Tuesday, November 30, 2010

what gone wrong? 224

borrowed malaysiakini
The young teenager shot dead
On the crimes police said
What else did the police hide?
A young boy the police should have saved

Did he beg for mercy?
Did he surrender with open arms?
Did he shout he is unarmed?
The police only fire

The police claimed
They came rushing with offensive objects
So they had to shoot to defend
By taking lives!

They can shoot on their legs
They can shoot on their chests
They can fire warning shots
The criminals would not dare to advance

The robbers had no guns
The police team got many
So who have the advantage here?
The police just shoot solved the case

They were many died
Under many severe circumstances
It can happen to anybody here
When police take laws into its own hands

No doubt robberies are crimes
Possessing offensive weapons too
Yet a police officer should save lives
Shoot to kill should be the last resort

don't be greedy!


The Third Force
Rearing to split the road
What agenda there is?
Talking of change or just a ruse?

When we haven't got the 2nd going
Some agents of change moot an alternative
In this way they believe they can send their candidates
Pitying these agents of change running into a trap

For high ideals they willing to forge ahead
With any one or party willing to subscribe their ideals
What can you do within a small group?
Change for whom you want to initiate?

Now the black knight willing to welcome them
The agent of change name the 3rd force
Barking at the wrong tree thinking it is right
We aren't yesterday's fools guys!

We don't need a 3rd force for change
Change within knowing the lopsided policies
The double standards, greed and corruption
What is the difference you could bring?

You forget unity is strength
Split the platform danger for the fight
With cohesiveness fails the battle is lost
Yet we haven't got the 2nd force going

And we want a 3rd force to change?
It will be a battle lost before it even get started
It only benefits the ruling elites
You are running on the wrong track

the shadow knights

The shadow knights
On the global economy
Hitting the economic trails
In silence with good intentions

So the World seems to say
Letting off guards thinking it is safe
The global economy runs
The shadow knights hold the game plan

The powerful influences
In the economy of political considerations
The money power they accumulate
Smaller countries will toe the line

The powerful nations once they were
They don't have the economic clout to shift the change
The shadow knights hold their balls tight
They know they have the money might

The shadow knights move along
On the corridors of the global economy
The signs are merging together
Until there is false hope in the Vatican

The icon of the religious faith
Lucifer will take the World
With forces marching to do his plan
Then the darkness will fall....

Monday, November 29, 2010

i see the change 2 86


I see the change
The light rises in the sky
The blooming sun penetrating rays
You know the drill hot on the skin

The political speeches
Tainted with hidden flow
It doesn't want to disclose
Where the road will go

The blue waves rushing
Rolling hard hitting the shores
Preparations with one way street
The clog traffic fingers pointing

The ripples on the calm hungry sea
The rowing can be easily navigated
So it is said yet the under current flow
Don't let deception fools the winners

The man dreams of space
Dreaming decades wanting it glow
Blasting it off with a clear minded vision
With the circle of fire divisions entanglements

The green moon shines
Brewing the religious fervor
Branding its way mixing with politics
Speeches tainted with religion

In a box full of different colors
The green moon forgets its roles
The communities of different faiths and belief
One track journey can't fulfill a dream

The mold has to carve
Serve the needs of the people
The different colors and belief
Only then change will come

I see the change
The parties must stay relevant
Know the weaknesses
Learn to accept different views

i see the change 85

I see the change
The dreams will come alive
In the affairs of the country
No doubt some will cry

One leader wants to put his mark
Picking his boys to run the party
When he is gone old age has taken its toll
Yet he doesn't want to lose it all

Allegiance signed
He still wants to call
Though legally he has no authority
To meddle in party administration

One leader always looking back
The shadows he makes for himself
On affairs he has done............
Public knowledge well documented

One leader hanging over
The shadow of a death
Friends got free lackeys got hanged
For the truth paid by wealth

One leader pursuing a horse dead party
Running cold and old in the desert
Body weak legs infirm struggling to stay afloat
The well of water seems so far away

One leader of a mosquito party
Buzzing loud and irritating
Yet nobody cares what he does
The party leaders just take the crumbs

I see the change
The command of change will arrive
Be it the mopping up of the dirty skeletons
When the bell rings the toll shall be increased

living free or darkness

Lessons learned
Though slow in response
By right PKR should charge ahead
Halt the branches elections

I concede
First time doing a job
I don't expect a clean flow
There will be hiccups

