Friday, May 13, 2022

the bullying of trainee doctors


The bullying of house officers

The junior doctors learning the ropes

By the specialists and senior medical officers

At times the staff nurses too jump in the wagon

Maybe they want to teach the young interns

The hardship of life in the hospital

Let them get the feel of the hot kitchen

The reality of dealing with human-beings

It is a tough job learning the art

It needs thick skin and tons of patience

To tolerate the constant bruising the mind

But the seniors forget not all are equal

Now MOH will start a committee to investigate

Another round of delaying tactics to find solutions

The minister and DG can go down to the ground

Find out first hand what is happening

Committee here committee there

In the end write a report and keep it somewhere

By then the minister will change

A new person a new way!

The bullying will not stop

MMA should have gone to find out

These are the doctors they give the certificates

Practicing medicines to the public

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