Monday, December 31, 2007


The path of a life is a journey
Some you win; some you loose
Some you take a middle ground
Some you make your own
Some others telling you

The year 2007 nearly gone
By then accomplishments and disappointments file in history
It will be there nipping your way
Telling you don’t make any silly mistakes
For the new year of 2008

The path of a life
The circle it will arrive
You think you have forgotten some
It comes to haunt you
“Why you walk the same road again?”

Look at the people
Partying till the wee hours
As if nothing will worry them
For tomorrow will come
They always bet on it

We should say grace
To the Lord who make it so
Partying can be had later
For tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet

The path of a life
Nobody will know beyond the eyes
Will it be good; will it be bad?
When the clock strikes the gong
We will know………….

Sunday, December 30, 2007


The hit-men on hire
The operation on motorcycles
It is easy to ride easy to hide
When the job is done
It is quickly disappeared

The Police don’t know
The CID hasn’t any clue
Lawyers gunned down
Businessmen too
Sometimes with long knife
Maybe forced suicides……

And the enforcement officers
They aren’t spared at all
They receive threatening letters and live bullets
The message is clear
Live or Die you choose it

On the streets of the nation
It can happen in the city or town
As long as money is exchanged
Somebody will be dead before the sun is up

This is the scene
You think you see it in movies
Now it is as real as you can feel it
There are people out for hiring

The hit-men on the prowl
The Police still talks about street demonstrations

Important issues they put aside
Let the people march peacefully
By all means attached conditions
There will be silent march to say a cause

The hit-men from the North to the South
Out for hire where money is the commodity
Lives will be lost when the bad guys are free
Don’t feel safe when the killers on hire is around
And the Police still suck on street demonstrations

Saturday, December 29, 2007


The young politicians
Running on a plan course
Believing they should run the nation
Get the older people to pasture

This is the classic story
It happens in history
The young Turks can’t wait
Patience isn’t their virtues
They want the shining gold in a hurry
This is where each and every one will fall

Currently they can hide
Behind the older leaders
What they say and do
People only say here and there
When it falls
The older leaders take the blame

Experience needs nourishments
It takes years to build reputation
Anybody politician should learn the ropes
When they are in their 30s
They should learn until they hit 40s

Then they can talk about something
The plans for the future
The country needs and the roles they will play

People in hurry
It’s like the comet
Glaring in the dark sky
Suddenly it disappears

Patience makes dreams come true
Of one desires on something
Learn it while one is at it
One never loses to learn a trade


Our Earth spinning
Everybody just walks and breathes
Knowing not what will happen
Thinking it is only the every day occurrences

The killings on the streets
The loved ones get chopped off at homes
The militants don’t care about your lives
They fight for a cause line up to heavens

The Arctic ice melts slowly
Flooding occurs in low lying areas
The earthquakes and typhoons
Tsunami and underground dancing

Diseases spread
No end to the fight
The plagues of doom
People just let it go
Thinking it comes and goes

The wars in other countries
About greed and corrupted power
Lives get lost, maimed and killed
Military weapons unleashed
Many will perish
Who will be listening?

Even in religions
Many disputes to no end
Claiming the Almighty Lord
Is only for them………
Fight in His Name
His people just carry it away

All the signs are there
Everybody just walks and breathes
It isn’t me………… and everything else
It is the system gone wrong
We will pay for it and still do
Because we never learn at all

Friday, December 28, 2007


The life just gone
In politics it was so young to go
In the hands of Islamic militants
Two wrongs never will be right

The sorrows in the air
The teary eyes of dear ones gone
Blown up to pieces sometimes
Sniper shots wasted lives

The life just gone
The Islamic militants don’t care
In the narrow minded view
They just take lives
In the name of a religion
So they think they will go to heavens

No way Jose
Heavens close gates
You will feel the fireballs
Tearing your skin to your bones

The life just gone
A prime life gone just like that
Two wrongs never will be right
Sit down talk it over
There must be a way out

The life just gone
Suicide bombers and the brainwashed souls
Never know what damages they cause
They thought they will go to heavens
Wrong way Jose
Hell is where you belong


Pakistan's former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto speaks during her last public rally in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, Thursday, Dec. 27, 2007. Bhutto was assassinated Thursday in a suicide attack that also killed at least 20 others at a campaign rally, aides said. (AP Photo/B.K.Bangash) - 28 December, 2007
Courtesy from The Star

The Muslim nations in turmoil
Don’t they understand Islam?
Jihad on what oh people of the faith?
Killing each other to satisfy some one need!

