Monday, June 30, 2014

the wedding team

The wedding planning team
Gave their time, energy, input and sacrifice
Doing it for the reason they wanted to contribute
Learning the stages putting it in detailed web

The hours gone quickly
The days of preparation and running
Finally the hour finally arrived
The work of planning turned it fine

The faces of the team members
The families involved sharing tips
What would be done on the final night
The wedding of Cheng Yee and Anil

Friends came to share and contribute
One from US came to lend her input
It is the true friendship money can't buy
They showed it in the hands of friendship

On the day of the wedding
The anxious moments finally came
It went smoothly so time well planned
The wedding team you got it right

the play of shadows

No Tarzan in the Cabinet
The fighter for the oppressed
All must say “Yes Boss!”
The maximum point on the card

Even in universities
The political interferences bloom
The laws on education curtailing freedom
It must be amended for the good of the nation

The play of shadows
The backdoor arrows and flight
The greedy of power making moves
The honest ones suffer in silence

Do we still need this power play?
I guess we have seen enough of it
The message of change must strike
The country needs it as well as her people

the little birds

The little birds
Built its nest
Now it never came
Leaving the empty

Sometimes it could be
A training exercise
For the little birds
Learning the rope

It was properly constructed
With twigs and strings attached
Holding on to the leaves and branches
Only now it never came back

Under the cool shade
A nice roof against sun and rain
But the nest is empty
The little birds never came back

Sunday, June 29, 2014

the durian addicts

The durians arrived
On the streets the display
Of the king of fruits
The division of varieties

The addicts of durian
This is the time to indulge in it
There are the branded ones
There are the lowest varieties

The cars will park
The drivers will walk
Smelling the aroma
The fragrance of the king

Some will get headaches
By the air of its smell
Some will get hungry
Breathing in the aroma

The hot weather
The season of the durians
The basket loads on the streets
The king of fruits make its day

the wedding day

The colourful balloons
On the ceiling board it hung
The guests arrived in colours
The intermarriage glow in our eyes

The banister railing
The ribbon balls hanging loose
It was just a decorative item
On display to light up the steps

The reception committee
The busy bees turning pages
The names and table numbers
The allocation of seating arrangement

The in-laws were busy
Guiding their own guests around
The flow of the diners
Relatives, friends and church members

Then came the bride and groom
In the Indian fashion parade
Walking slowly and smiling
The standing ovation for the newly wed

The course dinner
The late timing flow
As usual with wedding
Time nobody remembered

The best friend's speech
Acted MC for the night
Played his guitar sung songs
The background pictures of new couple

The invited Reverend
Gave his short speech
Thanking God and wishes
Bless the couple and guests

Caly and Emma
Sung a song on the stage
7 years old girls
No bashful or stage freight

The groom belt out 2 Mandarin songs
A language not his mother's tongue
The acoustic guitar strummed away
The woman of his life stood on stage

The family photographs
In years to come the memory stays
Of a time the pages turn slowly
Of a moment nobody can forget

On my table
The women teased their friend
Years of knowing him
He still stays single today

Maybe the women
All had settled down with families
Looking at their old friend
Age has caught up with him

He still never finds love
A woman whom he can stay
Maybe once he was rejected
Now he swears he doesn't need a marriage

The ping pong way
The women got no head or tail
The old friend still wants to stay single
Age has caught him and his single day

But love and marriage
The man hasn't gone for it
He rather stays single
Enjoying his freedom

But the women
They kept going at him
Hoping there is a chance
He may change his mind

The groom's father
A long speech about his life
His relationship with his sons and wife
A close knit family; flow of communication

His stay in Kampar
Migrated from Batu Gajah
Aw he met in 1979
They are still close today

With his son's marriage
The families tie flow
From one family extended to another
With in-laws and the connection circuit

The groom gave his short speech
No jokes and any surprises
It was his day on the stage
Thanking those who helped him

The old friend on my table
The women still hustling him
There was still no way he would bulge
He wants his happy go lucky days

The course dinner over
The guests left some took photographs
The handshakes and best wishes
As the warm night blew its way

the militants on the move

The militants on the move
On the land we sleep grow old
Growing its menace in silent mode
The local folks will not know

The special police force
The officers burst into the scenes
Using field report on surveillance
The militants caught only part of the web

The police must find the root causes
How does terrorism breed on our shores?
It is back to the religious schools
The indoctrination of minds and souls

