Monday, May 09, 2022

stop thinking of the big tent concept Anwar


Anwar still hints of working with Moo

He still doesn't realize his mistakes

Maybe he should go alone with it

Amanah and DAP should form their own alliance

As PKR can't decide which direction it wants to go

Anwar should think of the bigger picture

He has his short memory in Sheraton Move

Maybe he is greedy to become PM

He doesn't realize his party will fall

As the voters may kick his party out

He should stick to PH

He doesn't need to expand its wings

Let Moo form the 3rd force in GE15

It will make the wolves stop howling

The voters will flock back to give change a high 5

Anwar be a forward thinking leader

Forget the aim to be prime minister

Take PH to its full potential and win

Stop thinking of big tent concept

Don't be used and discarded away

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