Suicide bombers believing they will go to heavens
Killing people sacrificing one’s life
This is murder any which way one looking at it
The roads for these people are in hell!

No wrong will make it right
Two wrongs will not settle a score
It is best to say “I am sorry”
Then continue to find ways to ease the conflict

Jihad only for Allah domain
No human should take it from there
Learn it well oh people of the faith
Islam a shining light for the world
Now it is darkness dimly lit by the wise people
Believing Satan has brainwashed the minds

So it is seen
In Pakistan Benazir Bhutto killed
In Iraq many innocents died
Will there be more…………?

The Muslim Nations must realize
Use Jihad for greed and personal glory
It is downward spiral to hell
Stop it and think about the future
Paradise is doing good deed all the time

Thursday, December 27, 2007


The thing about Police report
Will the IO take an interest on his fellow colleagues?
I am not saying the Police will cover up
In the family it is hard to press charges
Amongst fellow officers in the force

We don’t have an independent body to investigate
This report as with other reports in the Police archives
It will be filed there under pending investigations
Though it is said the officer handling it must investigate
Then file his report about the complaint

As I read about other opposition leaders police report
Nothing is coming forthwith though the Police may say under-way
The high handed ways these police officers go about their work
It spells disaster I am sure on the Police force

It sure reminds me of my kampong days
Where the detectives came rounded the gangsters
Punched them hit them in full view of the kampong people
Put them all in “Black Maria”

The parents would hurriedly go to the Police station
Bail was denied those guys had to spend time in jail
Sometimes for two days before they were released
If they filed report on false arrest, nothing would come out of it
I knew for a fact there wasn’t any case then
The police officers were off free…………

Just like the video clip on Tian Chua
There was the good guy and bad guy involved
The police didn’t handle it properly
Where are their manners I wonder?
“Mesra Rakyat” sounds so hollow


'Allah' isnt meant to serve one religion. He is there for all seasons. He is there for everybody. 'Allah' isnt a patent right or word. He is the living Lord governing and ruling the universe. Arabs call Him that. The religion of the Jews, Christians and Muslims originated from there. If Jews and Christians want to use the word 'Allah', why not allow them to use Him? Why say it is meant for the Muslim? Islam too flows from the same tree so nobody should claim 'Allah' belongs to one particular sect. The bahasa malaysia version of 'God' is 'Tuhan' and if Jews and Christians want to use the term 'Allah', it is for the best. Finally the religious leaders can say 'There is one God and His name is Allah.............." It is the narrow minded leaders which derailed the concept of the best religion......................only the leaders can look beyond their own eyes and minds. Then again as long as every body believes there is only One God, there is still hope for humanity. As we know there are many names for the Living God in every structure of the society from the ancient to the present modern world


The law for the power crazy
Camouflage in democracy

The truth becomes lie
When critics are silent
When enemies are put behind bars
So the power nut can rule
In legitimacy

The engine to punish
The street demonstrators
NGOs and political party leaders

The demon in law
Compact one’s literacy movements
The right to free speech
The right to express
It is no where for such rights

The witch in white cloth
Casting spells endangering souls
It has to go

I won’t cry
When it is buried for good in archives
Letting it gathers dust blends back into pages of history
ISA you make life sad and miserable

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


The joy to his world
The sleeping head nods it off
Dreaming away in his far off land
Land of Oz perhaps

Affairs of state
Running by the C4 guys
Counting the clock
The days of erection time

Will the fairy God Mother comes again?
Bewitching the people forgetting his mistakes?
The left turns or the right turns nobody knows
Sometimes it is driving at the centre
Ignoring traffic junctions
The snoozing head into the world of fairy tales

I pray oh leader of the nation
Know what you have done need to rectify
Don’t say words you can’t understand
Make it simple you won’t get it wrong

Now you nod off
Into the dreams of your world
Let it be known when you are awaken
You must be honestly fair in your action
Don’t go pleasing a race
It will be the downfall of many
Believe me history has said it


