Monday, May 09, 2022

the women should stand on strong


Women don't stay in the minds of chains

Break free and stand for your liberty

They have equal rights as well as men

Why stay as second best sometimes as slaves?

Why let the men bully?

As if they enjoy the hurt and injuries

Even in today's world we still read

The tragedies of the women's lives

Men use religion to satisfy their lusts

They can marry many yet still commit crimes

Women still get the wrong end of the stick

Like a pet dog so eager to please even in chain!

In India lately a teenaged girl was gang raped

She went to report to the police station

Yet she was rape by the police officer

Because she had soiled herself?

The truth is

The women send different signals

The different colours for different events

They then get entrapped themselves

Women should stay focus

They should stand on strong

Men will cow away

Knowing they can't be bullied

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