Monday, May 30, 2022

batu division has a new chief


The Batu Division chief

A new person takes over the post

The young MP should unite his division

Because Tian Chua still has his supporters

Tian Chua should take leave now

Since his days supporting Azzmin

The betrayal can't be forgotten

Though Azzmin and his gang left PKR

He shouldn't think to stand in Batu again

He had his time; he had his memories

All the good he had done before the betrayal

It has not given him the reason to stay on top

The young MP will bring changes

As Batu will be a heavily contested seat

He has to rise above his personal ambition

Stay on the ground don't get floated away

Tian Chua should see the sign

His support for Azzmin causing him to lose

Now he should take a break from politics

Learn his mistakes; learn not to be used again

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