Sunday, May 15, 2022

the midnight girls


The neon lights on the ceiling

The scattered beams shining

Casting shadows on the floor

Leaving the taste in the eyes

In the bar nite-clubs

The men will gather and scout

Waiting for the midnight girls

The scent will flow in the night

The bar-tenders will smile

Eyes will say “We know”

The midnight girls haven't arrived

The men will drink up their drinks

The juke box ringing with songs

The men sit on the bar stools or sofas

Talking of their exploits or work

Eyes still watching for the midnight girls

The midnight girls of solos or groups

When they make their entrance

The guys will make the move

The art of seduction will be played

The midnight girls will laugh

They will get the full attention

As the neon lights sweep through

The Casanovas will make the sweep

The men who are new

They will watch and learn

Because practice makes perfect flow

The midnight girls will tease to the full

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