Friday, May 20, 2022

the fools we have


The fools we have

The crying will not be done

The nation will go to the slippery rope

If we don't change our minds

Look and read a loud

The old ways have jumped the line

The back door of the wolves

The old system comes in full

The controversial appointments

The turtle man sees no wrong

Because he can't make his decision

He can only jump when he is pulled

The Indonesian president rushed for business

The turtle man rushed home for the fake support

He felt good seeing the sea of faces but FDI?

He has no way to get it done

There are 107 countries in trouble

The report highlighted in Youtube

Tunisia, South Africa, Lebanon, Turkey

Many of South American countries

Here we have our fools

Living in their fake world

The nights of the round table

The wagon train they want to rush in

But for the people

The worrying faces

The fear of downside

Like Sri Lanka now

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