Some may feel slighted
Shouting at the tortoise paces
The complaints keep piling up
True or imagine a reply must be forthcoming

Ameeno starts laughing
Thinking PKR can be whacked easily
Greedy leaders in Ameeno
They forget it is the voters who decide

The lap dogs will bark
They are ordered to do so
Spinning half truths thinking we are fools
We aren't yesterday's tools

Change of command
Malaysia needs quickly
For the future and the world
We can't be thinking of one race policy

PKR must move on
Direct elections done
Find ways to pluck the loopholes
The leaders shouldn't evade issues

Anwar is still the best bet for change
For GE13 the voters should decide
Living free or living in darkness
With freedom suppressed branding the unkind cut?

one has to change 223


Order of things can be changed
Remember the rules aren't fixed for life
Ambitions can be bought, exchanged and routed
Labeling them as the years drag on

Sell ideas with honesty
Exchanges with experiences and learning
Leaving nothing to chances
Living with the positive cycles

Beware of running dogs
Obedience they expect to flow
Nationalism is for them
Enthusiasm for the gravy train

Living in greed and corruption
Intelligence betrays the souls
Exchanges carrying out with deceptions
Selling souls they want to live in luxuries

Deceptions bring chaos
Extreme measures to bring fear
Acceptance of fate the road of decay
Deliverance one has to change

every one should share 84


God's gifts
Every one should share
Into this world we live
No race should stand alone

No race is better than the other
White, yellow or black sometimes albino
All of us have roles to play
On the World we share and live

The shattering dreams
When one race tries to exert itself
Believing they are the stronger race
Overpowering the others............

If only one learns from history
The story will tell a different story
God will banish the overpowering race
Teach them lessons they never forget

Yet we find history seems forgotten
We read and learn the overpowering race
They come again forgetting history
Branding their games sharing with no one else

God's gifts
Every one should share
For the good of the World
And the people living in it

Sunday, November 28, 2010

tropical forests 83


Tropical forests
Will it stay through eternity?

Will we have a shade over our heads?
When the bulldozers marching in?

Will developments destroy natural protection?
In the name of progress feeding the population?

When you close your eyes to dream
Will there be shades covering your face?

Tropical forests
The natural camouflage of glory

We mustn't destroy our gifts
The way to keep the Eco-balance

When we dreams
Let there be shades on our faces

Tropical forests
We mustn't let it go away

the rain playing games 222


The rain playing games
The cloudy sky in the early morning light
Darkened it then slowly turning bright
I looked at the sky “raining or go away”

The sun came with windy breezes
The cooling effect with the cloudy sky
It crossed there for a few hours
Then the drizzle came

Instead of cooling now
It became warm and humid
For the ground got heated up
With the drizzling rain

In the evening the cloudy dark sky
I thought this time it would rain
Yet again I was fooled...it just cried crocodile tears
Nothing really to cool the night

Saturday, November 27, 2010

the old 82

Things Change
The old the old!
You think they can change?
They are so entrenched
With the rules they know

They can issue changes
Telling you they want to change
You know the drill of politicians
They make you dream for a while

When you aren't aware
They hit the head hard
You never know where it comes
You just fall breaking dreams

You only hear
“The old the old!”
You realize they can't change
New rules replacing the old

change of command 81

Change of command
The silent walls put up
Fighting the ills of the ruling
It only benefiting the cronies

We listen to the familiar drum beats
We read about it all the times
The running dogs bark through out
Telling the whole country how good it is

We put them there
They bite the hands we feed
Until they feel so greedy
Corruption the way it is

One agency holding talks
The surface to show how good it is
The many reports on the ruling elites
This agency never dares to hit the road

Change the command
Don't let it put us down
We must have our rights
We must be the master of our game

Change of command
We must do for our own good
Don't be yesterday's fools
Hit the road change the rules

don't let AIDS take over the world 222

Don't let AIDS take over the world
World we live to share, love, commerce
Commerce of passion of religious fervor
Fervor for a world of honor and honesty

Yet we find ourselves running blocks
Along the journey we forget our roots
We lose sight of our bearings.........
We never reach our true potential

Many incurable diseases appear
Stalking the living taking away lives
Young or old it doesn't matter
The world waiting to take over

Don't let AIDS take over the world
The object of multiplying a curse to ourselves
The religious bodies seem to strongly object
The condoms in preventing pregnancy

