Tuesday, February 28, 2006

double standards

Pak Lah in a spot

THE PRIME MINISTER HAS excused New Straits Times but not the Sarawak Tribune and the Guong Ming Daily News. NST's front page apology on the front page showed the paper was contrite, said the Prime Minister. No body is penalised, as has happened in the two newpapers although they did apologize. All the television stations have carried cartoons deemed offending the Prophet, but how can they be punished? The information minister, Mr Zainuddin Maidin, who is himself a former newspaper editor, who has been running a feud with the former editor-in-chief of the NST group, Mr Khalimullah Hassan, is caught with a dilemma over the television stations under his control. TV3 is run by acolytes of Pak Lah's son-in-law. NTV7 is not in the charmed circle, so will escape if the other television stations are not punished. But they carried the cartoons too. On that will depend on the National Front government's credibility.
The government has chosen to punish papers that most of the country do not see, and excused those that do. But the offense, in the government's eyes, is serious. Otherwise, why would the NST be asked to explain? If the authorities saw red over the cartoons in the three papers, then they should also on the television stations. The Special Branch is present at every opposition rally, and their tape recording has formed the basis of actions against the speaker. They are told the truth is in the recording, and are often sent to Kamunting under the Internal Security Act or charged in court. Viewers taped the caricatures and passed them on. The NST has got a few of them. As its mea culpa, it asks why the television stations are not penalised.
But is the government clean? Let us take two government linked companies which flout regularly the Prophet's injuction against alcohol: MAS and Pernas, which owns hotels like the Istana and the Mutiara (which is now the Crowne Plaza) which serve liquor. As does MAS,. Its former chairman's penchant for Dom Perignion is well known. But nothing has happened to it or him. If the government wants to rid the country of anti-Islamic influences, then it should go the whole hog. It should penalise the companies linked to it for disoberying the Islamic injunctions. It cannot argue that in the modern world, breaking it is required. Schoolchildren must wear 'approved tudung' or be penalised. It fines people for breaking the fast during the month of Ramadan, but half-heartedly. It only penalises what it can see, not what is in the letter of the Quran. It turns non-Muslims into Muslims secretly so that even his family does not know.
Is this what Islam Hadhari is about: go after those who fall foul of what one can see, forget about what Islam stands for and convert people in secret? Pak Lah must answer these discrepancies. He must also explain why the NST is excused but not the Sarawak Tribune and the Guong Ming Daily news. The NST is seen by more Malaysians than either paper. The two newspapers represent communities that feel left out in Malaysia. If anything, the action against these two newspapers have strengthened that feeling. The communities will no doubt compare the punishment meted out to the two papersd and the NST, and see not an attempt to prevent religious conflagration but division of religion, race and between East and West Malaysia. Pak Lah is in a spot. His civil servants have done the damage for which he is held responsible. He has made it worse by excusing NST and not taking action against the television stations.
The National Front, led by UMNO, has taken Islam as its political platform, mainly to beat PAS at its own game. It has dispensed with multiracialism in this move. It is its version of Islam that matters. The MCA, MIC, its allies in Sarawak and Sabah have accepted it, usually because their leaders want to stay in power. But it kept quiet about Islam Hadhari when it met PAS in byelections in Kelantan last year. It is schizophrenic about Islam, and that would be disastrous in a country which has accepted UMNO as its political party. Since most Malay have more than 90 per in Malaysia are Kelantan, Trengganu, Kedah and Perlis, this is a disastrous development. The only two political parties here are UMNO and PAS; the others don't couint because they are united in hate. Any attempt by them to win elections to form state governments is unsuccessful. What happened to the DAP in Penang is not the National Front's effectiveness but in the voter's feeling that it should be in the opposition.
The National Front would be in the opposition if it continues its policy of harassing those it does not like but excusing those it does. It did not matter in the past. The people were happy to go along with whatever the government does. Not any more. The children and, more likely, the grandchildren of the independent generation, are already flexing their muscles and looking for an excuse to vote in others. They cannot trust the government in their every day lives, for the government uses instruments to help the people or be arbiters, to go after them. The National Front and UMNO magic that led the people to vote them in since before independence in 1957. But the people who are left out, the majority, is increasing day by day. This would take about two decades. And the National Front might then find the election result when it would have what the opposition now has. It happened in a Mauritias election, it can happen in Malaysia. Unless the National Front mends its ways. This is why Pak Lah must be harsh on the NST and the television stations.
M.G.G. Pillaipillai@streamyx.com