The turkey costs a lot
Maybe can buy 12 whole chicken
Yet it is a year end event
So it is bought

The preparation begins
Ingredients and brown sauces
Onion rings and cut potatoes
Fresh salad and desserts

Wholesome bread
Oven it and crunchy it becomes
On the night the dinner begins
Listening to the fountain falling

The lightings shine
The magic glowing in the eyes
Just remembering the good life
The stars shining bright

Lay out settings
The friendship on the plates
When it is done
The small talk begins

The presents under the Christmas tree
Lying there in pretty colorful box wrappings
It’s the season of sharing and giving
Every small bit helps in one’s journey

The melody of Christmas songs
Airing in the surrounding
Smiling faces whispering hope
There in Christmas
Something giving


Where will we be then?
Even in blogs the police want a piece
On the people who blog

The democratic way
It isn’t happening in free information
On the lives of the people
When some one says something critical
The government of BN doesn’t accept
The police go after in ‘bandit’ raids

Are the leaders that afraid?
Of the internet community around the world
Telling what they think ills the nation
The sleeping beauty doesn’t seem to know
Saying one thing let others do the wrongs

Sad in the nation
Listening to silent majority
Carrying balls to destroy the country
I guess they don’t see the true picture
Greed is the way care less what others say

Merry Christmas
The spirit of good cheers and harmony
It falls badly on the country’s leaders
Allowing this gross injustice
Befallen on the bloggers

Where will we be then?
Change them in the ballot boxes
The change will start from there


Silent night
On the day the blogsphere shading tears
The minds of many
Just can’t say

Criticism is the hallmark of true democracy
One has to accept certain level of disagreements
Nothing is ever 100% correct
Only the leaders with hidden agendas
They will scream ‘true, true and blue!’

The pen is mightier than the sword
It is in the blog that the news spread
It is only those not willing to accept
They say everything is correct

Look around us
After 50 years of independence
We saw huge buildings and mega projects
Yet the soft ware is still controlled tightly
Like master and his slaves

Silent night
The protests will ring high
No leaders can ever try to fool
Many years and still get it free
The day of recognition will arrive
The liars will be sent to darkness
The truth will paint the country white
Of a new day a new beginning

Monday, December 24, 2007


Hishamuddin 'the keris' wants action on the Gerakan Vice Youth Chief on his remark regarding the marginalized Indians. Gerakan Acting President felt annoyed with Hishamuddin 'the keris' interference with the politics of Gerakan. He said he can discipline his own members. UMNO leadership doesnt want to discipline own members giving seditious speeches. The UMNO leaders use to bash the Chinese as if the China Man is their bogey man. Now the coalition partners should know how UMNO leaders work and their mentality on 'ketuanan melayu' The presidents of these component parties should wake up now and see the true color of UMNO. UMNO doesnt want you as explicitly said by its vice president in PPP annual gathering in Malacca. Time the racial base parties should look into their mirrors and honestly say what they think. But I think I am just wishing.............because the curry trail is too strong for these people to ignore. People especially leaders want the power and wealth. It is greed no less. So it will take sacrifices to make it works. If these leaders dont want to change, so it is left to the people to effect changes in the country's landscape. Dont let the cheats rule the country. Make your choices and dont get fooled by these leaders antics and slogans.

Sunday, December 23, 2007


8 more days before the closing year
What we have done thing never done?
Looking back we were taken for rides
Believing something will change
It is just saying doesn’t know what to do

50 years of serving under BN rule
The lopsided benefits saying it is for all
NEP should be gone by now
Yet it is retained to service the BN elite
Nothing for the poor to uplift social values

The marginalized people
Feeling the pinch and the lack of opportunities
Be it Malay, Chinese, Indian, Iban, Kandazan, and others
The wealth of the nation doesn’t benefit the low rung of society
It is always hanging up in the higher tree
Only when one is aggressive knowing the crunch dares to try
Then the BN will use ISA to conveniently put away the fires
Letting the truth hide behind black curtains

Corruption, transparency and accountability
It is just a password of the BN rules
Do we hear something good in our days?
The 2 sets of laws seem to fly
One for us, one for them
We put them in power
They treat us like pariah dogs………….
Only when election comes
The leaders will treat the voters like king and queen
Anything you ask they will try to comply
With painted smile……………

