Monday, May 30, 2022

success isn't by talking


The Blue Eye

Its election over

A new team comes on board

The young ones to push ahead

Rafizi 'Comet' Ramli

He has his deputy president post

A second try he won it

Now he can put his ideas to action

Anwar should take a back seat

Let his deputy run the show to learn

This is the time to have fresh faces

Because GE15 will be on its way

Anwar tried but he couldn't deliver

He suffered heavily on the state elections

He should realize his methods aren't working

GE15 is crucial so he shoudn't mess it up

Though he can lead in PH

He should listen on the ground and results

A humble leader will always win a race

He should remember where he was years ago

Success isn't by talking

Success is by action

Anwar should let Rafizi handle it

The strategies to win elections

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