Sunday, May 22, 2022

let there be 3 major camps


Moo knows

He is on his way out

GE15 he can say goodbye

His bad karma will follow him

Now he wants to talk

Cooperate to beat the wolves

He had his chances to redeem

But he blew it in the back door

PH shouldn't discuss further

PH leaders should unite and forge ahead

No need to talk about big tent concept

Somebody will get burned again

Let there be 3 major camps

Competing to win GE15

Let the voters make the choice

The wrong one the people will suffer

All the back door have to go

The voters must make that choice

See the old ways have returned

The intimidation, submission and control

Let there be 3 major camps

PH has to make the best

Taste the success on its own

No need to share with the bad apples

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