Saturday, March 31, 2007

Lloyd Tan Pau Chan

Lloyd Tan Pau Chan passed away on 28 March 2007. He was my art teacher and my scout master. He was 72 years old. The last time I met him was in Fraser's Hill. He came for his holidays with his wife. This was the last time I think I met him. After that we didnt meet again. I remembered him as a teacher who was open minded. I remembered him because he could discuss sex subjects with us. He wasnt afraid or shy to share with us his views and his religious convictions on the subject. Of course along the way he knew how to motivate us. Dont lose hope when everything fail. Just believe every one has a purpose in life. He told us about his experiences of teaching. One day he was asked to teach a hopeless class in Form 3. You know those classes in F/G/H and so on. Some he said couldnt write their names. But anyway he went to teach and told them that he would be a very happy teacher if one of you could pass LCE then. When the examination result came...he was a happy teacher because one of them passed his LCE. Those classes were there to pass time. So after about 10 years or so this student tracked him down. And asked him whether he could recognise him at all. Pau Chan said he couldnt. So the Malay student told him about his teaching in class F/G/H and about he was the only student who passed his LCE then. So Pau Chan could remember. He showed him that he had graduated from university. This I believe was Pau Chan's moment of glory as a teacher. This was how he narrated his motivating story. One should keep trying even though one may fail many times. It costs nothing but alot to gain in one's life journey. So goodbye teacher and friend. May the Good Lord grants his wishes and grace to you always as you had done all you could in your life's journey

Friday, March 30, 2007

income tax

Income Tax Act, is the officer who would make the difference in the delivery system. Last year I went to check on my tax schedule and about over-payment for the years. The counter officer told me when I enquired about my excess payment that she would inform her superior to send me the account statement of my payment. It is a year I haven't seen my account statement. The DG of Tax Dept can say what she wants. As with the previous DGs, nothing will improve as long as the officers never go the extra mile to help their 'bosses'. To them the tax payers are the nuisance lot. The PAYE system is just an advancement payment every month to Income Tax Dept. Under the ITA rules no tax payer can claim interest accrue or use to off set other dues to the tax dept. This is so unfair to the tax payer who will be clobbered every time he/she visits the tax dept. Now with the order of the Chief Secretary to the government I wish there will be real improvement in the counter services. If those DGs can't do a proper job, sack these people. Why waste the tax payers' money for sloppy job?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

new house in botanic 2

I go to Bandar Botani again. Another round of cleaning house. Water tank has no water but I used the direct piping water to the kitchen. So I was happy with it. The whole day I was there. Concentrating on cleaning up the house. Today at least it has not much dust compared to yesterday. Cleaned the bathrooms, rooms, hall, kitchen and doors. I havent done with the windows and sliding doors and the porch area. I am getting used to it. It is another form of good exercise. As with my current dwelling home, I find there are not many people come to clean houses. Perhaps on weekends.......On the way home I stopped by the customer service centre and told the guy about the water tank problem. He told to check the stop cork at the kitchen area. I drove back to the house and searched for it. Alamak! I didnt on it. Itulah sibuk nak membersih rumah sampai tak cari stop cork itu. Now the water is flowing. I guess I have to come back tomorrow. On my way back I drive around the area. I find there is a house has electricity supply! No other houses has it. He must have connection...I paid mine two days ago..tapi ada meter lagi...

Monday, March 26, 2007

new house in botanic

I haven't been to Simpang Pulai. So today I went there to collect the house keys for the new house in Bandar Seri Botani. It took about 15 minutes to arrive at the Taiko Properties. Later went to the new house to clean up a bit and check for defects Certain items like tiles, door locks etc warranty for a month while other defects are within the S & P of 18 months period. When I arrived at my new house, somebody parked his car in the porch. So I parked on the other unit. I did spend a few hours cleaning up the house then I spent a few hours in Jusco before I headed home. This house is basically for holidaying so I wont be doing much to set it up. The house is still not clean as yet. Tomorrow will arrive there to do another round of cleaning. I need the exercise otherwise staying at home I will watch Astro programmes or I will sit in surfing the net. I am not into property investment though I have invested in this sector.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

