Wednesday, May 18, 2022

the old ways ring


The old ways ring

The puppet can only dance

When his strings are pulled

He has to obey no buts or ifs

Why must MP appoint as ambassador?

His duty is to the constituents

It isn't to be sent to another country

Leaving his area unrepresented

But this MP has issues

Macc investigated him

Maybe now it is under NFA

As a wolf he has his benefits

The turtle man will not explain

The public should know what to do

Let the wolves bite the dust

They thought they are on the rise

They will fall with a big bang

Over 6 decades of the wolves

Time the party is buried for good

The country needs to breathe

PH leaders should forget about MOU

No need to extend when it expires in July

Get your candidates ready to contest

The window of opportunity will ring the bell

The back door in inner conflict

On the surface they try to put up face

The actions will tell a different tale

The old ways ring the nation feels the shame

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