Punishment must be fair. It shouldn't be 'I like you and I dont like you' thing. If the offences are similar, the culprits should share the same punishment. So I have seen thus far is contradictory punishment for the same offence. The government controlled by BN is waxing its muscles to pick and choose. In later years it will hit them hard. The ruling government is in power for over 50 years without a change. Time will come that it will happen in my life time. The New NEP shouldn't be introduced again. It only benefits the Malays and forget about the other poor Malaysians. Look in the government agencies or companies controlled by the Ministry of Finance Incorporated. I think it is now better to help all Malaysians irrespective of religions or colours. It is the country that carries the global message not the colour of one's skin. This is the narrow thinking of the government of the day. Malaysia must grow graciously and peacefully and her people should enjoy her labours and benefits but not exclusively to a select few....

Malaysia the country I live and enjoy......peace my friends!

petrol hike

Petrol hike! The message got in the tv while watching 'Ghost Whisper' It didn't come as a surprise. I was thinking it would happen in January 06, only now at the end of February 06. So now BN stands for really BARANG NAIK punya. I think BN is going to lose many votes in the next election. I guess Petronas must be a happy billion profit entity laughing to the government coffers. The poor rakyat has to sweat it out with his limited resources to make do in his daily life. And don't forget we haven't heard yet the utility cost adjustments - water and electricity - which will further burden the ordinary rakyat in the country. As usual the government will say it is still cheapest amongst the Asean countries but they dont tell you the ordinary wages of the people have lost its purchasing power for goods and services. I will have to think of my support in the next election.

Good morning Malaysia................my days turn blue!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

does god live?

Ancient question yet it is still relevant today. Honestly does He? When I was young the priest used to say about making car....every car makes there is a written manual to tell the would be motorist how to operate and maintain the car. This was the analogy about how humans are made..But where is the manual written for the humans to take care and maintain it? You can't find it in any religious text. I don't think there is a manual written for it. If there is one, I am sure every one will know how to maintain and replenish it. Yet the humans always go shooting blindly.....like the case of the hunters thinking about wild boars but shoot his friends - some died some survive. Likewise for the humans - some die peacefully while others go off in a blast of fire..There is no manual to map out what to do in time of crisis. So we break down and get it through by sheer experience but the elusive dream is so far away....we can only imagine. For sex it is written on the surface only except Songs of Solomon which are more explicit in certain details for men and women to engage. The religious texts only wrote be good and multiply.....Kamasutra has explicit details of what to expect in sexual encounters than the religious texts. If God really lives, why He never says it loud and clear. Why hide it in the dark?
Perhaps it is trick by the sage people....as some books have written about it - a lie to bring the flocks to the arms of the powerful humanbeings. As the years pass me by, I am thinking what I hold is still valid or am I a fool to live through the mass of deceit? I still have hope in my life only some unexplained theory(?) which I can't find answer to it. Some text says when you are in the heat of sexual unification you could see God in person...This is where Nirvana came which Buddha preached about. The ancient text said the world is heading for a spiral yet God never hints at all....at least tell us how to reverse it. Currently we are going by trial and error which will take us to our doom....because the answers will be so far off...

Good day Malaysia.....the powerful will dispense justice according to his wishes!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

different strokes

The double standard on punishment or favours. It isn't something new at all. It happens in all the structure of society. In school we curry favours from the teachers. At work we curry favours from our bosses. In politics we curry favours from the ministers or the prime minister or president. The more we do that the more we think we can escape punishment and gain favours in the long run. So I have seen how this work. It is effective and one gets far ahead. The international ball carrier always gets the result in the end. Of course it needs works alot of them...So we have seen how the government punished some companies and let off others. It is how much curry favours one has put in which will decide the outcome of a punishment. Same picture different punishment. I cry foul but the referee decision is final! It is always must be seen to be fair and above the law and no double standard for a similar offences. It will erode cofidence in the management of an enterprise/company or country.

Good morning Malaysia.....how low can you go?