EPF stays on the true course

EPF shouldn't invest in RHB, a bank with massive debts in its balance sheet. The PM had agreed to let EPF bought over the bank because to help crony. The RHB bank was controlled by CM of Sarawak family. It is reported that the bank has massive debts. This was why the bank took Rashid Hussein to court for leading out funds without proper documentations. Before this family bought over the stake, they had conducted due intelligence study. Then after a few years later they sued the former directors of the bank. The case is still pending in court. Will EPF pursue the case? Or will there be a massive write off of the loans? EPF should remain the retirement funds for those members who retire from work. The PM too allowed the overseas funding of nearly $7.6 billion from the funds of EPF. In the believe that it will enrich returns to the members' fund. I rather have my money in my twilight years than I get nothing to survive unless the government set up a social welfare fund for the retirees...perhaps then I dont have to grumble about it

Saturday, March 24, 2007

follow the Rotary way

At one time the BN leaders argued that Anwar is not a threat to the government. Even the UMNO leaders said it. Apparently these leaders are still feeling the shadow of Anwar in whatever they do. Anwar can't be forgotten just like that. He was once the Deputy PM and I believe he knows about these leaders too. The current BN leaders should go. There must be a need to change the direction of the political situation in the country. The PM hasn't done a decisive policies change in his administration. Like the case of the ACA DG and his Internal Security Minister. He should ask them to go on leave until further notice. This should be the way. Now there is another police report made by Jeffry Kittingan against CM of Sabah who is a strong supporter of AAB. Our country corruption index had fallen further as the latest finding came out as reported in the Star. Is AAB asking for more time? I shouldnt allow it. When a leader of the country sits on the PM chair, he must act and do what is ncecessary. He shouldn't ask for more time to complete his agenda. He should follow the Rotary way of administration. When a President of Rotary is elected to lead the club, he has 1 year to get his ideas and visions complete in that one year. There is no extension. Period. So within 12 months he has to concentrate his action to accomplish what he needs to do. Of course he can take some of the projects of his past president to complete it. Although many companies are going to Johore, the PM shouldnt neglect his anti-corruption drive. This is another area he should be aware because this is the gold mine for corruption to flourish. At the current rate, I think the corruption index will jump. Simple. The delivery systems have not been rectified. What I read was the skimming of milk. The root of the problem is not addressed. Because money tricks the isnt easy if there is no concern to take it seriously..

Friday, March 23, 2007

handphone in storage 2

Long time ago when I was a young man growing up in the kampung, one of the elders asked how many friends I had. I couldn't find one close to my heart. So he said it is better to have one truest friend than a thousand friends. Rain or shine this particular best friend will come. Now as I had grown up, I couldn't find one close to my heart...dont say about wife/mistress or husband/boyfriend. One that a person can tell the needs or wishes or desires or fantasies...I tell you it isnt easy to get one on board. Sure one can find many friends in the office or other offices yet they are the hello and smile ones other than that nothing one can share or perhaps one night stand next day a shy smile "will we meet again?" Even your partner you won't tell so much so as not arouse a trade off in retaliation. I always tell people one can't give 100% to your spouse in the end what have you? It is better to equate it with 90:10 arrangment. Because no two humans will share the same interests all the times, sometimes one needs to be alone somewhere to relax without any interference from anybody. I have my notebook to write my thoughts here and or write some fantasies which normally I won't go for it. Now I have blogs to write different things. My mind is active and creative. I can play it with my head and nobody can tell me otherwise. I have my freedom to surf whereever I feel like it.....Ah....handphone still in storage....hehehehe

Thursday, March 22, 2007

handphone in storage

Sometimes I think about friends. Yet I dont keep in touch with them. Even those classmates of mine all have gone nobody knows where. Funny when I left school the friends just all disappeared. It has been ages now I haven't seen any one of them. Or I meet them in town or malls or movies or in nightclubs or discos or whatever entertainment outlets....Every one makes his/her own foot steps in life. Now about working colleagues nobody calls too. Out of the company one is practically on one's own way. Maybe my good deeds will be remembered or perhaps spoken in the silent corridors. My own handphone is kept in the storage. I feel I dont need it right now. Perhaps I buy a new one.....or waiting for the new services to roll out. So I guess I am happy 'talking' in the net and surfing it. I think I can sit for hours writing about it. Most of the time I spend on writing poems..In the corridor of power now I can only command myself. I have nobody to give orders.....It is good I tasted it and I know how to get away with it. Life is the juicest cup of wine...............Dont lose it!!