Street demonstrations
Asking for redress of opportunities
Telling the masses right the wrongs of the country
Here you see the police and water cannons
Servicing the political lords than fighting crimes
Murders, rapes, commercial crimes, gangsters
Mushrooming in the length and breadth of the country

Our rights under the Federal Constitution
Aren’t coming to support our causes
The ruling BN will punish those people
Let them know the Constitution is in their own interpretations
Nothing for those trying to make it right in the nation

8 more days to closing the year
Many will try to see what can be done
In their own simple ways
They want rights restore to them

Trust funds collecting wealth
The opportunities are with the rich
Every trust fund by the government
By the time you walk to the banks
“Sorry all are sold out!”

So where are the opportunities?
The BN knows the rules
Yet they don’t really make it
To let the lower rank of society
Enjoy their fruits helping the nation

The divide and rule
Learned it from the colonial master
Now the BN plays the game
Though the leaders say
“It is democracy”

The sins of our leaders
Floods come to play their games
In the end we get mud on our faces
And we peep into the small eyes of the rodent
“Welcome people
You woes aren’t over with me”


You buy a land
Thinking you want to invest
For the future so you think
Leaving it sitting in the Land Office

You buy a land
You build your dream house on it
Paying your rates dutifully
Not knowing the rats have eaten it away

Years gone the land worth millions
When you go to check
It just disappears!
You title of the land
Now worth nothing

Somebody has got a title
Through the officers in the Land Office
It is transferred without your knowledge
You argue, you shout, you show temper
You write, you appeal, you cry
Nothing comes your way

You file court appeal
The Federal Court finally says
You have lost your land title
You have nothing

The fraudulent transaction
It turns legitimate by Federal Court
Though the laws say
Fraud cases can’t be right

So now it is advice
Check your land dutifully
You may not know
What the rats will do!

p/s case study Adorna Properties where the Federal Court ruled in its favor. The truthful owner got nothing on her land. She passed away years ago.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


courtesy kamalsell on flickr

The high cost of floods
It comes with no clear cut nationality
It crosses every where
Where nature gets the blue

The black spots
The greedy corporations do
The government supports the move
Now it is for the eyes to see

Every year
The spot checks begin
Do we change our attitude?
Nay it is still the same thing

Correct, correct and correct
It is ok, ok and ok
Now lately there is this
Quick, quick and quick
The flooding flows without racial sting

The greed of wealth
Never take nature for granted
It will be our own disasters
As it spreads out in our eyes

The softly rain
It makes fool out of our lives
Teaching us lessons
Take care of nature
It will take care of our times

Sadly when the footprints disappear
We are back at our worst habits
Quick, quick and quick
The greed flows like the faint rain
Trapping us of our fear
Yet we never learn
Our lessons all those years!


Here, there and everywhere
The lights of Christmas
The colorful pictures in the sky
And the snowflakes floating lazily

Children playing fools sometimes
Under the trees dripping with snow
For no one will be left behind
In Christmas something gives

The unfortunate huddle
The poor look to the sky
Dreaming about White Christmas
The rich candles light dinners
Christmas songs and ballads
Ringing out in the houses

Yet when everything seems lost
There are kind souls out there
Giving what they have so that the poor too
Light up the White Christmas

This is it
Don't forget about the spirit of Christmas
Shine the lives of the poor and unfortunate souls
Living amongst us

Friday, December 21, 2007


Broken spirit
It happens to many people
Of any ages of any nationalities
It is how one got it made
It is life’s journey
One has to experience it
Sometimes in younger years
Sometimes in adult world
Learn by it
Fear not of life wayward
It is just a road sign
Telling one shouldn’t be afraid
Every time you take a new road
Treasure the sweet and sour tastes
Of life’s journey to curve a new horizon
It is there one would make it
Just don’t feel helpless and fear in the head
Broken spirit
It won’t go away
Knowing it is battle won
So get moving
Learn the way of one’s journey


Message Of Peace... Wish your loved ones peace and harmony with this beautiful ecard.