The devil knows the loophole
Now the world know AIDS
Once you get it there is no cure
The wastage of life surely gone

So learn to prevent it
Don't listen to the religious doctrine
They forget the scripture “Love your neighbours”
Use condoms to stop the spread of AIDS

aids will not go away 80

Don't we get it?
AIDS will not go away
It has come to stay
In our lives

Prevention better than cure
Cure it will take a long track
Track of finding medicines
Medicines will stop temporarily

Don't we get it?
AIDS will not go away
Multiple partners know the rules
Be kind to your soul

Malaysia has around 87,000

The multiple partners cheating husbands
Don't they know?
AIDS will not go away

The sorrow in the eyes
Eyes of hope gone the reasons they forget
Forget to prevent using condoms
Condoms to prevent spreading of AIDS

So eager drawing into the hollow
One moment of ecstasy a life suffering journey
When you have multiple partners know the rules
Wives know where your husbands go

Don't we get it?
AIDS will not go away
Be kind to your soul
Prevention better than cure

note malays 63,000 chinese 13,000 indians and others 11,000

Friday, November 26, 2010

you want to be free 79

Calm Sea
You want to be free
Yes you can if you work on it
Alone you can't make it through
You will be only the lonely voice

Unity is strength to make a stand
On a freedom every one desires
The cherished dream always in the mind
Only the greedy crazy ones will stop it

You want to be free
Don't go away hiding in some place
You can lend a hand in whatever way you can
When enough stomping in the minds change will come

Freedom isn't a free commodity
Sacrifices for the future needs
You want to be free
Stay on course join forces

Sing the similar tune
With a focus mind and attitude
You want to be free
You will get it when you don't run away

when the time comes 78


Don't stay your welcome
When it is time to go
Don't cry crocodile tears
Let it go and walk away

You have done your way
The way you want it to be
In the years let history say
The decisions made and the songs sung

Yet some don't know how to go
Some minds get warped in retrospection
Thinking they have rights to be there
They forget each one of us has a role to play

So don't stay your welcome
You know it when the time arrives
Don't cry crocodile tears
Let it go and walk away

Thursday, November 25, 2010

before 1Malaysia there was Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu

A leader passed away yesterday
He was the one initiated the modern Penang
Giving jobs in times of economic turbulence
The economy of jobs and businesses

Penang mushroomed with the electronics factories
Employing thousands into the job market
With it he carved Penang into the world market
And so tourism boom flocked to Penang

When Gerakan joined Bee Anne
He thought it was a good move politically
Maybe he believed he could get the funding
To build Penang as he visioned her to be

He didnt forsee the hordes of wealth hungry pushers
They came to milk the Pearl of the Orient..........
With the partnership Gerakan seemed lost its vision
It was Bee Anne calling the way it was

When he lost in 1990 to Kit Siang
He left quietly with his dignity held high
A gentleman doctor until he passed away
He kept away from politics involving in charities

Penang Bridge could be good at his time
He forgot to calculate vehicles would increase
As years drive along the congestion will cause
He forgot to see ahead of the bridge problems

Even Komtar takes a sore thumb
Rising like big hardened phallus in the city sky
Where is the maiden to soothe its desire?
In time it turns into quiet abandonment

Now into PR administration
Komtar could find its heydays again
The city planners should complete the projects
Let it be the legacy of a man

Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu
A gentleman doctor and politician
When he left he didn't say anything about politics
He knew his time had done so he faded into enjoying his life

the voters decide the fate

The government of the day
The people who will decide
When there is an election
Deciding the fate of each party

PKR has its own weaknesses
Out in the open good to know
The experiences of some leaders
There will be some baggage of old

The members have rights
To vote or not up to them
Nobody is telling them
To exercise the democratic principles

PKR has to learn
The first direct members election
Like us first time on the job
We made mistakes didn't we?

