Tuesday, May 10, 2022

the share markets


The share markets

Some make it rich

But many get it burned badly

It's a game of Russian roulette

Though many will say

Learn the rules bid the time

Study the outcome and map it out

But the market isn't on stagnant role

The big time players

They may manipulate the shares

They will know the game well

Only the people on the street get burned

US stocks plummeted

Many may have lost their monies

The shares still can bounce back

But the trading period needs to be paid

The greedy people will face

The losses when they don't see the fall

The share markets propped by institutions and governments

The experts express the Greater Depression to hit the market

They recommend buying gold

It will be of value in the depression

Like the Great Depression in 1930s

Gold was the currency to survive

The share markets

The beginners trying to cash in

Listening to experienced stocks traders

Don't be greedy learn the craft well

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