Tuesday, May 31, 2022

what Moo want?


What Moo want?

He tasted the power

It grew on him

Now he wants it again

He did a bad job

When he was the top gun

He didn't think of the people

All he thought was his position

Now the gossips fly

He claimed he has 119

PH hasn't said anything yet

What will he bring to the table?

The Sheraton movers

The voters will not forget easily

What are they now planning?

Fox out the wolves in their den?

Maybe Moo can

Since PH doesn't like the wolves

What the wolves do now and more

Time to put a stop to the old ways

Yet it is the grapevine

A pipe dream to come to reality

Too much bad innings but politics

It is the game of winners

running own business


Running own business

It isn't all sunshine or rain

It is about self motivation

This the push factor to survive

Many will fail

Many still will come on board

Because many want to have freedom

To live as they like and go as they wish

But running own business

Once must have a bit of talent and doses of direction

Knowing about finance helps to craft business plans

Ultimately it is motivation to carry it through

Living in an uncomfortable position

It will push a person to perform better

Because when we are comfortable

We will tend to be lazy and forget

Running own business

It needs gut and motivation

Feeling uncomfortable will energize to move

The reality to own the time and success

the retirees


The retirees

If you don't have finance

You will cry in your sleep

It's the truth in life

EPF calculates a person needs $240k

To live for at least 20 years after retirement

But how many EPF members have the money?

They have withdrawn most of it in the pandemic

These members only think of now

Tomorrow let the devil play his game

How long can the fund withdrawn last?

Maybe a month or two then what?

They will cry in their sleep

As the truth will hurt them still

As the cash in the banks dwindle

The reality is still finance

The retirees

Don't get into short term gains

Tomorrow will be a long term pain

Without the umbrellas to cushion the rain

the blue eye new breed


The Blue Eye new breed

Marching on with good strategies

Aiming high to reach the goals

Be the change everything will fall in place

Nothing can be perfect

It is just an illusion in the mind

It is the practical way to reach it

The economy of the people and nation

The Blue Eye new breed

Winning the party election isn't to forget

It is the time to knock off walls to succeed

Consolidation to stay united to progress

The losers mustn't be treated like strays

They too have their own supporters and needs

Gather them well to harness their strength

In GE15 unity will embiggen the progress

The Blue Eye new breed

Stay humble, honest and true

In public service sacrifices needed

It isn't the road to enrich one's pockets

Monday, May 30, 2022

we can fly


We can fly

As long as we stay colour blind

Don't look into 3R in our pursuit of our needs

We should stay focus on 4R

The Covid shows us

How the back door can't handle it

The troubles we see and lost of lives

The suffering isn't going away

The Covid shows us our government weaknesses

The back door has no clues how to solve problems

Greed and corruption still running high

Our ringgit shows its weakness against major currencies

Once we heard of the meat cartel in the nation

Investigation launched nothing came out of it

Now we have chicken shortage and soaring vegetables

No clues how to manage it till today

The turtle man talks about his language

Because he finds he can't speak foreign language well

So he wants every one to be like him

That isn't solving problem but down-grade ourselves

FDI may not jump to the nation

The savvy businessmen will bypass us

What the turtle man will do?

He wears an expensive foreign branded T-shirt

We can fly

If only we dare to look ahead

We have our resources but poor management

As a result we can't even beat Singapore

We can fly

If we stay colour blind focus on 4R

We have to change the bad and clueless leaders

We mustn't be fools to forget because our nation will cry

success isn't by talking


The Blue Eye

Its election over

A new team comes on board

The young ones to push ahead

Rafizi 'Comet' Ramli

He has his deputy president post

A second try he won it

Now he can put his ideas to action

Anwar should take a back seat

Let his deputy run the show to learn

This is the time to have fresh faces

Because GE15 will be on its way

Anwar tried but he couldn't deliver

He suffered heavily on the state elections

He should realize his methods aren't working

GE15 is crucial so he shoudn't mess it up

Though he can lead in PH

He should listen on the ground and results

A humble leader will always win a race

He should remember where he was years ago

Success isn't by talking

Success is by action

Anwar should let Rafizi handle it

The strategies to win elections

whom to please now turtle man?


The turtle man

Walking on a slow pace

Up in his head

He is afraid

Whom to please now?

A post in Cabinet or support?