Thursday, February 23, 2006

red tape

I think our religious backgrounds need tuning. We can't seem to understand ourselves. We pray. We ask forgiveness. We ask for help. We ask for guidance. We ask for paradise. Sound great in temples, churches or mosques. When one steps out from these holy places, it seems many things have been forgotten. When the eyes open to see, the mind thinks of money. How do one explain everything needs money to get it done? From any level of society it is there to be had. The tragedy is every one turned a blind eye. This is what happening in the country. Corruption needs to be taken care off. Yet it is so difficult when the head is rotten....Just go figure it out. Today I went to Tenaga to pay for my electric deposit for my new house....'minta maaf tak ada kelulusan dari pegawai yang berkenaan' The developer said they had submitted all the documents to Tenaga and CF issued yet I can't pay for my electric deposit. For over a week I tried but I wasnt successful. How could CF issued when the sub-station not yet commissioned? Now I have to wait next week to try again. It is no use hanging on the wall the company's mission statement when in reality no one seems to follow the company's charter. It is better put in the drawer to gather dust and spoil the wall of neat paint....

Goodnight Malaysia.....still sleeping in the 21st century!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

islamic family law 2

So the Muslim guys must be smiling now. The law waits to be gazetted after which it becomes law. The man only needs to say it is 'necessary' to take another wife(wives) Normally it is sexual needs. So if the wife refuses to have sex with her husband, does he has a right to marry another? If the guy demands various types of sex position, will the wife disagree? If she does not agree, will it be a ground to prove it is 'necessary'? Whatever properties or rights belong to the wife(wives) now the husband has a right to attest a claim as his right of possession though it is not under his name. So the Muslim women lose their rights in the IFL. I pity the Muslim women. By right they should fight for it. Apparently not many women want to take up the fight. Only perhaps the NGOs and others interested in the equality of human rights irrespective of gender. Through the centuries long gone laws are always made by men to satisfy for themselves. The women - Muslim or Non-Muslim - have no rights whatsover in the eyes of the men. So this piece of legislation needs to be reviewed to make peace with the Muslim women. I don't want them to hate men than I rugilah....They are best for men yet men have misused them for centuries...

Goodnight Malaysia....let the bird flu be contained and we live happily ever after!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

islamic family law

The IFL had been passed in Parliament. This piece of legislation makes the Muslim man enjoying his fruit of his labour and more out of his cravings or lust for younger women or beautiful women....has shared in properties under his wife(wives) name(s) and the rights to do what he pleases in the framework of the IFL law. So the Muslim women become slaves to their husbands and the laws of the Holy Quran doesn't come in to make it equal for the women no more. As I understand on the Holy Scriptures man should treat his woman(women) equally or as good as his own. So what will happen to these Muslim women then? No fight? No anger? In fact I don't hear any protest in the strongest words on the IFL. The minister had gone back on her credibility. Maybe some one gave her a good rub so she forgot what she needs to do. No? Then why the sudden change of heart of her commitment. The Muslim women should band together to fight for it otherwise the Muslim men are going to taste the pleasure of the cakes...I dont agree with the law. It makes the Muslim women slaves to the Muslim men. Any one can make any comment......the end of the day the Muslim women are losing in the gender equality

Goodnight Malaysia something brewing and the women sleep on it!

Monday, February 20, 2006


Malaysia ranked number 7 on stress.....Perhaps too many potholes need to fill until some one has to volunteer to do it. ( In Johore Baru) For the rest of the surrounding areas, especially on housing projects around, many potholes along the roads. And we expect a caring company to take cognizance of the disaster befallen on the motorists. No....the company thinks on profits instead of saving human lives. Love affairs too make it stressful to survive. Nowadays with handphones and SMS it is so easy to reach a target or some one can easily find out. You know some people are so proud to share it around that somehow the affair(s) become a talk of the town. Or naked pictures taken in video cam or digital camera for remembrance and landed in the distribution network in the internet( check sabul) The people who value face should be aware of the modern gadgets which come in handy for those so in love...throwing caution to the wind. And when it is finaly shown in the www the stress is itself may kill a person. Remember the case of a former Indian VP where some women committed suicide because of stress of losing one face value....In work every one wants to be a CEO yet each forgets that not every one can be one. Some must be on the lower rank, some on the middle rank, others just hopping one job to another and only a few in the CEO material...By right one should enjoy the fruit of one's labour; fighting to be somebody make it stressful in the work place, at home and in relationship. Be blessful of doing or gaining something....like the oldie song 'whatever will be will be' If you think you have a degree, you can be somebody. Think again in the job market. If you can be humble in any situation, I believe you can make it to the top. Living alone too can be stressful so you must surround with friends. You only need a friend........maybe it is so difficult that many singles join so many clubs just to get hitch....if not they become stressful.....Dont go so far away just see in front of you....

