Monday, May 09, 2022

unity will get the just rewards


The Blue Eye

Thinking to go solo

It did in Johore election

It lost badly

Now its leaders hint the outcome

Maybe it will be good for PH

The party leaders who don't appreciate

Let them fall into the wilderness

The Blue Eye leaders

Thinking they are a better party

The losses they got from the voters

They should stay humble

But they acted differently

DAP and Amanah should explore ways

The Blue Eye isn't really committed to PH

Its leaders want the cake to eat it all

The voters spoke on the ballots

The Blue Eye should have realized its mistakes

Alone they will face defeat as in Malacca and Johore

They shouldn't gamble it in GE15

PH is a registered brand

Polished it up now and market it

Focus on GE15 and beyond

Unity will get the just rewards

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