Yesterday I received a letter about my new property in Bandar Seri Botani. In it I was told to pay for my last instalment of the house. CF approved. When I do pay my last payment, I can collect my house keys to check for any defects in the house. Most likely I will pay by next week and get over with it quickly. Later I have work to do on the new house. My current new house is 99% furnished. I need to scout for my table lamps for the current new house. When this is done, my job is done for this new house. After which I have to concentrate on the house in Botani. As usual sweeping the floor, clean and mop the floor, wipe windows and do some vacuuming too. Now lately I am out of the net. During the afternoon I am watching movies in Astro. My net surfing will be in the morning in the old house. If I dont finish what I am doing, then I have to finish it next morning. Cheers!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

town council pay for peanut services

I dont know what my area town council is doing. First a big dustbin was changed to a small one. Daily rubbish collection was changed into a weekly affair. By then the rubbish is piled up and the scavenging dogs do a good job out of it. In my new area it was alternate day for rubbish collection now it had changed to every Tuesday and Thursday. Just imagine after Thursday to Monday there shall be no rubbish disposal in my area. I know the town council may have two rubbish lorries to collect the rubbish in the many housing estates in its jurisdiction. What I had observed there wasnt any good planning involved. The town council officers have the maps and the locations and they come out with a stupid reminds me of the power of the little napoleons in the government machineries either in the state or federal....and we have to pay them yet we get our lousy services from these officers. I always maintain that in every structure of organization do not employ or staff only of one race. It should be a mixture of the many races in the country. Look at our government. It is managed solely 99% of one race....and so I rest my case for another time when I feel annoy with the way things are done. Mind you I had managed one race in my career across the country doing the course of roving employment. I found that those who had mixed with other races during their development years they could be the better workers in any organization be it private or public. I always remembered one of my former colleagues who is a Malay who could speak perfect Tamil. One day we drove to a rubber estate and sort of got lost in our way. We stopped the car and asked a group of Indian guys about how to reach our destination. My Malay friend talked to them in Malay at first. But the Indian guys talked to themselves in Tamil. So he didnt want to miss that he engaged with them in Tamil. I could see how surprise the Indian guys were. They smile - a wide grin and friendly eyes - happy that A Malay guy could speak Tamil. My friend spoke and acted like them. At that time I didnt know he could speak Tamil. I too was surprise as the Indian guys. When I asked him. He explained he stayed in the Indian community long time ago when his old man was working in the estate. My contention that every structure of department should have a mixture of our races and dont staff only with one particular race.....this will be the downfall to the country one of those days...Ah a new university is gearing up in my place. This quiet town will become a populace of learning adults. Maybe I should go back to study since I have nothing to do right now. With over 10,000 students and lecturers and families I can imagine tonnes of rubbish...and maybe I dont see the disposal trucks coming alternate days. Once a week??? Oh currently we park for free for the last 10 days or so. I dont know the reason. Suddenly all the parking tickets were withdrawn without reason. So far I haven't found anything to say except parking for free until further notice....

Sunday, March 18, 2007

at the top you are alone

When you reach to the top of the organization, you will feel lonely up there. Sure you get big fat pay every month and sometimes fat bonuses too. You will lose practically many of your friends or colleagues whom you worked together. Because now you have to fight for the company not your family or your friends or colleagues. You have become a different party animal. When you leave the organization, only few people will remember. As years toll the time, you will be practically forgotten. Not many of us are like Muhammad or Jesus or Buddha or Winston Churchill or Adolf Hitler...they had gone but their names we can recall...Now in most organizations, the employees will brand you THE BOSS Some people like to be known as such. It gives them the power over other people. It gives them the pride - a feeling that they have the power to fire and hire. During my tenure then I had tried to avoid them calling me that. In all my years of running a company, I couldnt get through them. I like my name but not the branding which I didnt like at all. I had told them in all meetings yet I didnt get it through. Mind you I spoke in Malay in all my meetings then but my 99% employees still called me "The Boss" Anyway I had my time staying at the top. Then I gave it up and went on m y own ways. After so many years down the road, I am still surfing the net. I dont have to worry about marketing, budgets, administration and management, hiring and firing employees, interaction amongst staff and suppliers or worrying about finance or trying to solve problems for the other managers reporting to me. Nay...I gave it up to flow with my time.........

Friday, March 16, 2007

why report on SPM & STPM?


