Wednesday, December 12, 2007



Isabelle HC Webb, Botanic Park, Sydney Australia

Have you seen the Spiderman?
Smiling mischievously knowing he has the power
To fly from building to building
Across freeways and highways

I am getting there
Albeit slowly in my days
I bet it won’t be long
I can fly like the Spiderman

Right now I can imagine
The way my nickname covers my tracks
I am Isabelle aka Izzy
I fool them to think I am easy

Whispering my baby talk
This is my code they don’t understand
They think they do
I smile in my eyes witching them

In no time I know I can fly
My eyes will dance with them
Uttering words they don’t understand
Lucky for me I keep them in my leach
I am Izzy they never forget

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