Tuesday, May 10, 2022

no sympathy for suicides


No sympathy for suicides

Our lives are ups and downs

Nothing is ever perfect

We mustn't try to live it that way

Anyone wants to live in perfection

He must be dreaming in his paradise

If we are perfect in our lives

We will not face problems every day

We have to remember

We are like water pipes

Sometimes smooth flowing

Sometimes leaking somewhere

Then it will cause disruption

In our daily routines in our lives

We will put up pails to receive water

We may groan or shout or grumble

Yet we will live through

We learn to be prepared

Knowing our lives can't be perfect

Give and take and stay clear headed

A houseman jumped to his death

He studied so hard to get his medical degree

When he face his challenges in life

He couldn't stomach the loads

He went for his own life

He didn't learn in his medical training

He trained hard to get qualified

In working life he would have known

No sympathy for suicides

Life isn't a straight path

It is always ups and downs and some

Bullying will happen find ways to trap it

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