Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Bamboo River will sing their names


The bad crooks

They may think to return

Their time have gone

The tainted reputation and all

Marcos Sr was the bad guy

He paid for his sins big time

He looted the nation and martial law

In the end God would say he had to go

That is in history

Marcos Jr isn't his father's keeper

Maybe the pineapple heads

Want him to atone for his father misdeeds

LKS shouldn't lump it together

The bad guys in the nation facing trial

One will go to jail and some will follow

Though he still can spend his honeymoon

The voters here aren't stupid

If they are they will pay for it

The future generations will curse them

For being fools and greedy of benefits

The bad crooks in politics

They may try to repaint their out-fit

Delaying cases using many excuses

But Bamboo River will sing their names

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