The newspapers year in year out will publish the score of As in SPM and STPM. Do the newspapers want to sell more papers as a business? In my view these newspapers should stop highlighting about the rote high achievers. It brings a wrong message to the school students. Maybe it is a reality programme.No?? The cake will be the government scholarship to study overseas......It is an other waste of public funds from the taxpayers. Basically the people who decide will not feel the pinch of the money because it doesnt belong to them. So the traffic congestion will clog the committee and they will come out with so many lame excuses...imagine qualified people who decide on racial line which tells how wrong our country's administration is and yet BN government turns a blind eye with another mind boggling excuses. In my time there wasnt any report in the newspapers for those high achievers in school. In fact to score an A was so damn difficult then. Not at the present lot. It seems so easy to score As. I read a report about a father and son scored 24 As in SPM but the Education Ministry said it was a fake result..Perhaps this father and son wanted to tell something to the newspapers....stop reporting it. I only agree to read about those graduated with honours in the universities. The contry now has 20 public universities besides the college universities. So I should think all the scholarship holders should study within the country...

Thursday, March 15, 2007

maids in demand

The market forces decide how much a maid will cost. Nobody will expect the MoU signed by Indonesia and Malaysia will work. This is the political game. In the end Indonesia never enforces the agreement. Now we are back to square one. Our government now says that other countries are paying higher rates so Indonesia can't reduce the rate. Likewise when our government allowed toll rates they dont take the sentiments of the rakyat at all. Only when we protested and put up banners or what not then the government decided to change or review it again. The BN government has lost its creditability and its directions. Time for the government to reflect and search for the truth. The delivery system is still never improved. There will be more excuses in the coming months. Now the homeowners have to dish out more money for hiring maids. I should say our people should hire our own people with higher pay and benefits. The homeowner shouldnt treat domestic helpers as slaves. I have seen owners of maids behave differently towards their maids. They believe they have power over the domestic helpers. Come on people they are humans too. So we have seen why maids poisoned their employers or stole items and ran away........

modern slavery

Here in our own backyard we have the modern slavery. A group of youth were kept in apartments in locked and keys. They were allowed to go out to beg in the streets with watchful supervision. I just can't understand. While these youths went about asking for donations/alms, they could tell the people they approached for help. Maybe one person might not believe the tale but if repeated to many people someone might call the police. Now as reported Police managed to catch the culprits when somebody tipped off the Police. Lately our Police force can respond immediately to crimes of any kind. And the result will come quite fast which I believe the Police has gained the confidence of the people now. Though I still believe there are rooms to improve for the force. In my neighbourhood I have seen the Police rounding the area. There are two Police personnel and families staying in the housing estate. This is to give the confidence to the neighbours and tell the crime makers to behave or change..

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

epf has no business in bank(s)

EPF has no business to invest in bank(s) The Management Committee entrusted to protect the employees' pension fund should have learned the mistakes made long ago. MBSB, Bank Islam and other these same people will go to save cronies so that the economy pie will be maintained. Now EPF bought RHB for $2.2 billion of the workers' pension fund. RHB has mounting debts. I dont know how EPF evaluate its buy decision. All I know RHB was controlled by the chief minister of Sarawak's family. When business is profitable, nobody wanted to sell his/her stake. No Jose!! Do the 10 million workers agree? We are losing our pension fund..our interest rate is nothing to shout about

Monday, March 12, 2007

where will we be?

The laws should protect the whistle-blowers. How can a person wants to tell the authority when his/her cover is known? The authority always say you are protected but recent reports had shown humans couldn't keep secrets. Money is the culprit. When the facts are real or believe to be real supported by factual documents, somebody would want to make a quick gain. In this case it lies with the authority personnel involved. The whistle-blowers shouldnt be the ones who get nailed for something they wanted to make right. This is not an easy way to handle. When we want to make a clean sweep in all levels of society, the laws must be clear on protecting the whistle-blowers.It isnt easy to bring a powerful well oiled well connected person(s) to jail. The recent cases spoke loudly how the investigations could go. We are still in the 3rd world mentality. Look at Japan, Taiwan and Korea. I dont see these things happening here. The PM should act on it. Remove them or suspend them until further notice. This will help him bring back his creditabilty. Right now he is losing his grip of power. I dont know whether he knows it or he is still in his dream land. Majority is getting fed up with his words with no action; sometimes he contradicts himself. Where will we be?