Did we get the boot?
We were trained and trained
Until we got it right
The cultures of the company

The only sad journey
They didn't respond positively to complaints
Even if they did they took a long time to say
In this 21st century one can't hide away

PKR mustn't equate to PR
The fight to Putrajaya is shared
The voters will still want change
We shouldn't be fooled again

the prisoners in our minds 77

The prisoners in our minds
We are so contented with what lie ahead
“Nothing happen to me so what I care”
As the country moves forward

This is what the coalition wanted
Let the laziness creep into our minds
There we lie feeling the world in our eyes
“Nothing happen to me so what I care”

It is a creepy life and you know it
Feeding to us the crumbs we think is great
We haven't seen how these elites live
With their wealth of greed

The prisoners in our minds
Now we start to realize
We want to change
We mustn't hold back

This is what the coalition wanted
Let us feel the fear out on the naked roads
With the sun and moon; darkness of crying
Let the laziness creep into our minds

the caging of the mind

The spinning wheel
The major newspapers flow
The editors feel the uneasiness
Cruising into their backs

The major spinning
Tell the good feeling episodes
Let the people read about it
Spin it let them get fulfilled

The government objectives
The leaders don't tell honestly
The 3Ps they share themselves
With cronies and companies

The opponents they want to crush
They go creating imaginary fear
Let the people realize what to expect
Get them into the cages of the minds

The spinning wheel
The cronies newspapers write
The good stuff for all to digest
Leaving the bad for the back-doors

And they spin
It isn't all that bad
You get the good stuff
Embrace it while you can

when babies cry 76

When the babies cry
In the alleys of slums
Only the poor will listen
The hunger they feel

The rich will not walk
The way of the slums
The officers will try to ignore
They don't want to know

When the babies cry
The silence echo igniting the minds
Of the people living in the slums
Where is fairness they scream?

The life we live
The rich, the poor and the pauper
Each will try to live together
Yet the line is so hard to reach

Oh when the babies cry
The echo of the sad tales
There is a reason
To see who will come

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

the dog is free today 221

By ArtSC

The opposite neighbor's dog let free
So happy watching wagging its tail
Sniffing around the ground
Neighbors' homes telling them

“I am free
I am finally let go
Now I can run
Feeling the wind!”

Nobody cares where the dog goes
Wagging tail sniffing along the road
For the first time the dog feels free
No more rope chaining to the gate

The other dog isn't so lucky
The Indian owner ties it to the empty lot
It barks in the morning calling for help
Until the tiredness stops the voice

Dogs should be free
Let the dogs enjoy freedom
“Love thy neighbor” the scripture commands
It applies to humans and animals

the poliitcal power game

The political power game
It enshrines too long in the name
So much so it has become a routine
It's like marijuana floating into the dreams

The name of the game
If you aren't the master
You aren't have a destiny
It's the political injustice

The laws are made
For them to choke the dreams
One wrong step the demons will arrive
Take you into custody branding on your name

The fear they create
Thinking nobody will dare to strike
When injustices become law
The people will fight back

The political injustices
The running dogs never see
They bark at the opponents
Spinning their own tales

The poo on the streets
They run around don't care a bit
Leaving the stench spoiling the appetite
Barking at others forgetting it is them

The political injustices
The power playing games
The virus spreads its web
With power, projects and prosperity

People know the game
In your hands you can change
Don't be yesterday fools
Today make the move

the sins are too many


Change for the sake of it
I am afraid it will not work
For the groundwork stinks
Far into the dark hollow

Inventing rules to keep the game
When the structures are falling away
The greed and corruption hiding in closet
What change when nothing has been done?

Yesterday fools don't repeat again
For today is the changing landscape
Tomorrow the change of guards
For the country and her people

The pot of gold
The eyes glow
What change when it isn't really?
It is still the same old story

The new generation saw it coming
They knew what has happened....
Painting for a new escape
It doesn't work when sins are plenty

Change for the sake of it
I am afraid it will not work
For the sins are too many
Choking the corridors

the village kings 75

By findstuff22

The village kings
The glory they seek
On the soil they know
Smiling ear to ear

The village kings
Out of the comfort zones
Into the world stage
The fall desperately

One by one
They can't hold the stage
The village kings
They can't compete

The hunger for glory
They just give up some where
The village kings
The world stage afraid to rule

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

when justice is lopsided


When justice is lopsided
The battle is already lost
Even on paper it looks a failure
What's more to say?