Goodnight Malaysia...the best country I live!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

you make a class of your own

Dont live with regrets or trying to pacify someone's dreams. It isnt going to work for the majority of people. You find your way I find mine. Somewhere in between we will meet on the bridge then collaboration can begin. You dont have to tell your past history. It really belongs to you; and if you dont want to publish it why keep worrying about it? This is what happening. If you want to share it, make sure you know what will happen. It is no use crying over spill milk which by then it is rather too late. Purity and virgin.....it is only in the mind which is true if you spare a moment to think about it. The mind should be white......otherwise nobody can say some one is correct. We are living in the world of good and bad. The shifting roles always play in our lives. Sometimes the light shines at times it is darkness in the mind. No....you shouldnt keep looking back which is always a waste of time. Recognize what has occured and believe that it can be made better. It is this way life could be happier and meaningful yet I find people just can't see it through. Take the positive values and improve on it. This is the strength to make life easier in pursuit of relationships, careers, businesses, friendships and social intercourse.

Friday, February 17, 2006

the iron lady rocks

The Iron Lady rocks again!
She doesn’t go because of her experience
Telling me there is nobody
The matching order never came

The older ones will have a blast
The younger flyers sigh with blue
The nest eggs arrow deep in thought
There is nothing to say

The outposts staying upright
Never believing a chance to light
The twinkling stars salute silently
Winking it across the sky

Ah….the grievances of many!
Wait for it in the next election
The power of the voters can decide
The direction each wants the best

The Iron Lady waltzes silently
Smiling her wide grin all the times
Believe me she says
I am going to stay!

So I dream about AP
Maybe I will be rich
Wishful thinking my Iron lady
Why not make me free?

Thursday, February 16, 2006

housing industry

The housing industry needs additional bite to assist the house buyers. I don't know how they study for years yet when the laws are amended there are flaws in its implementation. Take the case of the Tribunal. The house buyers take the developers to the Tribunal get the awards yet the developers can defer payment or worst the developers just totally ignore the awards. Now what can the house buyers do? Civil case again? Sometimes this is what happening in the housing industry. These are the simple basic flaws happening in the housing industry that most developers escape the clutches of the law. Of course I do find some reports that action will be taken against these companies then it is silent for many years. Then the ministry officials will come out with all the classic lame excuses - couldn't find the developers or the company ceases to exist....And the minister will say he is looking for ways to plug the loopholes of the law. Look when a house has got a CF it means everything should be in place....Right? No! There is no water and electricity yet CF can be issued. By right the law should be amended that CF will only be issued when water and electricity is fully connected to the houses in question. In other words the relevant agencies should be instructed to collect deposits from the housebuyers for the meters to be installed either direct through the developers or direct from the house buyers. In this way when the CF is issued the house buyer knows that the house is fully certified!. Currently you can scratch your head and wait and wait.......I know this is the basic problem yet it takes years and years to rectify it. Basically I think the government is supporting the developers and only when the election comes nearer only then the government tries to say something good for the rakyat.....Typical campaign tactics...Walk the talk? Come on it is drawing in the shadow...

Goodnight Malaysia - we see again tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Our drivers are the crazy lot. Believe they are. So many reports about them yet they dont seem to behave behind the wheels. My experience always on the T-junction and side roads or alleys. When I drive around(mostly to my place of jogging or walking) I have to pay extra attention of these drivers - age has nothing to do with it. These drivers just come straight at you without stopping to see for free flow traffic. They always believe some one has to give way...They just cut through the lanes...sometimes there is no accident but I always feel it is the near miss cases that push the stress on driving. Alert on the road. Eyes glue both ways. When the concentration ceases just a minute something will happen. Partly why I dont enjoy staying in the city. I go to a quiet and easy to live areas. Even now I find the concentration goes back again. Too many cars hawking the roads. The other worst scene is the motorist. They ride with nothing to fear. Sometimes without light or very dim light. You can't see them from a distance. They just zoom in and out swaying with the traffic. I just hope that all these lower cc motorbikes should be put to pasture leaving only the say 1000cc bikes. In a way the traffic flow will be much easier driving on the roads. The forever nuisance one is the cyclist. Dark cloths, no head light and cycling on the opposite way or flow with the traffic. I can't really see them because they dont even fix the rear light too. These cyclists dont follow the traffic rules. Just watch those school boys and girls leaving for homes....you can get a fresh picture of what traffic rule is.

I still enjoy my driving but have to pay extra precaution on the roads. Now the flooding season has arrived so I guess I have to wait before I think of what I want to do...

