Wednesday, May 25, 2022

the spoon feeding keeps increasing


We applaud former Malaysians

They make the cut in their adopted countries

Living a life they couldn't find here

Because of a racist policy in place

The colour of your skin and religion

It will decide your fate in the country

As the elected leaders will try to please

The addicted voters of a race

The spoon feeding keeps increasing

Because the addiction keeps growing

When will this race realize?

They can't live this way forever

The economic giants keep watching

These leaders will want to colonize economically

When the nation can't pay her debts

It will time for grabbing the spoils

As it stands today

This race controls most of the cake

Yet the greed and corruption still keeps growing

Leaving trails of huge debts and broken systems

There is still hope

Because not all majority race fails to see

The city and town folks have learned the way

They understand and they want to change it

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