Saturday, March 10, 2007

affairs of passing away

Today there is a funeral procession in my old place. I go now for my internet browsing. I have my other things here - books and clothes. I am not moving everything to my new house. This is still a home to me. My new house has no telephone line yet. Two rows from me has telephone lines. Now the telekom people were surprise. So Telekom will send technician to check on it. Base on reports I read in the newspapers I dont expect it so soon. My area has no telephone pole. The contractor did it up to Jalan 6 so Jalan 5 and Jalan 4 were left as it is for the last 8 months...Nowadays people create beautiful titles for what they do. You have heard of wedding planner, cars doctor, mirror doctor and now I give you heavens planner( those who work for people passing away for a fee) So when someone dies, these heavens planners will come to ease the burden of getting the whole affairs into order. The deceased children and relatives can spend time praying and thinking about the good times spent with the deceased. On the same day too there is a wedding reception at my place. So one goes to heavens one is just beginning to form paradise. The two shall never meet; if they do, I believe the world will come to an end.Now it is better to enjoy and do whatever I wanted to go..

Friday, March 09, 2007

we live in a circus

The forbidden fruit can't be controlled. Look at this so called modern ages, mind you the 21st century, we still have those 3rd class mentality in our administration. Our lives are controlled somewhat by the government. Every line or every thought can't flow easily without some sort of self censorship. Again mind you not every one of us is well versed in laws of the country. To me there shouldnt be any case for those who write their personal thoughts in the blogs. It is just like a personal diary. In the web-blogs it publishes for all who drop by to read and comment yet it is still a personal blog. Of course I know some will write heated messages trying to bring unfounded facts on certain people. But the line is why it happens to these people? If there is nothing to hide, one should refute it. If one feels it is unfounded truth, one should ignore it. Why bring a case just because somebody writes in the blog? Personal reputation slurs....we arent gods at all...Are we so sinless that nobody can touch us? Even God/Allah has his/her problems too. God knows so He sends his messengers to tell us if we go on the religion thinking....we rebel we ignore we forget yet God grants His graces to all....So now the teenagers and young adults will engage in sex not matter how much barriers are put in place to pull them in. It won't work. It is better to start the sex education programmes the sooner the better. The government is dragging its feet. What to study? Just tell the students about sex, what need to be done, why sex, what are the consequences of sex, why take precautions, why there are diseases in changing partners, about contraceptives, different methods of birth control, what religions hold in sex, what religion says about sex before marriage, about sex, responsibility in relationship/sex The forbidden fruit will be tested and experimented through the ages of time. laws can stop its flow. People will go for it when there is a place and time. Our government has no balls in this sex business. Even words involving sex can't be spoken in TV shows though the show is rated 18...I think the Censorship Board shouldn't have the narrow minded people in it. It should comprise people of all ages and gender. In this way there can be fairness to the people. Currently these old narrow minded people decide for the majority of people what to see, what to listen, what to I guess all of us are really in a circus...During the early 70s the cinemas could show some uncensored movies (not those X-rated movies) a tone down version of soft porn of some foreign movies screened to the public. Now Singapore is doing it. The government there sees the merits of it. It is an entertainment and also an information to pass for those in relationship or bonded relationship or going into relationship. Teaching is still the best way to control certain unwanted issues crop in our ways of seeking pleasures for a need or desire........

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

sex survey

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Sex survey by UKM which the Selangor MB couldn't accept the findings. He should get real about the affairs of the university students. He shouldn't try to hide it under the carpet and pretend everything is cool. Currently we have 20 public universities and I am sure many will get involved in sex and foreplay. Nobody can turn a blind eye...this is reality. I had lived and bred in the Klang Valley. I knew about the sex romps of those highly charged hormones people. Sex is the closure for those who wanted to seal a relationship. Words of guys to get the women And the women always fall for it. Promises and promises then finally disappear. Even in Ipoh city I had read about secondary students engaged in what's new about uni students? Some did it on part time basis by taking them to disco or nightclub the rest was free..The MB should go and peep in Botanic Gardens..perhaps then he could understand

Malaysia give sex education without censorship

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

allegations denied but do we believe?

The embattled deputy minister denied the corruption allegations. Though he held a press conference to hit back at the bloggers and blamed the police for the shoddy work and giving his excuses that he has to view so many reports and the police doesnt give him sufficient time to study all the reports send to him. The question is "Does his hands clean?" This is another BN wayang kulit playing in the press. The coalition partners in the Cabinet should ask the PM to tell his deputy minister to go on leave until the police investigation is completed. There must be no shadow playing in the investigation. I dont think I like the way Nazri told the press or telling the NGOs stupid. He is there because the voters put him there. The deputy minister can prove his innocence by stepping aside for the investigation. He doesnt have to wait to be proven guilty on the allegations. Of course it is a serious matter which needed careful evaluation on the allegations. Be a gentleman and take a long vacation. The country has another high profile case involving the ACA director general. Though it is still an allegation, one shouldnt discount the complaint made by a former ACA director of Sabah. It isnt from an outsider. It is from a former recently retired ACA director which I think it merits a thorough investigation too. I hope the PM will instruct the ACA director general to go on leave to pave for a smooth investigation of the allegation. In a company the involved staff will be asked to go on leave so that the investigators can have a free hand to find out the truth or untruth of the allegations...but in BN government I dont see it happening...

