Tuesday, May 24, 2022

dress code


PSD reasons are flawed

Its officers are paid to service the people

They aren't the guardian of dress code

It isn't even said in our Constitution

The people are the bosses

Doesn't PSD realize it by now?

The people are the customers

Coming in to give business

Is this the way to treat us?

Don't they learn customer is king?

The nation belongs to the people

They will decide the outcome of it

PSD Rukun Negara never says

Anything about dress code to the people

This is Taliban way going in

The nation isn't an Islamic country

It says not to indulge in greed and corruption

It says not to think dirty or create problems

It says to serve with honour and dignity

Because we are multi-racial country

PSD and Cuepacs serve the people

Don't try to be a moral police

It isn't covered in the Constitution

Serve the people with honour and dignity

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