There is no short cut to heaven
These wayward people must be told
Killing in the name of God never holds water
This is the work of Lucifer fooling the weak souls

The militants like the aedes mosquitoes
Quietly sucking blood out of the victims
They think they perform a duty to God
God had sent prophets came, told and gone

the sinking khalld

The water woes in Selangor
It will make the drowning exit
For the embattled MB
He seems to forget his root

Now the crashed eggs
He knows his time is nigh
He can say what he wants
He should go like a gentleman

The second term MB
It has got over his head
Maybe Amno get into his skin
The way he behaves make the grade

The water woes
Selangorians get angry
He is now alone
He should make way
for his party president

No doubt he has managerial skills
He should learn his political games
Listen to the party leaders and voters
It is them who put him there

some guys just not into it

Some guys just not into it
They stay single rest of their lives
They enjoy their freedom with company
When they grow old they don't see it

Women they have in their company
The guys never want to get involved
Maybe they are too scared to tie the knot
Afraid of the many knots they have

Some guys just want to run away
They see another person as a threat
Though friends will try to match them
They don't get into it

They just say they want freedom
Go home enjoy their free flow
No nagging no children to worry
Some guys just not into it

the natural food

You are what you eat
It is true in your shape
Lack of exercise plays a part
Into a shape you just dream about

Age of young
The burning wires easily done
Just a flick it will begin
Nothing to worry

The fat will disappear
The shape will be crafted in the night
In the morning come as new
It is just the fall of illusion

Age of adult
The metabolism slowly ignites
It doesn't behave like the young
Full of energetic pursuits

In time the fat accumulates
On the side dragging it out of shape
Without exercise and proper diet
The shape will be just a dream

The marketing fads come in
There is business and money to make
The lazy ones will go for it
Forgetting it is what they eat

Illnesses come in the future
It is what we consumed today
The sediments accumulated
This is where we never seen

So it is best to know
The simple way of balancing diet
The natural food and water
Where illness will not come to say hello

Saturday, June 28, 2014

the laws turn mute

The laws turn mute
It seems in the open
The blues in our lives
They don't hear its crying

We walk with open eyes
We know what's happening
The head is rotten
The body and tail make no haste

We watch the dark knights
They ride into the line
They can say what they want
We know they will go free

On the hill
The leader sleeps
Floating into his dream
Of his flying eagles and power he needs

Back in the city
The zombies of blue sing
The law turns mute

We walk with open eyes

the cow head again

The cow head once again
Pushing up the ladder
High up to the fence
The goons trying to play
A dirty game of conflict

The public perception
It is the racist party bloom
Trying to curry racial tension
Of an agenda recorded in history
A short the others aren't baiting it

In 2009 it happened in Shah Alam
The stepping on the cow head
The leaders involved got free
The minister could entertain them

Now in Penang the cow head looked
At the resident of an elected member
The public perception
It is the racist party bloom

The minister blamed it on the elected member
He should have direct the police to catch the culprit
Like in 2009 the same card is played in full sight
It is the racist party bloom

there is no short cut to heaven

There is no short cut to heaven
You have to work hard while you can
You have to do all the good deeds
Whatever form and time

Don't fall into demon's grip
He will promise all kind of heavens
Once you are in his clutches
You can't escape in the hell hole

Many have fallen to the lies
Go and fight in the name of God
They don't ask “Does God need them?”
The prophets came and gone

God makes the way
If only we see and understand
There is no short cut to heaven
We will commit sins and we will die

Day and night
Remember the good deeds in life
It will carry you through
The obstacles of your time

sebby's birthday

The bright eyes
The light of candles
The cake on the table
The small boy Sebby
He can't wait to get it

The coloured balloons
The reflections in his eyes
The long queue of food and drinks
The party for his group of friends

They gathered to sing
The happy birthday song
Blow the candles Sebby
You are 2 today”

Belinda, Martin and Izzy
Watching Sebby beating his fork on the plate
The small boy Sebby
Happy Birthday from all of us here

Friday, June 27, 2014

the masks of life

The faces of life
The masks of life
The way it behaves
We can't say we know

The politics in religions
A line has to be drawn
It walks on a very thin line
Once we forget the trouble shoots

The claiming of exclusivity
A lie to get it done
It brings us the masks of life
The beholden it isn't

The path of goodwill
The way of compassion
The life of peace
That's how we should share

kick the ball into goal, khalid!