If every one can fly
There won’t be any problem in our eyes
Flying freely to any where
No need to wait
You can take if off
When the time you want

Why peace come so darkness?
Is it because we wanted to be number 1?
If you think you are right
You should make allowance for dissent
It isn’t that difficult
Allowing somebody to say something else

If every one can fly
Nothing to worry about rules and laws
Spread the good cheers saying hello in the sky
In the free traffic

Yet humans aren’t satisfied
Some won’t make it easy to fly
Put up barriers protecting their turfs
They say certain parts in the sky
It is out of bound unless you pay toll
Why peace come so darkness?

If every one can fly
No barrier no laws
Just enjoy a peaceful flight in the sky
Feeling like the wind
Getting out in style

Thursday, December 20, 2007



kellie's castle along Batu Gajah Perak

Love endures
The hardships and loss of memory
Of years gone away
Living behind a legacy

Proud along the road
Leading to Elephant town
Lies the unfinished monument
Of an icon long past our times

One feels the emptiness
Yet rich in total silence
Of one’s love affairs
Of sweetest magic flies away

Leaving behind the facades
Unfinished touches of decades ago
Of an icon long past our times
The monument for his love
Standing proud empty inside
Yet rich in silence
Of one’s love forever enriching in its walls
For people to admire and remember
Love conquers all

Wednesday, December 19, 2007



taken from LG KU990 hand-ph0ne

On the road out from Bandar Seri Botani
When the weather turned cloudy
Rain faintly splashed on the windscreen
Shot this picture from LG KU990 hand-phone

As I was driving along the road
Weather changed quickly
Lightning and strong wind
Following me

A good chance something on the way
I just wish it could happen in the future
Of the country’s fortunes for the best
A new day must be had in the nation

Looked at the clouds
Dark paint cloudy sky
The dawn in the late evening
Something needed change

My wish it has to happen
On my way back looking at houses
Something needed changed
It has to happen in this nation


A recent photo of an aerial view of flood hit areas in Rantau Panjang.

courtesy The Star

The man says he has big eyes and ears
He can see visions; formulate strategies
Unite the people of many races, cultures and religions
And set the road for national integration
If only he doesn’t sleep ……………..

Look at those harping on ‘ketuanan melayu’
As if this land belonging to them
Other races aren’t have equal responsibilities and rights
On the land every one chips in to make the best

For 50 years ago
The people live through the fragile cohesiveness
‘You don’t say bad things of me
I likewise won’t say it back to you’

It was good in the beginning
Then the ultras came to divide the simple folks
As years turned into decades
Now we have the cracks on the walls

The food of labor
The wealth of the nation
It is unbalance through the little napoleons
Administering the bounties to the people

The BN knows about it
The leaders just let it go unshackles
Until decades the ugly deed rears its head
The demons on the rise

Democracy ala UMNO/BN
It isn’t the principle no more
Giving the election saying this is it
Others don’t try to take away

Even comments against the ruling elite
The police will come knocking at your door
Because some one or party doesn’t agree
Where is the right to say a piece?
Dissenting voice must be allowed
How true when saying it yet condoned it backwards?
If only the sleeping beauty doesn’t fall asleep……….

Now look at the website of Pekida
Seditious in its words and calling names
Advertising for suicide bombers
It brings down the fragile wall of peace
And don’t forget its racist remarks
On the other races…………..

Will IGP take action?
Will UMNO take its own people to court?
The excuse will be ‘they don’t know’
Because the IGP said it is difficult to nap them through SMSes
Am I hearing it right?
If only the sleeping beauty stays awake………

Now the floods making havoc
Telling the people you deserve it
For nature we don’t take care
We let the ruling elite plunders it away
Don’t cry when the valuables and homes destroy
We deserve the government we elected
If only the sleeping beauty understood…………

The gates padlocked
It is called democracy
Other things nobody has a right to say
If only the sleeping beauty opens his eyes and ears………….


Wishing all of you Selamat Hari Raya Haji
Let the good spirit flows into all of us
Show a little kindness; share a little of what we have
Say prayers for those unfortunate in the floods
Let this corner of our world
Be the place to call home for all of us
Let there be no hate in our minds
Let our spirits go free enjoying each other company
See only the good things
Try not to do the bad
Help those in need to alms
Be there if there is a call
Without looking at colors or what not
Friends in this world
Let there be light in our souls
Give a little, extend a helping hand
It makes so much difference
In the world of divide and rule


In case some of you want to help and donate to alleviate the misery and distress of the people in the flood prones areas. You can contact these people for now.