Goodnight Malaysia! May the Lord bless us all!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

valentine's day

Valentine, Valentine, somewhere the romantic illusion rises. Today's the love birds go winking. No traffic rule except emptying pockets of dough. Why always the guys? The commercial entity has become a big business. The guys want to impress their women/girlfriends. It is not only for the single romantics but also for the married couples. Love shouldnt be those who are seeking for it but it must also for those who seeking to cement ties with their soulmates too. Flowers now have become too expensive to show affection. But people say why worry about it? It is a one year thing....I digress. It should be a continous affair of the heart and soul. It shouldnt wait for this particular day to lavish something for the women/girlfriends. No wonder we find reports of broken affairs/marriages. Something never gets it right. The guys again.

Happy Valentine to all the romantics!

Sunday, February 12, 2006


Why communication fail? Sometimes I wonder. With modern gadgets and innovations I still feel messages or replies take ages to arrive. Or it is dead silence somewhere. Excuse? Aiyah...not freelah! So many things to do one! Just stop a minute. How long it takes to response? One minute to write a short note or 10 minutes to write something to say 'I have heard about it' It is that difficult? Likewise in business too. You can't get a reply to its email even though you write it and wait for the people to respond. One hour? Few hours? One day? Many days? Maybe none at all. The worst culprit is with the government departments. It is totally zero! I wonder what they are doing cooking up in the office. They should walk the road. As this country is famous for - talk alot action depends who is calling whom and also the mine of red tapes involved. Talking about One Stop Agency blah blah blah...the Cabinet members should walk the talk. The PM recognizes the weaknesses yet changes are not done. Even the legal department takes ages to amend or draw up new laws yet there are weaknesses when the laws are gazetted. It reminds you of what really they are doing....studying it for years and still has loopholes! Communication never executed to the right people for the right solutions. Somewhere in the processes many red tapes or trying to make themselves important in the work they do. The final product - a crack in the system. Likewise when the Chairman of NS announced that parents are allowed to visit their children in camps for the Chap Goh Mei, the camp commanders didnt agree. Because there is no written order to allow. It was reported in the newspaper on Friday. On Saturday late evening still no confirmation until after 11.00 pm. So I guess it takes more than 24 hours for the message to pass through the wiring services in the country. Who is at fault?

Communication is money......this is how I summarised it. When there is money to be made I believe things would be moving like fire......

So for those of you going out to celebrate Chap Goh Mei, may the night brings you blissful anticipation....Good day Malaysians

Thursday, February 09, 2006

go for change

The police must go for change. The top brass must accept changes in their daily affairs with the public. They should also accept responsibility and accountability of their own actions and or their subordinates. They are the public servant entrusted to maintain law and order in the country. After 200 years of its existence, they must have accumulated enough experience to go forward. But we have seen or heard they go backwards. They are afraid to be accountable on their actions. We have heard of detainees died in lockups. Abuses inflicted on the suspects. Ignoring the very law they are sworn to protect! They are the kings in their domain. These officers are dragging their legs to implement changes to the force. The lastest case was the shaving bald of 11 elderly people in lock up. The court of law has not found them guilty yet the police officers said they were. They jumped the gun on the wrong interpretation of its regulations which isnt law. Unless these suspects are proven guilty then appropriate measures can be taken as spell out in judgement. Now we have Hishamuddin ignoring the PM directive to gang up with the Police. He is showing that the PM is weak. This is the PM directive for the Police to adopt changes to suit the needs of the people and country. So will we see changes in the police force?

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The ghosts(?)

The dead are gone. Buried underground. Cremated. Turn to ashes. Distributed in the wind, seas or rivers. Yet we hear ghosts in our midst. A person dreams. Really it happens? You must be kidding. Dead never gets up again. Then why recorded sightings about them? Telling the living...there is another world beyond our comprehension. No one can tell. In my kampong days older people told us to take dogs' tears wiped it on our eyes at night we could see the undead walking, smiling, talking etc as normal living persons do. Who want to do it? We never want to know. Maybe nightmares. Or the ghosts come to us. So now I heard yesterday about ghosts in NS camp somewhere near Lumut, Perak. My niece went for her NS training. Her dormitory is haunted. At one time a few girls saw. Then the guys did too. Now every one sleeps close together. The disturbing spirits roaming in the night. How to explain? This ghost business makes one feels scary walking alone in the darkness or dark alleys. Like my time in the kampong. Dark shadowy figures dancing with the flow of the moonlit night. The silently blowing wind and the rustling of the leaves and branches...alone walking many images popped out to scare one's wit. I tell you you get the skin crawling....especially on the full fat moon in the night sky..