Monday, March 05, 2007

the bad guys

What is it with bad guys that women fell for it? Maybe it is the fearlessness of these guys that attracted the women. Gangsters, hooligans, Casanovas, married men, conmen, thieves and robbers....and women always fall for them. The good guys always get the crumps of the beautiful women. In my city life then I had an old friend who had many girlfriends. I asked him how he did it. He said I won't understand. Though I tried to find out from him then, he refused to tell me. So I concluded he used black magic. Because he was an old man and he wasnt handsome or good looking or a rich man but he seemed to attract pretty women..This was something I wanted to find. But I wasnt in the loop. So as years passed on I didnt know why women go for the bad guys. Even today as I watch guys with group of beautiful women I should say I envy them. Money the trick? I guess it can be the desirable chase something women crave for it which the good guys controll it. The bad guys go to the unknowns whereas the good guys always calculate and think through before the plans are executed. Maybe women want spontaneous chase without any fixed line to control. Just flow like the wind.

Like the wind the women want
Do it dont think twice
Feel the glow in the eyes
Bad guys live for the time
Ah the sweetness!
The women cry
Living in the edge of life
Feeling the pulse
Glorify in the mind
The bad guys
The chase of their lives
Every minute a bliss
Until it is taken away
The women come
Embrace it whole
Don't listen to advice
The good guys lose
In the fast changing time!
So I guess I won't understand the way the women seek. This is to me the fun part. Every change there must be a reason. Every way there is bound to see the light. It is in between which the bad guys know how to exploit - the women craze of the unknown lines....something forbidden yet it is glowing in the eyes...Ah women!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