The selling of souls
The alleged wealth loom
The interested parties will pawn
The souls to the devil

It is sad to read the report
The basic rights all seem lost
The defense must have all the available facts
Reports and documents to fight fairly

So it never happens
The selling of souls roam
Into the hell of fire
For greed will make the fall

The jury must be brought back
Into the trial for a better balance
We can't have a judge tilting his favors
Showing no impartiality to the defense

The new government must see to the change
Bring back the jury for the trial.............
We can't allow a judge to decide one's fate
He will think he is the god whom he isn't

the changing the enterprising mind

The business world
The economy for the hungry wolves
Dare to venture into dark territories
Not without plan and a vision

You have a business plan
The ways you want it to be
The survey you have done
On the type of game to play

The rules and regulations
Borrowed from established enterprises
Else write your own conduct in the venture
As long as it gives you the freedom to change

It is in the written packages
Where the parties must stick to it
The learning curve is the hardest
It takes a lot of time, energy and mind snapping

It isn't a sea of calm water
You must realize the slapping waves
Coming without notice and fame
It hurts you hard on the face

The seed, the hard work and time
The growth, more groundwork need to be done
The flight to the market hard work and mind snapping
For the day will never end without a fight

When unity fail to generate in cohesive patterns
The decline will come so abruptly you hardly aware
The life span of an enterprise is cash flow
Without it the day will string you upside down!

Lay the foundation in its best ground
Before attempting changes on its structures
In any enterprise there must be room for changes
Every one involved should embrace it through

the change in our hands

police aggression on tian chua of pkr 2007
borrowed http://ktemoc.blogspot.com/

Police brutality
Videos and official complaints
Will the public get the know?
The AG will just put in the back-drawers

The police should be impartial
Dealing with the law breakers
There shouldn't be any bias
Showing double standards

The people have seen
The police behave like thugs
When they confront the opposition
And the NGO protests on candle light vigils

Many are charged for illegal assemblies
Some are hit some are manhandled
They forget they are paid by the public
To protect the country and her people

The police bow to ameeno
The alleged gang of thieves camouflaged in sheep clothing
Spreading the alleged evil ways in its web
Until all the agencies are inflicted with its virus

Do the people have a chance?
You can't fight alone you will fail
Together we will bring justice to the fore
With our votes throw out the bad apples

The change in our hands
We have seen; we have read the news
It is now about us initiating the change
The goalkeepers walk out of the game

hey doggy! 74

By unsweetened_tea36

Hey doggy!
What's your day today?
A rope ties to the fence
You can bark

Nobody turns around
You bark a few times
Jumping up to the fence
Hey doggy!

What's your day today?
Under the morning sun
You hit the brick with your paw
Barking at the passersby

The owner doesn't turn around
Hey doggy!
What's your day today?
Under the hot morning sun you bark away

justice must be fair 220

Justice must be fair
Fair to the parties in the suit
Suit the judge must be familiar
Familiar that he should give equal treatment

Justice for the people
People expect it to flow nicely
Nicely for all parties
Parties shouldn't be allowed favoritism

Now of justice
Justice runs unequally
Unequally for a party
Party a judge should correct

Yet we have seen the injustice
Injustice ruled against political opponents
Opponents fighting for justice
Justice runs into deep hole

Monday, November 22, 2010

yesterday fools 73

Yesterday fools
The time just moving on
It doesn't wait
For you and for me

The events will come
Like it or not nobody can stop
If it is written down into the future
It has to come to pass

Yesterday fools
When things didn't go the way
They cried fouls angry with the system
They don't blame themselves

Yesterday fools
We make our mistakes
Learn from it
Start the course make it right

the light on the darkness

Quick gains quick results
The impatient politicians
When events don't follow
They can't take it

They just leave
They give silly excuses
Always blaming the top leadership
What else is new?

Even in those years
Of Semangat 46
The impatient leaders left
Always blaming the top leadership

Now the jinx rears its head
For PKR the ship must sail steady
Members recruited never know their allegiance
In time the problems teething results

Let them go
Clean up the party of self interest groups
Bloated members without interest
You can't get the work done

Now the Ameeno laughing
They are going for the quick job
Let them sing their own songs
You get prepared for GE13

The change must come
The Waterloo for the change
“It is now or never........”
The light on the darkness

a dream takes years to arrive


When the change never comes
The headaches will run the day
So much is expected to change our fortunes
In it the country's health and wealth

We may sing out loud
Crying for a change to make us free
The maturing of a nation and her people
We dare to make the sacrifices

When the change never comes
We may cry some may disappear
The disillusioned crowd
They may go underground

For the believe of a change
The road isn't as rosy as it would be
We are fighting with our votes
The initiation the move of a dream

A nation one people
Hold hands together for the new
On the world stage we shall show
How many races live as one nation

