Our leaders forget to do charity back home

Every step we take

We have to remember our poor

We have to help ourselves

Don't lose focus on our own issues