Monday, May 30, 2022

we can fly


We can fly

As long as we stay colour blind

Don't look into 3R in our pursuit of our needs

We should stay focus on 4R

The Covid shows us

How the back door can't handle it

The troubles we see and lost of lives

The suffering isn't going away

The Covid shows us our government weaknesses

The back door has no clues how to solve problems

Greed and corruption still running high

Our ringgit shows its weakness against major currencies

Once we heard of the meat cartel in the nation

Investigation launched nothing came out of it

Now we have chicken shortage and soaring vegetables

No clues how to manage it till today

The turtle man talks about his language

Because he finds he can't speak foreign language well

So he wants every one to be like him

That isn't solving problem but down-grade ourselves

FDI may not jump to the nation

The savvy businessmen will bypass us

What the turtle man will do?

He wears an expensive foreign branded T-shirt

We can fly

If only we dare to look ahead

We have our resources but poor management

As a result we can't even beat Singapore

We can fly

If we stay colour blind focus on 4R

We have to change the bad and clueless leaders

We mustn't be fools to forget because our nation will cry

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