When the change never comes
We mustn't give up just like that
A dream takes years to make it
We should consolidate find new ways

the old well must be gone 72

By mahanoy1

The old well of lies and cheat
The old well of greed and corruption
The old well of the running dogs
The old well no matter what smell no difference

The cosmetic changes on the old
It doesn't make a difference to the new
The old party must be gone
The shell life has ran its course

Even the black knight can drop all candidates
A few good marks don't make the cut........
Just like the many “A” scored
It doesn't mean the road is free

It is the bad omen
Brewing up for decades
The wool in the eyes have fallen
The change must come

Not all majority believe the old
They know the outcome has arrived
Only the corrupted leaders still hope
Counting on the benefits accrued

How great the Roman Empire
Conqueror of the World.......
Yet internal greed and corruption
Religious decay and its implementations

Finally broke the back
Slowly the Roman Empire collapsed
Paving for the new direction
For the world and her people

Here we are seeking the change
The elites can put up roadblocks and water cannon
Using the uniformed agencies doing the bidding
It will fall as surely as prayers have been answered

Sunday, November 21, 2010

bruises and pain a leader must face it

Politics isn't about feelings
It is about who is hungry to get the top
How to climb there depends on one's skills
Along the way making friends and enemies

The harsh reality in the world of politics
A game plays by the brave warriors......
Along the uncharted waves of the beyond
It isn't for the chicken croaking on the roadside

PKR polls and voting system
On the run complaints rolling in
The only sore point the tortoise way to respond
Transparency is still a catch phrase

The losing candidates shouldn't speak ill-will
They are in the party knowing the system
From the beginning if there are loopholes..
Say it loud and clear in the formation

Washing it out in public
Crying out on the spilled milk
Go take a broom or cloth and wipe it clean
Fight again within the party system

Running away and forget the episodes
It shows lack of character unwilling to compromise
It isn't about losing one face it is about fighting another day
Politics isn't about emotion it is about iron fist mind

The rule of the game
You must be the master to play
Earning a black Dan isn't easy
You have to suffer bruises and pain

Running away leaving supporters behind
A leader has lost his role in any party
Bruises and pain a leader must face it
Else stay behind the line counting the stars

let the old just change 71

Change for the best
We can't live like that
Listening and not doing enough
Letting others take our rights

Change is beautiful
You can have a part in it
Let the old just change
We need a new party to achieve our aims

We can't be having the same old
Driving us to the ground caring less what we do
They take it all the goodies leaving the crumbs
We must change for the best

Change we must fight
We can't live like that
We can't be having the same old
Let the old just change

dream for a change

Be the change
By kp_74
People change must come
You can't allow a regime to rule for so long
Now see what's happening around us?
If you are still blind, God save us all

Don't believe in 1Malaysia slogan
Many cronies and supporters will support
They know how to get the cake but do you?
Now read the statements in the press....

You know 1Malaysia is dead
The Bee Anne leaders whipped up racial undertones
Even in Sarawak the deputy chief minister argued differently
He in a way doesn't support 1Malaysia

Here the elite leaders will tell you
1Malaysia in all of us one nation one people
When you are hypnotized, they tell their true colors
Opening up drawers filling in with their cronies and supporters

Like Syabas in Selangor
Water privatization for the cronies
Can you imagine the crony get $5.1 million a year in salary?
Now running into a debts of $6.1 billion

The Bee Anne government wants to bail the company
At the expense of the tax payers' monies
And the cronies and friends smiling all the way to the bank
Don't you want a change before all is too late?

We can't let it go like that
We have been told lies and flip flopped decisions
People you have a duty to make the count
Dream for a change believe me it is a good uptake

Saturday, November 20, 2010

where are the people? 70

Where are the people?
In the morning beach

The windy breezes flow
Flapping the leaves

The calm sea
It just wakes up in the morning light

The ripples slowly getting alive
Catching its breath poking the shore

Where are the people?
All still asleep after late night parties

The white sandy beach
Deserted in the early morning light

The sky turns blue and white
Where are the people?

