Sunday, May 08, 2022

the back door leaders fight


The chief wolf has his files

The Moo has his words

One sues the other to save face

While the other shoot back

The chief wolf has his court case

It will be difficult for him to run away

He will know his score when the case ends

Now he is worried he would go to jail

Now this isn't the point

The chief wolf wants to stay relevant

He wants to show he isn't in the wrong

But the court case will tell on him

Moo will tell his version

Of the chief wolf with his files

Asking for help to intervene

Believing he gave his support then

The reciprocation didn't happen

The chief wolf decided not to support

The Moo lost his top job and resigned

Leaving a bad taste in both ways

Now a court case in defamation

The chief wolf wants to save his face

The Moo wants to say he asked for it

He didn't get it so Moo support declined

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