Norman Extremeworks Sdn Bhd,No.2, Jln Sri Puchong 2B,Taman Sri Puchong,Bt 12, 47100 PUCHONG,Selangor.(Contact : Mr Norman at +60166000943)

The one of the collecting centres amongst the many will be set up. Here is one of them:-

Wisma WIM, 7, Jln Hj Abang Openg, Taman Tun Dr Ismail. (Contact : Mr Song @ 012 3988907)


At least 29 people have died from the floods which have hit various states since early this month.
aerial view of Pekan by The Star
The floods dance
On the streets and rice fields
Without a care to its surrounding
‘You mess with me
This is how I made you pay’

The crying of distress
The water levels rushing high
Trapping many innocents
Many properties submerged in water

The innocents pay
For the gross greed of others
The floods have no eye to see
It comes to call its days

The trumpets sound asking for help
In the air wind carries it far and wide
The good charitable people and organizations
All unite to help

Now the sleeping beauty
Better think twice on the corridors
The floods will come
Many deaths will be paid
For the greed camouflages as developments
A heavy price to pay; better do without it

The floods tango
On the greed of Man
We play with nature
We will loose in the end

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


BERSIH wants to organize another street rally if the current EC tenure is extended. Parliament has passed the amendment to extend the age from 65 to 66 years old. The rationale is just looking silly to me. Why must the government rush into this? Unless UMNO/BN has something else in mind or rather something to hide. This current guy must have known it base on what he said in the press. If he has any liking for the country, he should go out quietly. Let another guy to run the show. There is no point of him supervising the election processes when he had made it clear that he isnt neutral when he said something like this "BN is the party to rule the country" It just reminded me of the show "Hairspray" when the station manager rigged votes for her daughter to win in the contest. Of course in the show she didnt manage do it when other people had ideas of their own. He should retire and write his memoirs and let others read about it. He shouldnt make it a mess any more. Many people say it isnt transparent though it is made out to be. The opposition parties have alot to say about it.


Food supplies were airdropped over Pekan yesterday for distribution to relief centres cut off by floodwaters.

courtesy from The Star

Goods in the sky
Swaying coolly with the wind
Parachuting by the army
On the floods victims
Housing on higher grounds

Blurry eyes
All promises every time
The government leaders show their faces
Publicity in the press
Next year the floods visiting again

The never ending story
There is no money to be made
Charity seems pushing far behind
There must be contra to alleviate misery
Do we ever learn our lessons?

Oh well what I can say
Yesterday comes again
Here, there and everywhere
Yet we can work it out
Kick out the inept leaders
Bury the corrupted parties
Once and for all

Then there will be new perspective
Of things done to alleviate flooding
Yeah don’t blame God for it
It is our stupidity; this is where we came in
Change it
It is in our hands

Monday, December 17, 2007



the gap view Sydney Australia

The blue sea
The softly waves flow
There I see yachts sailing
Reaching out to the far horizon

The white specks far, far away
There is freedom on its sail
The breezy wind supports it all the way
Sea, wind and nature
And the yachts sailing freely

The blue undulating waves
Rushing out to welcome the yachts
Cruising at a steady speed
Nothing to block
The vast expanse of the blue sea

So when rights are fair
The wind will blow at a steady flow
Nobody will cry unjustified
It is written so let it sails freely


Work for unity
The true journey of a soul
Let there be color blind
In things we do and say

The sleeping beauty says
All parties to work together
How true it can be!
When there is a fair playing field

Yet there isn’t
How can we achieve it?
When the cake isn’t divided fairly?
Don’t just say with words
Action speaks louder in the beats

Remove the impositions of unfairness
Take away laws and policies infringing human dignity
Then tell us fairness is what you wanted to achieve
In this country of multi-racial and multi-religious populace

IT NEVER ENDS...................

Oh floods!
The natural vengeance on the wrong policies
“Take away my natural flow
This is how I punish the people”

The economy of plundering
Never study how it is working
Filling up the natural contours
The natural flows blocked by greedy developments

Now every year the same story
Deaths and destructions
It has become the sad tale
On humans suffering

Asking the corporations
Others to play a part to alleviate the suffering
Is this the solution?
When the root cause has not been addressed?

