Tuesday, May 17, 2022

the blue eye party election


The Blue Eye party election

The complaints piling up

It doesn't sound good

In its administration

It isn't the first maiden election

It happened in last round too

The problems still hanging again

The Comet Man rings up the news

This will show on Anwar

He should have seen it in his mind

How the run of the election will become?

He shouldn't listen too much on his advisors

The best rule to walk the ground

Have a mock run with volunteers

It will show up the inning problems

Then it can be rectified immediately

Now the real party election going on

The hiccups will show on his leadership

It will reflect on his capability to manage

He has to rectify his party in order quickly

In GE15 there is no time to complain

There is no time to rectify teething issues

He has to make it into an united winning party

Talking will not win but action will make the day

p/s PD party election police has to stop the chaos

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