Sunday, April 30, 2017

once your star is shining bright

Once your star is shining bright
Everything seems to turn into golden rays
You will be in high demand in the corporate world
Even in the entertainment industry too

Every bigwig wants to share
The good bright star you will bring
The big companies or motion pictures companies
They will spend millions to get you in

Everything you request will be given
Even right to the smallest details
They will say “Everything can be arranged!”
Once your star is shining bright

Once it is over
You will find you are alone
The people whom you thought would know you
They will say it is a long time ago

You finally realize fame has a price to pay
While you were at the top of the game
You must prepare for the losing star
Don't get stucked in the past glory

All the wealth you have made
Do not lose it all by stupidity
Everything will be gone
Once you forget your root

the nation will face a new dawn

The weak government
We hear the nonsense in the news
Even a judge makes a bad ruling
Does he realize what he has written?

All of us are immigrants
During the centuries of our people
What we hear today is the arrogant speeches
The country is made up of the sum of her people

If only the government is strong
The willed of nation will not bend backwards
It is the poor management of government
It allows the Talibanism to raise its ugly head

The scandals hit the head
The sins will not go away
Though every sidekick will try to say
There is nothing wrong with it!

But the people know
The lies will not cover lies
It is the truth will make us free
We don't have to worry about backdoors swing

The cycle has to finish
It is at the final run of things
The nation will face a new dawn
It must happen now!

you live.....

You live by the gun
You will die by the bullets

You live by the lies
You will get conned yourself

You live by the sins
You will face the angel of fire

You live by bad intentions
Every prayer will not be answered

You live by doing bad things
You will stay in prison one day

You live by the sword
You will get knifed in it

You live by the truth

You will live free like the wind

you can't hide

You can't hide
You can put up gate
Locked it up throw away the keys
The sins will not go away

You can bend the agencies
Right or left; centre or down
Throw them benefits and promotions
Give them cash to spend in the moon

Will it work?
Satan will knock on doors
Carrying his bag to take souls
The many sinners the better!

You can twist your words
Give it a different tone and meaning
But the sins piling up at the backyard
It will be seen

the saturday night market

The Saturday night market
The crowd seem disappearing
Even the stalls are less these days
The economy isn't progressing is it?

The pockets are hurting
The households can't spend
The Saturday night market
The sorry state of affairs

The costs are rising
It never will go down
Bee Anne leaders can say
It is just a polishing economy

Everyone wants to control spending
The value of our money drops too
Everything naturally will be costly
Bee Anne leaders can say

We can't allow it to happen
Bee Anne has stayed too long on the field
It has run out of ideas and control
Bee Anne talks about religion and race

Using tax to shore up funding
Anybody can do it that way
What are the values to share?
It burdens the people

The Saturday night market
The crowd seem to disappear
The rising costs of our daily needs
The empty pockets with no saving

Saturday, April 29, 2017

the stray cats roam

The stray cats roam
Living it up at my expense
Somebody is feeding the cats
It has become a nuisance

Yesterday there were the waste
Six of it on the garden trail
Leaving there for me to see
Hey servant! Throw it for me!”

The cats always thumb its noses
At the human beings
The cats treat the humans as their public servants
Clearing up the waste or else the aroma of bad smell

Today a black cat thorn the pages of newspapers
I saw the cat did it as I opened the door
The black cat quickly jumped over the fence
My morning paper in cuts and scratches

Some say feed the cats
They will not poo and urine
The cats will go somewhere else
I never know how true it is

will the loan sharks die naturally?