klang woes - why i never stay in my hometown

klang river at night

New office complex a traffic disaster for Klang
Z IbrahimMar 2, 07 4:40pm

The Federal Highway, first envisioned in 1965 following the separation of Singapore from Malaysia, became the main artery to serve the entire Klang Valley conurbation when Malaysia decided to make Port Klang its premier port then. Opened in 1967, the highway itself has undergone multiple metamorphoses to cater for the ever increasing population and industries on either side of the highway. There was a period in the 80s when traffic jams to KL used to start at the Berkeley Gardens in Klang and a significant portion of Klang residents who worked in KL had to be on the road by 5am. The original four-lane highway soon outlived its purpose despite the building of multiple interchanges in Petaling Jaya. In 1992, Plus Expressway Berhad upgraded the entire highway to a six-lane highway with toll plazas at Batu Tiga and Sungai Rasa. The highway handles such great volumes of traffic at any time of the day that jams can be quite difficult to predict as even minor mishaps have known to cause traffic to back up on either side of the highway for miles. To overcome these jams, new expressways were built to not only relieve the burden on the Federal Highway but to ensure that cargo meant for the ports reached them on time. The New Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE) stretching from Bukit Raja near Klang town to Jalan Duta in Kuala Lumpur was completed and opened to traffic in 1990. The NKVE was further complemented when the 17.5km Shapadu Highway or the North Klang Straits Bypass Highway (NNKSB) linking North Port to Bukit Raja was opened. The Shah Alam Expressway (Kesas) connects West Port to Sri Petaling and construction began in 1995 and Phase 1 (Seafield-Sri Petaling) was completed in 1997 and Phase 2 (Seafield-Pandamaran) in 1998. Incredibly enough, the NKVE and Kesas highways have no direct interchanges to the Federal Highway and despite the addition of the New Pantai Expressway, residents in Klang - especially South Klang - cannot avoid the Federal Highway to reach their homes after work and this has now become an unbelievable daily nightmare. At 5pm, after you pass the UITM campus, the dreadful jams begin at the Sungai Rasa Toll complex. The six-lane highway narrows down to the original four-lane Federal Highway of yesteryears at Taman Berkeley in Klang. The traffic from the upgraded Jambatan Kota can back-up for five kilometers or more as traffic crawls at this point. You would have thought common sense would prevail and either this stretch would have been upgraded or development on either side curtailed till the highway can cope with traffic - but this is Klang where as the Zakaria Mat Deros affair has shown, anything goes. The Berkeley section of the ‘highway’ is now choked with not only incoming traffic from KL but also from the hundreds of motorists and customers who attend functions and gatherings at the Hokkien Association Building and two Chinese seafood restaurants on either side of the highway which have been miraculously given licences to operate. In addition, three completed condominium complexes - the Regency, Dynasty and Pelangi condominiums - all exit at this section and worse still the ‘highway’ now has to contend with the new but still not completely open giant Centro office complex. On top of this, shophouses and residential homes are being built at the old Chinese Maternity Hospital site over and above the already existing government clinic complex - all still within this stretch. If you think this is incompetent town planning there is, unfortunately, more. As you crawl past the upgraded Jambatan Kota and pass the Majlis Perbandaran Klang (MPK) building on your right and the Land Office Complex on your left, the ‘highway’ suddenly takes an acute turn. On your left, the area at this turn (what used to be Bukit Kota) has now been slashed to make way for Klang’s newest office complex – Prima Klang Avenue. This complex spanning more then four acres and ‘perched on the highest point of Klang’ with ‘four-storeys of shops and six-storeys of offices’ apparently offers ‘an exciting mix of shops comprising food and beverage stores, entertainment outlets, fitness centres, banks and an entire level dedicated to automotive showrooms. Wide frontage and spacious corridors create a pleasant environment for leisure and relaxation. All these come together to make Prima Klang Avenue an innovative one-stop hub, complemented by a scenic landscape with relaxing and majestic water features’ …or so says the developer in his brochures. The complex of course offers ‘easy access via Jalan Jambatan Kota and Jalan Kota, the centre of the business areas, putting it nearby the Klang Municipal Council, Klang District Office, banking institutions and Puas, as well as a walk away from the upcoming new government administration offices’. No doubt this will add up ‘to a steady traffic flow of some 400,000 people a day in this vibrant business area’! Scheduled for completion in mid-2008, Prima Klang Avenue promises to be the pulse of the heart of Klang town. Does the MPK know the consequences and ramifications of 400,000 people ending up at this critical part of the highway hardly a kilometer after Jambatan Kota and 300 meters before the Port Klang/Banting interchange? You don’t have to be an Einstein to realise that traffic will virtually stall for motorists who slow down to gain entry into this new complex. Worse still, the sharp curve is currently already a frequent site for traffic mishaps, what more at a sharp bend with traffic flowing in and out. Even if the developer had been overly optimistic and only 100,000 people converge at the complex and assuming that only 5 percent come in cars, that is 5,000 cars for the allocated 800 car parking lots the developer has reserved. The spillover to the highway will paralyse the KL-Klang Highway. This would mean that traffic which already now backs up to the Sungai Rasa toll gate will now be backing up to UITM. This would also mean that Klangites will either have to spend an additional hour or more on the road trying to get home or leave office two hours later just so this complex can be built at this spot where traffic is narrowed down. You might just as well close the bridge down! Approving and building such a huge complex at this juncture of the highway is akin to building a pesticide factory next to the Klang Gates Dam! Whose idea is this and how is Klang going to face the resultant traffic nightmare? Or is there a proposed massive tolled ring road complex to take traffic away from this area? This cannot be possible as there are no roadworks taking place anywhere nearby and if there were plans indeed for such a traffic dispersal scheme, this complex would already be open next year. It appears that we have learned nothing from the Zakaria Mat Deros incident. How ironical. Selangor’s eighth menteri besar, the late Harun Idris once lived in the bungalow right on top of this ‘highest point of Klang’ as the district officer of Klang. He was later found to be technically corrupt and jailed for misappropriation of funds, the amount of which is going to be minuscule in comparison to the losses this country is going to face once this project is ready by this chopped-up hill. Our civil servants possibly know that this project is going to cost the economy that goes through Port Klang billions, not to mention the hardship it is going to cost the people who stay in Klang and commute to KL/Shah Alam daily. These civil servants do not have the administrative will nor courage to stand up to their political masters. But residents of Klang who pass by this project daily are resigned to the fact that no one in the end will be accountable for the ensuing traffic disaster and as always, the average man on the street will end up paying the price.
Kris Monument