Treat nature with respect
Understand its laws meandering down the lines
There are inlets and outlets out for the flow
Don’t block it even one finds the pot of gold!
The properties loss and lives gone; it’s payback time

The people too must play their roles
Don’t treat the drains, seas and rivers
It isn’t a dumping ground of one’s wastes
Where is the love of nature gone?

It is greed
The wealth on nature deposits
When will the people learn?
Learn to take responsibility
Nature is the gift from God

Sunday, December 16, 2007


The 31 souls
Out on the wrong side of the roads
When the marches were lighted up
The police came with water cannons splashed

Many were gated
Some were caught
Other innocent bystanders were napped
Because they were dark skinned on the wrong road

They thought they could be free
Paid the fine that was the end of it
But no to their horror!
The AG wants to charge with attempted murder
On the police officer who suffered stitches on his head

Police brutality the government forgets
AG doesn’t pursue until public pressured
Like the case of the former IGP
Nobody forgets its history

Lorry drivers, students, pensioner, manager and executive
All facing the attempted murder rap sheet
It can be charged for bodily h arm instead of attempted murder
It will be the tasked of AG to proof it in court of law
This is the selective prosecution
Arising out from the Hindraf street demonstration

The voters elected the government
And now the dog bites the voters
How irony it has become!
The marginalized people get clobbered
In economy as well as dignity
How low must they go?

IN democracy let these poor souls go
The government must be able to accept criticisms
Of the good, the bad and the worst

p/s AG dropped the murder charge rap on the 31 people caught during the Hindraf demonstration in the city (17/12/07) Now perhaps these people can be fine and let them go home.........................?


The silent majority
Damai Malaysia rakes its reward
Labeling all those like me
I haven’t heard of it
Till the day this group met the sleeping head

What am I?
I have no voice to say my piece
Somebody has hijacked my liberty
Putting words in my mouth so to speak

Now the sleeping beauty brags
In the press saying the majority
Doesn’t want any street demonstration
It rattles his sleeping pattern I suppose

There are many ways to skin a cat
Rallies are many ways to organize
Peaceful marching for a cause
Let no demon comes to destroy
Yet we all know
The police will plant their agents
Provokes the masses into retaliation
This is what they wanted
Justification that brute force must be used

The businessmen will play their part
Issuing statements saying profits go down
They don’t say about human dignity
It isn’t in their vocabulary
Money is Mr Watson

In democracy different view must prevail
The avenues of saying that shouldn’t be blocked
Let these people have their say what’s wrong
The government of the day

Grievances on the marginalized people
It can’t be channeled to the race base parties
Nothing will be done as recent events had shown
They are left alone until they got fed up
This is where the turnout would become

The sleeping beauty turns it there
Let the respective race base leaders take the role
He goes back to sleep once more
In his dreams of thousand and one nights


The bare bones
The flesh all gone
Don’t your remember
When rising costs eat you through

Pockets full of emptiness
Leaving holes trying hard to make ends meet
Amongst the many working people
Listening to the government leaders
Now who will help them?

The rich sleep peacefully
No demonstration no worry
Every day a blissful chord
Ringing in their ears

Only the working class
And the poor drumming their heads
Will they survive another round of costs high?
And Tenaga wants to jump into the wagon
Squeezing the people dry

The cross bar aiming
Which bull eye to hit?
On this coming Christmas Holiday
The sleeping beauty snores away
He doesn’t need to know

The irritating rats in the cage
The Christmas Holiday a truce for now
“You want to go home free?
You play my game don’t rock the boat”
The rats lower their eyes
Live for another day is much better
Then none at all in aggressiveness
So they plead; so they try

The naked bones
Hard to see the next tear fall
Play smart don’t jump into the sea
Good tiding will arise
Patience plays the triumph card


The snowflakes dancing
Dripping it out sweetly in the sky
The joy you see in your eyes
You never want to miss it all the time

The soft breeze rustling along
The soft calling in the air
You hear it
And you want to taste the snowflakes

The magic dripping from the sky
What do you see in your eyes?
You want me to warm your body
As the snowflakes flickering
Touching the soft white ground

The songs singing in the air
The Christmas carolers sing
Under the falling snowflakes
Lighted candles the melody rings

The white snowflakes fall
So easily without hindrance
Swaying beautifully for the eyes
The moment of truth buries deep in the mind