Sunday, May 29, 2022

words are cheap Madam Z


Madam Z

You don't get it right

It isn't a maternal instinct

It is what change needed

It is the attitude in life

Working in public services

It is to promote goodness

It doesn't to fill one's pocket

Madam Z

Words are cheap we heard it often

It is action that would help a nation to grow

You never do that but you are the back door

Now you want to sound better

The spots can't be changed by changing clothes

The stigma will stay on forever

It will be hard for people to believe

Because you are going to the party of frogs

Who will want to believe what you say?

There is no action from you to make us believe

You only think of yourself disrespecting the people

Madam Z

Learn to be humble and honest

Now you will seem a long way

To get truth in your company

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