Monday, May 23, 2022

get the moving


Get the moving

The country needs to rise economically

She hasn't time to ponder non-economic values

The back door can't get it through yet

Its mind still in backwards

Dreaming of how to get the wagon moving

The tracks need to be repaired

It doesn't strike its mind to visit it

Get the moving

Don't waste time on non-economic values

Talk about a language

It can't bring the nation to progress

Where are the economic values?

The nation needs it to survive

Chicken and vegetables soaring

The SME still can't get up and run

Here the back door harp on a language

It will not bring the nation forward

This is a narrow minded view

Asean leaders will not even support it

Get the moving

Rise up economically

Spread the wings of abundance

No silly protocols of trade requirements

Ah.....the back door?

They can't get the moving

They will try to get what they can

Before they are shown out of the door

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