P/s One of those reasons why I left Klang,my hometown of many years. I was born and schooled in this royal town of Selangor. During my younger years then it was green with trees and traffic was a smooth flow. Oh yes I missed those days of my youth. Even my own hideout had disappeared. This was the place I used to catch my fighting fishes and ikan haluan; now it has become a massive housing schemes of Bukit Tinggi and Bandar Botani. I lost my footprints. I of course occasionally passed through my home town to visit my mother and other relatives. Yet I dont hardly know Klang anymore. I always move along the roads I had remembered and those new roads and housing estates I have become an 'outsider' visiting Klang. In those years Klang river had many fishes. When I cycled to school from Pandamaran to Meru I used to stop over at the bridge and witnessed these colorful fishes swimming in the Klang river. Before Pandamaran I was in Klang. Then development came the whole villagers had to move away. This was how I was transported to Pandamaran. Now Pandamaran is congested with shop houses, dwelling homes and heavy traffic. It is not very far to Port Klang and Klang. Now it is easy access to Kesas Highway. It takes about 10-15 minutes to reach Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam. Maybe about 25-35 minutes to reach KL.....The government servants and state government just never understand the problems they make. They dont check first or study the whole areas before approving projects. So Klang residents should send a strong signal in the next election. Kick out the corrupted or weak leaders...

Saturday, March 03, 2007

i am stupid to vote BN!

NGOs stupid lamented one stupid minister! When I was in school my teacher said that if you called another person stupid, you were stupid too. There is no two way about it. Our Pak Dalang never walks the talk. It is just a typical politician. I dont see the like of Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye who is one former politician who went the extra mile for the people. He was the former deputy secretary general of DAP and yet every election he won. In fact people said he didnt have to campaign in every election. He could sit at home and still win the election. This type of politician the country needs but where are these people willing to serve the people and the country? What we have in BN are those politicians and cronies who will milk the country at every opportunity. Do we hear what the other ministers are doing? We have one who always talk nonsense calling people stupid here and there and one minister who called others "go to hell!" Conceptualize it in other countries, these ministers have to resign. But not here in Malaysia.....until they are kicked out by the voters otherwise the people who vote them...."magically stupid!" Now we have the ACA DG on his tainted news. It is so simple to answer it. Yet he keeps silence about the allegations by his former Sabah ACA director. I hold the view that nobody wants to bring a person down unless that person has done something wrong. And I believe the person who made the allegations must have enough evidence to pursue his case. IGP has lost his credibility...I think he shouldn't be promoted in the first place (if I think about his handling of Anwar Ibrahim's case 8 years ago) But then of cronyism and you scratch me I scratch you, people get promoted to the highest level which never translates that the people and nation will benefit at all. And then we have the Federal Constitution guarantees "freedom of relgion and worship" yet I found that JAIS rounded up the former Al Arqam members believing that they spread the wrong tenets of Islam. I am no expert on Islam but in my mind nobody is. Religion is something to each individual; it can't be imposed to the masses. Look into Saudi Arabia with Iran and Iraq where each of the countries followed a different path....Torah, Bible, Quran, Buddha, Lord Krishna.....and many more...what are they trying to tell us? Read the 'Footprints of the gods' These gods told the same story of what we have it now. And I voted for BN believing something great could happen. Boy...was I wrong!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

months pass so quickly

Imagine 60 days had gone! I didnt do anything great or something worth my living. I sit on my net and browse the life out of me. Cool isnt it? Maybe I am one of those people who have nothing important to do. I had my share a few years ago. I left all behind and lived an easy life. I wish I can travel here and there but then I am not a travelling bug. I prefer honestly to stay at home, read books, view DVDs of pumping up my life and let me dream while I go to sleep or let me float in the world of make believe...In this type of dream sometimes reality can come in. As they use to say "Try it before you call it a day!" Now I am into the first quarter of the year and I dont have much to do at home. Daily routines - water the garden, watch Astro and DVDs, browsing the net or shopping or read newspapers. The last few days the net service was very poor. Even today I have to wait for over 1hour to access the internet. Sometimes I couldnt access it. Streamyx...the delivery system is still damn poor. Paying money for performing services and what will our government do? Nay...the leaders tell you the economic figures but the basic services for the people are down the drain. If USA can change its leaders and party, why can't we bold enough to change it? Are we so afraid of the unknown? Take a leaf from Taiwan or Japan...Then we can learn what are the wrongs done to the country. Currently it is always convenient to label as OSA (courtesy of Dr M era who now lives to regret it going by his speeches and his 'attacks' on the present government) Still I am lucky to browse the internet..