Moo wants back the post

Madam Z may cut in with her demand

As it stands

The turtle man has headache

Choosing a new or stay as it is

But Moo will not let it slip away

The turtle man

Hoping the numbers stay

He has 116 supporters for his post

But he is worried of the frogs in Moo

batu division has a new chief


The Batu Division chief

A new person takes over the post

The young MP should unite his division

Because Tian Chua still has his supporters

Tian Chua should take leave now

Since his days supporting Azzmin

The betrayal can't be forgotten

Though Azzmin and his gang left PKR

He shouldn't think to stand in Batu again

He had his time; he had his memories

All the good he had done before the betrayal

It has not given him the reason to stay on top

The young MP will bring changes

As Batu will be a heavily contested seat

He has to rise above his personal ambition

Stay on the ground don't get floated away

Tian Chua should see the sign

His support for Azzmin causing him to lose

Now he should take a break from politics

Learn his mistakes; learn not to be used again

Sunday, May 29, 2022

words are cheap Madam Z


Madam Z

You don't get it right

It isn't a maternal instinct

It is what change needed

It is the attitude in life

Working in public services

It is to promote goodness

It doesn't to fill one's pocket

Madam Z

Words are cheap we heard it often

It is action that would help a nation to grow

You never do that but you are the back door

Now you want to sound better

The spots can't be changed by changing clothes

The stigma will stay on forever

It will be hard for people to believe

Because you are going to the party of frogs

Who will want to believe what you say?

There is no action from you to make us believe

You only think of yourself disrespecting the people

Madam Z

Learn to be humble and honest

Now you will seem a long way

To get truth in your company

the turtle brain


The silky cocoon

Gathering the wayward

Covering them in silk

Let them sink into oblivion

The turtle brain

He can't think straight

Focusing like a bird vision

Afraid to fly over mountain

He is afraid

Other may sound better

So he wants no progress

All should be in lower decks

Feed them with addiction

Let them beg for alms or crumbs

While the world moves quickly by

They are addicted dreaming in castle

The silky cocoon

The addicts lay down to sleep

Dreaming of a world

They want to have

Because of turtle brain

The country will not be in progress

While others run with the pack

Harvesting of FDI; jump up the economy

the empty chairs


The empty chairs

Line up near the wall

Telling tales once many sat

The look and smile

The conversation and exchanges

Words of millions sharing along

The whirring of sound and echo

Of people who sit on the chairs

As the years passing by

One by one will be gone

Leaving their memories behind

The empty chairs will stay

A new group will sit on the empty chairs

Sharing their jokes and tales of experiences

The laughter and smiles among themselves

Drive themselves to the big bang adventures

Then the circle will return

As the years passing by

One by one will be gone

The empty chairs will stay

it is our good deeds will keep us in memories


The Apex court rules

Mama Rosie loses

She will face her demon

Karma returns to haunt her

Mama Rosie shouldn't cry

Bamboo river will be a nice place

Once you walk in to stay

You will learn to be independent

Learn to be humble but she couldn't

As of now Mama Rosie still walks free

The court case hanging over her head

Only her head scarf protecting her a while

The day will knock her down

How the mighty will fall to the ground

It is always good to be honest and true

There will be no nightmares in the sleep

Mama Rosie remember this

We can't carry our wealth with us

When we return our bodies back to Earth

It is our good deeds will keep us in memories

Saturday, May 28, 2022

change ourselves


Change ourselves

Change the world

Change the bad politics

Change our votes

Don't live in submission

It will bring no changes

We will stay behind

While others drive on

Don't live in fear

It will put a stop to change

Once it takes control

Our freedom will be gone

Don't live in intimidation

Our rights will be forfeited

As we surrender without a fight

Leaving us as slaves in our minds

Change ourselves

Change the world

Don't live in submission

Don't live in fear

the Perak mining project


The Perak mining project

DOE shouldn't approve it

Without studying in detail

It shows lack of responsibility

In Hulu Perak forest reserve

Why must be the MB so gung-ho about it?

The monies coming in for the minerals

Is it worth the cause of damages to Nature?

The wolves never learn

The people should wake up now

It is our lives at stake

The experts never want to stay near

They know the end result

Perak had a history of rare earth project

Many died of cancer ailment

Now history going to repeat again?

Will Sultan of Perak voice out his opinion?

This is the time His Majesty should have his say

What happen to PH in Perak still staying silence?

The people of Perak don't let history repeat again!

the long traffic jams


The long traffic jams

In the city and surrounding areas

In the Klang Valley

It will not end

The decades ago

Of sharing vehicles

Still it didn't stop traffic jams

Because of public transport setback

The efficient public transport systems

The authorities should be actively involved

It shouldn't be on a peace meal method

In the end we still get traffic jams

The nation spent billions

Because of poor planning

We still get traffic jams

We still get flash floods

The traffic cry

The drivers forget

The rules and regulations

The traffic police?

The nation will spend billions

It will enrich the cronies and middlemen

The traffic jams will be shouting to us

We will get flash floods

the frogs in the back door


The frogs in the back door

Slowly their eyes opening wide

The searching for a new circle

They want to get respect

They get the wrong way

In the current company

The silence pervades their royalty

They can't shake off that feeling

One just left

Believing she can contribute

In a new set up vehicle

To wing up her standing

But the frogs know

The end result of the political significance

They only jump for their own needs

Nothing to do with the people and nation

The frogs in the back door

The wing of change of colour

Trying to fool the people

They will see the end of the jumping days

Friday, May 27, 2022

what's up frogs?


