Tuesday, May 10, 2022

bring back the good vibrations


The good vibrations

It has to come our way

We are living in the crooked minds

Thinking of nothing but greed of wealth

The political crooks are on high vibrations

They can smell the wealth all over again

Because of the stupid people of the land

They don't see the bad ways of the crooks

The manipulation in right context

Sitting with the connected royalty and ministers

The political crooks want to show in publicity

We aren't worry about our cases in court”

In the grapevine says

Of the Old Man to lead PH 2.0

Maybe he can pull a surprise

The master of his game

All we want is

Bring back the good vibrations

Not talk of 3R but on 4R*

It will bring us to progress

*3R-religion, race and royalty

4R - rakyat (people)

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