Thursday, May 12, 2022

we have our choices just don't give it away


MO1 will wear the orange suit

This will be the realization his days are over

What he had done on his corruption

There will not be an escape route

Ah Kit is worried

What's there to worry?

Marcos Jr is his own man

He isn't Marcos Sr

MO1 trying to fool many

Wearing his expensive suits

Strutting his stuff and police escorts

Though he is convicted on his crimes

PDRM dare not pull out the police escort

Because his boys are in the purse of government

This is the real situation we face today

PDRM do not know how stay above politics

LKS should stay on his retirement

He shouldn't worry what will happen to the nation

What it will be it will be

We have our choices just don't give it away

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