Tuesday, May 24, 2022

the Atlantuya case


The Atlantuya case

Her father brought a civil suit

All the facts came out in the open

The main players came out in court

The police report and officers testimony

The game of concerted effort to deny justice

Atlantuya will not rest in peace

Until her murderers are sent to the gallows

One main player refuses to testify

By his action what are said will be held against him

Because he is afraid to be crossed examine by lawyers

He may spill the beans with intense questioning

Atlantuya died in October 2006

The past 16 years justice is denied to her and her family

Maybe by this civil suit the judge will tell his judgement

She was C4 with her unborn child together

The main players are still free

Living their good life as if nothing has happened

The police do not want to probe further

They let it die as if they are not involved

Atlantuya wants her justice

She isn't going to let the nation be in peace

We have our financial woes and economic crisis

The country is still hanging with a dark cloud

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