The tourists falling asleep
The quiet day and slapping of waves

Where are the people?
The dreams carrying them to paradise

the taste captures the souls 219


Liars and cheaters
There are many to manipulate
The people's minds seem so insecure
Eyes of money selling souls

Souls for the quick marks
Of life's pursuits traffic crawls
The fast ride consequences can't be bothered
As long as the journey reaches at the shortest time

Time isn't for any body
Liars and cheaters run
The weaknesses will be exploited
Souls so easy to capture on greed

Greed one of the quick sand
From far it behaves quietly
Until the taste captures the souls
The way downward crying shame

compassion for a smile


The landlord and tenants
The good times everything seems fine
Pay your rent smile all round
A roof over heads though a temporary shelter

The landlord can't work on charity
I doubt it is in his mind to be charitable
The tenants know at any time they have to vacate
The law of the land the tenants have no legal rights

A Christian Catholic Church works on donations
Through the years the faithful may have given sincerely
For religion is to protect the faithfuls against all evils
Lend them have a place to get the blessings..........

A church is a house of religion not the every day landlord
It isn't a place to conduct business of any kind
When time a church needs help
It is the faithfuls and friends will come to give a hand

Has compassion gone with the church?
It is written in the scriptures of 2000 years ago
Lucifer will penetrate the church of God
Into it flows the imbalance of a religion

The church administrators should talk
The faithfuls in its compound and find ways to help
Religion is also like a charity of saving souls
Has the church forgotten all that too?

The souls of the land
Every part of the world we read
The breakdown of any religion
I guess Lucifer has arrived

Compassion for a smile
The religious authority hides
Peeping out of the religious texts
Say the word can't understand

you have to fight for change

Don't let fear take your sleep away
You mustn't run away knowing you can change
Of the fear you seem to be afraid
You dare not rock the boat

You try to close your eyes
You try to close your mind
As long as you have your freedom
You don't care what others like

In the night fear creeping in
It makes you sweat with dreams
Of the future you can't see
The future generations start today

Complacency the downward spiral
Of the seeds of our own disasters
It comes we thought we could escape
The poor foundation we pay a heavy price

So don't let fear comes in between
Between the reality and dreams
Dreams of the future of bright light
Light of the eyes and minds

Friday, November 19, 2010

we have to change

We have to change
We can't live receiving coins
It isn't minted in gold or diamonds
The future of the country can't be pawned

Our debts rising high
We see no end with the present
We must change
For the good of the nation

The tools of the government
The agencies go putting fear
Now even party officials can say
“Stop this or else?”

Where is the law?
It has been kept in storage
We have to change
If we want to enjoy our freedom

Let the rules be changed
Let the power of sharing come to play
Into our lives as we march forward
Into the world of the border-less wall

it's the people who decide


What 3rd force?
When the 2nd isn't working yet
How the people get swayed!
In the political game

The people decide
The outcome of a situation
You listen to the so called leaders
It is your living you got to know

Projects, power and prosperity
One sided landing for decades
The division of villages and cities
The rich, the middle class and the poor

The power of cables
On a switch benefiting the cronies
Leaving the crumbs to be scrambled
What 3rd force you want to know?

Focus on the main power game
The devil's entourage make them fall into the hole
Let them feel its darkness for a change
It is people you got to know

don't pretend 72

dont pretend

Don't go cheating
Don't go telling lies
It just doesn't work
In the long run

It is better to be honest
Even though it can be painful
It is when you said right
Honesty brings the light

You don't have to hide
It is so hard to pretend
When something has changed
Tell it like it is

Don't go cheating
Don't go telling lies
You only make it worst
Every day of your life

organic farming 218

By ivynpk

Marriages and divorces
It is part of a life process
Falling in love falling out of love
There is no rule just choices flow

It is like a farmer and his land
He has to work hard dawn to night
He knows he has to make it works
Else he has no way to sustain his life

Marriages aren't bed of roses
Don't ever think once you tied it down
You can forget about the farming
It isn't cut out this way to stay

In time the neglect farm
The shine is gone so far behind
If you don't realize it quickly
Married life is dawn to night

By then don't cry
The signs are found everywhere
The neglected farm crying for help
You are too lazy to make it grows

The chase is easy
Holding it takes skills you have
Work on it every day
The bright sparks and the glow

Thursday, November 18, 2010

the end is near.........

