Tuesday, May 24, 2022

the 2 ways of a coin


The criminal society

The public will feel the fear

The intimidation and control

Like the current political elites

There will be heroes

The criminals will emulate

Finding their styles

Let them smiling rich

In the political elites

We have some well known names

Currently appearing in court

Trying to blame others but not themselves

Words they use to say

Donation or others negligence

They have to pay”

But they don't say the monies in their accounts

Botak Chin aka Wong Swee Chin

He robbed the rich helped the poor

As the criminal society will narrate

But he gone against the law

Mona Fandi the shaman for money

As greed got her overboard she committed murder

She was model on fashion on parade

She lived it up till she was put to death

The criminal society

There will be the tales to narrate

Now it may have the political heavy weight in crime

The hero worship and their exploits in finance

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