Water cut in Klang Valley
About 700,000 households affected
In the dry season in the country
The angry middle fingers riding high

These households will put blame
On Pakatan Selangor for their woes
Once the MB said there would be no water cut
It happened after that...

MB has to put his foot down
He failed miserably in many episodes
Bible seizure, Allah controversy, Kidex highway
Mais and Jais and other small fires

All these are made to look bad
On the Pakatan administration of the State
Khalid should take the ball and hold it
What happened to his corporate strategies?

Maybe he forgot his history lessons
The little demons keep playing in his head
It is time to cut the painful beats

Now kick the ball into goal, Khalid!

the malaysian militants

The Malaysian militants
Fighting a cause not for the nation
They go there to give Malaysia a bad name
Engaging in a war under the banner of religion

What are they thinking?
Can't they differentiate religion and politics?
Fighting against other Muslims
What illness have they forgotten?

They have no business to take up arms
In a nation of conflict among Muslims
Somehow they fail to understand the Holy Quran
Jihad is for your own to make it good

Engaging in a war with other Muslims
This isn't what the Holy Quran said
Show compassion and cultivate tolerance
In a world full of little demons

What will the Bee Anne Government say?
Denounce their citizenships for engaging in terrorism?
These Malaysian militants bring a bad name to the nation
We have enough slapping on the wrists already

the world cup episode

Once a upon a time
In the World Cup episodes of years ago
We had the “hands of god” moved
The controversial goal till today

Every World Cup in 4 years time
A footballer will try to make a name
Good or shameful act it really doesn't matter
It is the footballer's name ringin in the air

From the “hands of god” episode
Now we have the 'vampire bites' on the loose
This isn't his first time jumping into it
The fangs of his sinking into the flesh

The shameful act on the football field
The footballer needs a psychological evaluation
He had bitten too many footballers
He surely needs medical attention

Now in the internet
The footballer's vampire caricature
It floods in the wireless world
In the World Cup he was sent home in disgrace

Thursday, June 26, 2014

the oil of wealth

Petronas belongs to all Malaysians
It isn't meant for a race in particular
The wealth of oil harvested in East Malaysia
Perkasa should learn history before croaking away

The oil wealth is used to help NEP
Through the decades one race still never rise
Use it by the Umno to play its game of divide and rule
Until it has grown big headed advice forgotten

Now the farm out boys
Blowing hot and cold without end
The fanatical view and expression
They see every one as ghost in their eyes

The wealth of oil
East Malaysians losing it out
Through the decades they are left behind
Now Perkasa wants to rub salt in their wounds

Putrajaya is weak
It makes the foxes coming out openly
Demanding with their seditious statements
Yet no action will be taken

Petronas belongs to all Malaysians
More rights should be accorded to East Malaysians
It is their wealth of oil making the country's progresses
They have more rights than Perkasa ulterior view

what's there to say?

The fire on the ground
The smoke getting into our lungs
Breathing in the bad air
What's there to say?

The enforcement officers
They don't go out to patrol
The culprits know it too well
For years they open burning

There are signs in the sky
The enforcement officers can't see
In the office maybe playing games
Waiting for orders or complaints

The ordinary folks will suffer
The sick will get the bad sleep
The air quality will be bad

What's there to say?

the conversation at the stalls

The conversation at the stalls
Around the coffee shops with hot air blowing
Tables and chairs put on the five foot way
Customers sit with drinks and food

In the late morning shadows
Some stalls begin to close shop
Clearing it up the business is good
Leaving the other stalls waiting

Some customers sit and smoke
Talking about everyday needs and things
About politics dividing the nation
About religious fools running loose

The hawkers under the hot heat
Earning money to keep them busy
The costs keep rising the outlook can't predict
Yet they will be around in the early morning

The conversation at the stalls
Friends will sit and talk in the morning
Passing time listening to stories

It will them busy the stories retelling

the nation is hungry

The bloated cabinet
The sign of the downfall
The leader's self worth
The span of weaknesses

Surrounded by followers
The echo of the underground
While the leader thinks
He has many to help him run

The leader should read cartoons
Turn the pages watch the cat and the rats
So many holes the rats can hide and run
The cat just waits and sleeps...

In the end there is nothing done
Cat is sleeping; the rats have a good time
Running around taking cheese and smile
We have a job but it is for our own”

The bloated civil servants
The bloated cabinet and flying eagles
All wanting the easy way out
The nation feeling hungry they don't see