Saturday, May 14, 2022

in contest there will be winners and losers


If PH has no confidence to win

There is no reason to contest

It will defeat its purpose

In contest there will be winners or losers

PH can't move on a weak spot

It's the leaders' minds set

A little tweak will make the magic

Believing it can win for history

Start planning now

Get the candidates on the list

Conducting the mindset to win

Pick the right candidates not frogs

Go to the rural areas

Tell them what to gain

Not living on hands to mouths

Without knowing what tomorrow will bring

The wolves are still arrogant

Showing their fangs in the moonlight

Yet they were clobbered once before

It can be repeated again the fall from grace

If PH leaders stay in the same page

Follow the right script and stick on it

Don't pick the frogs to destroy the plan

Be wiser now learn the past mistakes

PH build up your strength

The opportunity will come again

GE15 will be arriving soon

Get your candidates ready for battle

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