Tuesday, May 17, 2022

the people still dozing in their minds


The turtle man

What hero welcome?

Because he shakes hand with Joe Biden

The US President who hosted the Asean meeting

Did he bring news on economy?

How to make progress for the nation?

What are the attractions for FDI?

But Elon Musk makes ventures in Indonesia

The warm reception in KLIA

Maybe these supporters are paid

This is the style of the wolves

Use cash to garner support

Somebody wants to curry favours

Now the wolves are running the show

But with strings attached to the main players

The parties in the back door grouping

What Zunar depicted in his cartoons

He could be right in his take on it

The fake support for money

Just to make the turtle man happy

The politics is a game of favours

This is the game in the news

The nation keeps crying

The people still dozing in their minds

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