What's up frogs?

When they croak

It's about them

Nothing on the people

Nothing on the nation

They can't stand to lose

They want to be foot loose

So they can bargain their values

Nothing on the people

Nothing on the nation

What's up frogs?

They want to get their rainbow

The green ones across the sky

Nothing on the people

Nothing on the nation

They will know the score

They want to hide in the pond

They don't want to know the outcome

Even if they are to contest in GE15

The voters will make them pay

What's up frogs?

They want to change party

Change their skin and composition

Nothing on the people

Nothing on the nation

the flash floods


The flash floods in the city

Nature keeps sending her messages

Still the back door leaders can't wake up

They are still looking at other things

Nature is getting annoyed

Things haven't changed for the better

The same old methods still in the news

Don't play with Nature we will suffer

Too much developments

Clearing up forests and land

Without a care to the environment

Nature sends her flash floods

It can happen in other towns

As the planning board doesn't have foresight

They don't drive to see their handiworks

After a heavy downpour to study the outcome

The flash floods in the city

The city folks will feel the blue

The angry faces and the mad mood

Nature will not stay away

the broken dream


Trust a person

Believing what he says

Live with it until one day

He changes his colour

A woman finds out

Way out of her league

Giving up everything she has

The man takes it

Leaving her as spoils

Like a slut for other men

Giving her pills and get her drunk

She only realizes when she wakes up

The deeds have been done

She can cry forever

The broken dream of her life

She can't believe she has been used

Like a rolling stone

Discarded and pushed aside

She stands alone in her life

She can't believe she is so believing

The broken dream

Scattered in pieces in her mind

She can cry alone

She needs to get up and live

the frogs can't stay quiet


The frogs croaking

Finding way to hop again

They want to survive in politics

They will seek parties to join

The frogs can't stay quiet

They will want to stand up and be seen

They will not hide behind the doors

As if this is how they are worth?

The frogs from Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak

They aren't no difference in their search to belong

They still want the power and benefits in their hands

They will not stand behind close doors

GE15 may happen by this year

The frogs are actively pursuing ways

Finding parties to jump over

Eyes for the power and benefits

The true politicians will not become frogs

It will spell for their own fallen from grace

They will find it in the ballot boxes

Once they are put up as candidates

The frogs croaking

The time of jumping

Finding a party to belong

They want to be comfortable with it

Thursday, May 26, 2022

change for the better


Change good for the mind

It helps to stay relevant and active

It will give something to chew on

When new sights are found

Staying too long

It will become boring or unexcited

It needs to tweet to make it glow

The eyes and mind will feel it

Working in a company or in relationship

It mustn't become stale or boringly routine

The changes need to knock the door

A simple change is all it takes

Change for the better

Work or relationship doesn't matter

As long as we can find joy and happy

We shouldn't be living in a boring time

the moos


The Moos

Seeing the sunset?

As one member quits

One of the Sheraton movers

Will the others pack it in too?

The Moos will be worried

As karma has sailed into port of call

Maybe the froggies will jump ship again

Zuraida denied it for sometimes

Now officially she resigns from Bersatu

Moving to another frog party

Swimming with the familiar croaks

The Moos

The party may have short of breath

The frogs may want to jump ship again

The sunset for its final sight

the frog party


The frog party

The road of roses

It will not happen

The tainted leaders

They frogged the voters

Without principles and honour

Who want these leaders?

Though they can say

All they want

Yet history will say on record

Once they cheated the voters

Jumping frogs over the fence

Causing the voters hard vote battle

Turning into dust flowing with the wind

The frog party

The voters will not let you go easily

The punishment will come in GE15

They may lose all their deposits!

the underworld


The underworld

The criminals rule

The rules of the game

Once broken life will be paid

The rituals to join

There will be no turning back

Once a gang member turns over

He may have to pay for his life

Even cheating of spoils

Any gang member will be tortured

There is no way to plead innocence

In the underworld of gangs

It is best avoid underworld

It will not bring good intention

The police will keep a close watch

Of the rising stars in the gangs

But in our society

We will find gangs every where

We are living in the good and bad circle

The police have to keep a close watch

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

the spoon feeding keeps increasing


We applaud former Malaysians

They make the cut in their adopted countries

Living a life they couldn't find here

Because of a racist policy in place

The colour of your skin and religion

It will decide your fate in the country

As the elected leaders will try to please

The addicted voters of a race

The spoon feeding keeps increasing

Because the addiction keeps growing

When will this race realize?

They can't live this way forever

The economic giants keep watching

These leaders will want to colonize economically

When the nation can't pay her debts

It will time for grabbing the spoils

As it stands today

This race controls most of the cake

Yet the greed and corruption still keeps growing

Leaving trails of huge debts and broken systems

There is still hope

Because not all majority race fails to see

The city and town folks have learned the way

They understand and they want to change it