Monday, May 09, 2022

the old way must be put away


The old way

The ugly appearance has returned

It takes control and splashes favours

It was in cold storage in white in 2 years

Now the bad guys took control

By the back door to gain access

The old way comes back in force

Use a slogan to play the game

But the budget skewered its ideal

It gives a race a higher budget

The slogan is just an empty promise

The old way gears up its performance

This broken nation

It may follow the like of Sri Lanka and Greece

The high corruption and greedy of power

Jacking up on a single race

The old way

Every law it will try to break

Acts in Parliament can't over powered the Constitution

But the old way will ride over it as it likes

The nation of many colours

They have to search their souls to be free

Save the nation and her shame

Before we are colonized by economy of debts

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