Will the loan sharks die naturally?
It is hard to say in the economic situations
The marginalised people will go in
They know the consequences of failing to pay

The police have warned the public
The numerous cases of physical fear
The red paint on gates and houses
The gangs will come calling everyday

The newspapers will highlight the cases
The loan sharks physical abuses of harm and fear
In spite of the numerous cases reported every time
The people still go down the thin plank of life

The police and rela members
Call the loan sharks and runners
They are easily seen in public notices
It isn't hard not to see it everyday

the great liar

The great liar
He can't play his Houdini act
The disappearance can't be had
Facing the music will be the end

The Bamboo River is singing high
The changing chords will bring out the best
The great liar has no place to hide
It is better he owned it up now

Join the crow in Bamboo River
Listen to the beating of the iron grills
It may bring some to change
Sins have to pay in the end

The great liar
Disappearing act isn't the choice
Facing the charges should be
The Bamboo River will not forget

the change we need

The sweet promises
It will come in months ahead
The transformation programmes
On race will hit the road

The wastage will be continued
In spite of the Auditor's Report
It will still be carried out
It's the money not from their pockets

Bee Anne leaders will shout
How good they are to manage the nation
While the Islamic militants will encroach in
Using the NGOs to hit the news

But Bee Anne leaders will stay quiet
Let these NGOs have a word or two
Let the fear spread to the ground
They forget it can't work now

The road of change
It has to happen
The nation needs it
So are her people

Friday, April 28, 2017

the get rich schemes

The get rich schemes
It can be called in many names
As long as it promises fantastic returns
Don't fall for the sales pitch

The recruiters will promise many benefits
It is the incitement to get your money
Once you fall into its trapping
You may try to convince yourself you never lose

Once the bottom fall in
The huge crash will make the news
You will finally realize your losses
You may not recover your saving

Quick money just for the greedy
A quick gun battle to win
Once it is over the winner rides away
Leaving the dead or injured on the ground

don't wait and pray

He wants to live
But fate takes a bad turn
A teenaged boy dies
Leaving his unfinished story

In a religious school
The assistant warden caned him repeatedly
Until his legs suffered bad bruises gangrene sat in
Doctors had to amputate both his legs
Even one of his arm too

He went into his coma
He died without fulfilling his life
A teenaged boy didn't cut it into adulthood
He died in the hand of an sadistic man

The police will investigate
Interview and recorded statements
Why never send him to hospital earlier?
Why keep it until it was too late?

The boy is dead
His life destination ended prematurely
May his soul get a peaceful place
Live his life in full in another age

Thursday, April 27, 2017

the wolves in sheep clothing

The wolves in sheep clothing
Every race has its black sheep
It is a fact of our lives
It will not go away

Some are well connected
Living in the powerful society
There they lived in abundance
Behind closed doors the wolves howling

Some lived in religions
Outside they show what they are
The men of faith willing to sacrifice
Time and energy for common causes

Behind the facade of their minds
The evil minds work overdrive
Implanting the radical elements
Urging their followers to strike

The weak government will breed
The greed and corruption in greasy palms
Everything needs money to get it done
Else the files or reports will wait in the drawers

So the wolves in sheep clothing
It never will go away
The howling will be heard all the times
Until we change our road

the dogs and cats lovers

The dogs and cats lovers
They don't see the bad
They dressed up the animals
They take them on parade

Some spend a lot of money
Grooming the pets to perfection
Even a child will not get that treatment
The constant check-ups and grooming

Some dogs and cats are left running away
These animals will do their business freely
The owners will not scoop the waste
Somebody will step on it and start cursing

The responsibility isn't there
The pet owners feel it isn't their business
They let the animals do as they like
The cats will run to compound of houses

Some will tear up the morning papers
Some will break the flower pots
Some will urine here and there
Some will put their marks of waste

Who will do the mopping up?
The house owners have to get the job done
Else the aroma will be terrible when it is dried
But the pet owners will pretend it doesn't happen

tell the truth be free

The Bee Anne cyber-troopers
They get the money; they spin the tales
On IMDB sinking into the web of darkness hole
They all seem to write the familiar script

They pray everyday
Asking for alms and forgiveness
Yet they still do it all over
They think God will forgive?

The sins they have
Filling the lies to the hilt
How are they going to face?
When the cards are stacked high?

It is better to tell the truth
No need to dig so many holes
No need to bribe and cajole
The truth will let us go free!