By Nigyuu

Bee Anne finally will end
The truth is end of a name
The greed and power play
The white uniforms just blink

The running dogs finally knock on walls
The bricks concrete hard to break it down
Yapping loudly nobody will listen now
They have done the disservices to the nation

The parties in the coalition
The leaders will know the song
They collect crumbs now face they have to sell
Unless they walk out saying enough is enough

The fortunes of the coalition parties
Now it becomes a general partner and limited partners
Branding its name using slogan to fool many
Through it all is it the wealth and power

It's the final sinking flow
It's end of the game of a name
They can reuse, recycle and reinvent
On the same mold it will collapse

oh traffic light! 71

Oh traffic light!
A life in our times
You learn to respect
Others right to pass

Oh see the traffic light!
You know how to stop on time
You arrive safely at the stop signs
You want to arrive home safely

You know you can't break the rules
It is set for your own good
You aren't have 9 lives to play
You have only one life to live and die

Oh watch the traffic light!
It blinks green in your eyes
You have to look left and right
You never know about crazy drivers

Oh traffic light!
Every one stops on time
You learn to respect
Others right to pass

when life is black 70

When life is black
It is your own fault
You let it flows into you
You never want to change

When life is black
You don't have to complaint
You get into the act
Color it in your mind

You don't have to cry
You don't have to blame
You don't have to say it is fate
You just color it in your mind

When life is black
You mustn't allow it to fall
It is you who will decide
The colors of your life

the sad tales 69


The sad tales
The history of our times
The people addicted
The old ways losing wealth

Our dignity fall
On the make believe fear
The coalition drums a lot
Better than the African nation

They don't compare
The South of the Border
A small island republic
Once she was with us

Why go so far?
Of the African nation?
We can see ourselves
Our losses if we don't change

The sad tales
The history has its moments
We must wake up and know
It is our votes we make the difference

Don't be afraid
History too tell us
Go beyond now
Our future in our hands

lucky you 68


Lucky you
You live with sunshine
The breezy wind
And smell of fresh garden

Lucky you
You don't have to worry
About winter and summer heat
You live in a country humid and rain

Lucky you
You don't buy 4 seasons clothing
You buy what you need
In the closet you will keep

Lucky you
You aren't under house arrest
You can go everywhere
Unless you mismanaged your affairs

Lucky you
Even bankrupt you go
Every place within the country
You don't say who will know

Lucky you
You still have right to vote
To change the government
Bring in new leaders

Lucky you
You still live enjoying the beach
The beautiful sunbathers on holidays
What's more you ask?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

i dont see the rain 67

wutheringheights.jpg Wuthering Heights image by honeybearsbookshelf

Wuthering Heights

I don't see the rain
I don't see it coming
When I open the windows
I smell the dry wind

I don't see the rain
I don't see it in my eyes
I look up to the sky
Cloudy and floating away

I hear about floods
Lives and properties lost
Now rescue operations launched
Running to prevent losses

What they do before the rain?
Dreaming of tall buildings
Yeah I don't see the rain
I don't see it coming

the durian brains 218

Durian.jpg Durian image by mk200200


The brains and eyes go
Where there is money to be made
Lots of it by the way
And benefits for the entire families

Malaysians migrate
It is always education
Later money is good there
And dignity to serve

Of race colours
They don't see it that way
You can work; they will pay
For a job well done both ways

In Malaysia
They look at colours
The titles you hold
The lineage of kings or aristocracy

When I was robbed and knifed
In the cinema decades ago
The police officer said I was stupid
Instead of showing concerned to me

That mentality still stands today
So is the brain drain out of the country
The government wants to attract these people home
It is inwards house cleaning before opening doors

Currently we see
The government isn't even sincere
Wasting monies on cronies
About people is placing second place

As long as we don't see a change
Talented Malaysians will go abroad
Education and money for self and families
Nobody wants to work for peanuts....

the folders for coffee talk


The folders for coffee talk
The distractors cry on own party
Using media to highlight grievances
Proper channels they ignore

The former members too
Running with fervently wicked smoke
Blowing up the battling smog
“I told you! I told you so!”

The Ameeno invokes God
Saying it is the way
These alleged misplaced view
Back-doors they smile and glow

It is better this way
Fight the alleged spies
In the open with integrity
A party can't live in hide and seek

Every new recruit in an organization
There is always the fear he couldn't perform
When he is new what do you expect?
Miracles to happen to him?

He will learn through coaching
Trial on the job and exposures
When it is time he will lead
When opportunity strikes at his door!

We must learn through mistakes
Nobody is what he is today without going to the mill
The hardship and bad experiences then light in the dark
A better person evolves into the beyond

Yesterday is history
History learn it for today
Today go take shape
Shape for tomorrow!