Sunday, May 08, 2022

the crocodiles in Kelantan


The crocodiles in Kelantan

They bite the legs hard for Kelantanese

So much so these voters can't change

Though they wish they can make it

It has been over 3 decades

The crocodiles still rule the state

Using religion to sway to their way

Yet the Kelantanese still hopping with one leg

The moderate and clever ones migrate

To the city to seek their fortunes and fame

Though the majority still live in Kelantan

One of the poorest states in the Federation

Maybe GE15 will be the outcome

The crocodiles will push out to the sea

The voters must be wiser now and change their living

They shouldn't live in the old ideology and stay poorer

This is the reason Ku Li wanted action

He feels it is the right time to form a coalition

The aim is to wrest control of Kelantan from the crocodiles

And it is to atone his wrong support during his Semangat years

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