The Bee Anne cyber-troopers
Don't take the dirty money
It isn't worth it where you are going
Honesty will bring you a way to salvation

when greed takes control

Everyone love money
The fall of many

Wake up in the morning
Sleeping in the night

The mind still dreaming
Lots of money

Once greed takes control
The many fall victims will cry

All life savings gone
The promises never fulfilled

The greed makes the grade
The F brigade on the road

The falling tears
Who is to blame?

The greed of money
The root of evil always

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

once a thief...

Once a thief
It is hard to change
When he can't find money
He will go back to his trade

Once a thief is not caught
He will think he can try again
It is a natural progression
He just wants to be caught

A thief will spin his lies
Once he is caught he would cry
He will spin his tales of sorrow
He just wants to escape

It can be low life thief
It can be highly educated one
As long as they aren't caught
They will try to do it again

the python in the drain

The python in the drain
The heavy rain causing it to appear
It came out from its hiding place
Searching for food

An old woman passed through
In the eating stalls in old town
She screamed and other people arrived
Someone called the Fire Brigade

The firemen searched and trapped it
The python was large somebody said
The firemen took the python away
Maybe releasing in the secondary forest

A stall owner said to me
There is another one hiding in the drain
The firemen failed to trap the python
As I left the stall the firemen had gone

we have to unshackled our chains

Let Bee Anne hit bottom
Let the party feel the heat
Without amenities and servants
So what the party leaders will say

The party leaders have stayed too long
They think it is their rule to stay
Over 60 years of its rule
It is time to let them go

Bee Anne plays the rule
Of race and division
The eunuchs in the party coalition
They can't make so much noise

Let Bee Anne hit bottom
Let the party leaders learn their lessons
They stay too high for too long
They thumbed down the voters

If we want to really progress
We have to say goodbye to Bee Anne
We have to unshackled our chains
Our freedom our prosperity

the green moon in fantasy land

The green moon in fantasy land
Its leaders sleep and dream
The hudud law and its implications
Using religion for its political needs

Every time it is said
The hudud law never escapes
Its leaders still forget
This is a Secular Nation

The green moon fantasy
The clerics will dance its tune
Lucifer will come with his bag
The capturing of wayward souls

The religion is a private matter
It shouldn't be used as a political tool
Lucifer will gladly make it there
In his bag the wayward souls

The green moon dreams
Sitting on the power chair
It will dance by the electric shock
Shocking reality running away

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

the unequal benefits

The fishing of votes
It has finally geared up
The transformation programmes
Bee Anne has taken its programmes ahead

The crafting of the programmes
It benefits the majority and minority
The Middle kingdom inhabitants where?
Maybe in the Yellow River

The unequal benefits
It never spells good for the nation
Throw a few worms to catch fishes
Where is the benefits be?

The whole idea is to kick out the crooks
They don't have the honesty to tell the truth
The leaders are jittery on losing their chairs
They can't sleep well thinking of shadow wagons

It is better to stay clean
It's no use getting into addiction
The cold turkey treatment is bad
Go for clean and efficient distributions

bamboo river

Bamboo River
Take them home
They aren't right in their minds
They shout nonsense

They run the show
The seeds of bad faith grows
They keep on twisting
Every turn and corner

Come on Bamboo River!
Flood your gates with these clowns
They haven't seen the inside of you
Take them home will you?

You don't have to pretend
The ills these men parade
Take them home Bamboo River
They serve better with you

Bamboo River
Take them home
They aren't right in their minds
They serve better with you

hey potholes

Hey potholes!
You never want to go away
Every raining day
The potholes will appear

The town council will patch up
Filled it up with black tar
In 2 weeks or a month
The potholes will break free

Hey potholes!
You pose danger to the motorists
The town council engineers never walk about
They wait for complaints

The raining season the potholes
The town council will tar it
It never stays for long
It will break free

Monday, April 24, 2017

let us take a new road

Everything going up
Nothing seems to go down
Wake up in the morning
The headline screams

When petrol price goes down
The retailers never discount
Even the hawkers stalls will say
Prices going up!”