Now living in town I don't get to hear so many ghost stories. Only my own imagination running full steam ahead walking in the dark edges of the light. This is where one's imagination got the better of one's consciousness.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

life is cheap

The ship sunk. Pity and sad. The ship captain and crew didnt take the emergency steps to avoid death. The fire was reported yet the ship sat sail. For about 1 hour the ship captain could do something. He failed. The ship sailed ahead and sunk. It was reported about 1,400 feared death. Survivors claimed the response to emergency was slow. Life they claimed was cheap to the authority. Some had to swim for several hours to reach shore. Others saw dingy capsized by overloading. Life jackets werent plenty to distribute. So life was wasted in the sea. Back home motorists died on the roads. As usual speeding and eager to cut corners. These people never learn through the years. Now for those who were killed they laid in hell for their stupidity. I dont know what they wanted to make a statement. Speeding always kill- there is no two way about it. The statistics never meant a thing to these people. Now death took their lives. Living in hell before time is the worst torture one could inflict upon oneself - the darkness, the coldness and dampness, the silence, the stationary position, waiting for the earth to crack but it will be quite awhile. So enjoy life and be happy. Dont speed stay alert........

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

a new day 4

The petrol hike will come. There is nothing much the consumers could do about it. In our lives the government has the mandate to push it down to the consumers. We elected them now we harvested our prizes....The lower income earners will get the brunt of the price increases. It is not only the petrol but other essential goods and services will spiral in tandem. The usual mantra of the BN government is 'We are still cheaper than the neighouring countries say Singapore' The cabinet never compares it within the bench mark of the peoples' remunerations. As far as I could remember the cabinet never done it. The people just grumble/curse/angry yet cough out money to buy the essential goods to live on day to day...The sunlight still shines; the long running has to bear with it; and until such times bite our own bullets to struggle to survive. I predict it will be around $1.82 per litre of petrol. Even now the hawkers' food have increased their prices. In Penang a bowl of cendol at Off Penang Road has gone up to $1.50 from $0.40 in early 90s. The last time I was in Penang it was $1.20 a bowl of cendol. In my current base my regular stall for kueh teow soup has gone up by $0.30 but he charged me $2.00 instead of $2.30. So I don't know it is for CNY after which the price will return to $2.00 for a bowl of kueh teow soup. The money in your pocket has shrinked overnight.

And here comes TNB....the hike in electricity bill. This is a cash cow unitility company controlled by the federal government. It is a monopolistic utility. In the newspaper report it has a whopping debt of $30 billion! Every financial year it says it makes over $1 billion profit. Then the company shouldnt increase the rate. No...it require it to pay off the whopping debt! To me the management fail in its duty. Look it is cash generated company. There is no reason that the company couldnt pay its debts. It is a failure in its management. So instead of using tax payers' money to bail out the company the government will allow the tariff hike to reduce its borrowings
When this is not successful then it willl be bailed out by the tax payers' money in the spirit of national unity!!! A company shouldnt be run by only one race. In Malaysia it should be a mix bag of her citizens to run it. So the best of Malaysians will be employed to boost the image, profit and sustain the enterprise.

And Telekom....the giant walks a slow step. Look at the new completed housing estates, there are no telephone poles at all. So no business generated. People complaints and yet nothing happens. The government never barks any orders. "I leave it to the management and Board to decide" The managers never go out to check and ask for business. You know why? Monopoly!!!!
So this giant takes its own sweet time to come...It is time the federal government breaks up all the monopolistic companies in its stable. Let more companies start this business and ultimately the people benefit. Look beyond our shores - Hong Kong. You can talk for hours from Hong Kong to any place in Malaysia it never costs you a bomb. It is so damn cheap!!!

The PM recognizes the weaknesses yet he takes his own sweet time to explore. He was a government servant before he became PM. He knew what was on the ground. Now his eyes couldnt see anything. "Come walk with me" to see more prices increase, more corruptions, more bailing out cronies companies, more burdens to the people. Even the imported cars thousands and thousands got stuck in the ports.Why? No AP.....delayed in issuing...now temporary 8,000 APs were issued..

Hello Malaysia! It is 21st century yet you are working in the 19th century mentality! Slow and steady win the race? We will be far far behind............in the globalization