Thursday, May 19, 2022

what happen to the career diplomats?


There are many career diplomats

Any one of them can be appointed

But the turtle man sends a tainted politician

As a diplomat for the nation

He is an MP

What will happen to his constituents?

He will be absent most of his time

Still can draw his MP pay!

The turtle man explanation can't hold water

He shouldn't push it back to Indonesia

He picks his colleague to be the ambassador

Knowing fully well he isn't suitable candidate

The back door leader

He needs his political support

He is the puppet but who is his master?

One pulls he will dance to the tune

The MP is a butt of joke here

Now he will bring shame to the nation

The turtle man is out of his league

He has no leadership qualities

The nation is still crying

Afraid to fall into Sri Lanka way

There are 107 countries hovering over it

As IMF will keep a close watch

Why keep so many career diplomats?

Aren't they are well trained to represent the nation?

No politician should be sent as an ambassador

This is a political support; a leader afraid to lose

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