There is a man I read
He says he earns $15,000/-
Yet he finds it difficult to manage
It tells us what has gone out

The painted pictures
It never tells the truth
We are fed everyday
But the costs are up!

Enough of Bee Anne
Enough of the political eunuchs
Let us sign it off in the end
Let us take a new road

satan likes the fire

It has been written centuries ago
Of the make believe prophets or preachers
They will come claiming every right and left
Delivering their speeches on cut and paste

The audience will be spellbound
Listening to the speeches make believe
Wooling it over their minds
The audience of the same faith

The wolves in sheep skins
They will cause division and hate
Even spreading the ill feeling
It is the cause of bad faith

Men of letters jump the wagon
Years of study they think they cut it
But what they say it seems shallow
This is why we have many religions

No religion is superior or inferior
It is a free religion to practise and pray
The basic rule is to live in harmony
With the different faiths and colours of faithfuls

Satan always likes to interfere
Jacked up the facts twist it around
It is the souls he wanted to collect
Many have fallen victims going the wrong way

time on the walls

The years may have gone
The silence in the mind
The time may have recorded
The good thing is memory
It never fails to reconnect
Wiring up the brain to recall
The time when it was there

The circle that was gone
Turn to pieces go separate way
Into the life each would call its own
No strings attached no sad stories
But the good thing is memory
It recalls what it is.....

The walls on the circle
There will be pasted notes and guides
Staying there for years and times
The silence claims its own life
In the vast void sometimes the echo whirring
Linking the memory of times gone by

The whirring wind
The notes will flutter
Racing to fly away leaving the walls
But it stays stuck with glue for ages gone

The virtual world
The windows of the mind
Once a name to remember
It comes into memory

the world of circle

The world of circle
Time will meet
It may take years
It will return

The lamp posts
The signs stand tall
The lights to guide
The lost souls

Every guide
Along the way
The lights will not fail
The darkness will be gone

The world of circle
Loneliness isn't the way
Open the windows of the mind
The players can be found

the traffic offences

The traffic offences
The drivers will ignore
They know how it work
The discount will knock

Now with the demerit system
The points earned will cause licence suspension
When it reaches the maximum point
Yet the drivers pick up summons

The drivers should realize it
The discount may be given
But the points will not run
It will show in the records

Again the drivers know
Who will check all the times?
With threats coming from the extremists
The police will have it full

JPJ will have the points in system
When the drivers renew their licences
The suspension can take effect
But will the drivers just walk away?

The enforcement is the key
Else everything will come to nothing
Quoting overseas demerit systems
We are Asians not Caucasions

Sunday, April 23, 2017

a mufti once we thought...

A mufti once we thought
He could be the moderate voice
Amongst the lot of fanatics
In the multi-racial and religious society

Now he paints his true colour
He sings a different song
The days of his moderate views
It has gone to waste

A fugitive Indian Muslim preacher
Wanted by his home country he escapes
Now residing here with the perks and protection
He is afraid to face off his sins

This mufti has responded
He supports the Indian Muslim preacher
It is sad he hasn't notice the red alert by Interpol
A man wanted by his home country

Many countries have barred him
He brands his message of division
Inciting hatred instead of peace and compromise
It is bad when we have Muslims don't see it is wrong

Every religion is a path of peace
It encourages every faith to live in harmony
It encourages every faith to compromise in relationships
Of views, interactions and agree to disagree

We have enough problems here
We don't need another scandal to besiege our minds
This preacher should be deported back to India
Let him face his music; let him plead his case

the heat is on

The heat is on
The stakes are high
The blues go on
Taking off the opposition

The lies will spin
The tales will begin
Start with “transformation”
The piling of debts don't say

Giving the figures of employment
The inflation hits a high
The costs aren't going down
We feel the punch on our pockets

The hit on the opposition
The gutter politics gaining steam
The lies will spin
The paid cybertroopers will sing

Many are off-keys
Yet they are smiling
They still get paid
Writing rubbish to publish

We must stay focus
The change of a new way
Everything considered
There will be a chance to make it